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Singing Feedback Yorkshire Dance Competition

Singing Feedback Yorkshire Dance Competition

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Industry judges provide feedback for the TeenStar Yorkshire dance competition.

Yorkshire Dance Competition: Industry judges have provided feedback for the acts competing in the TeenStar Yorkshire dance competition. The industry judges have provided singing and dance feedback on how acts can be successful in developing their performances.

Yorkshire Dance Competition – Feedback

The judges providing feedback at the Yorkshire dance competition were:

  • Darran Barker – DB Management and Events
  • Adam Cookson – DR Records
  • Beckie Oldham – RJ Music Tuition
  • Sarah Hough – Sashay Dance
  • Sarina del Fuego – Performer, Cabaret Producer and Showcase Director

Yorkshire Dance Competition: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Dance Competition Yorkshire Feedback – Pre-Teens

The Royal School of Dance – Brilliant start to the show! Beautifully choreographed routine, however if you are going to lip sync be sure to know the words else it looks unprofessional.

Rhiley Mai – Playing with your dress showed the nerves, try and relax more. We would like to have seen you move around stage a bit more. It was a very big song for such a little person, so well done!

Alexis (The Royal School of Dance) – A very energetic performance, however it felt like the routine was a little too mature for your age category. Great exit off the stage, that was a nice touch.

Hannah and Abigail – A well timed and well executed performance. You both looked to be enjoying yourselves on stage which was great to see!

Georgia Mahoney – Beautiful presentation. You are a joy to watch and had such a wonderful connection with the audience, well done.

Ava Auton – What a great smile! Beautiful high kicks, lovely energy and good use of the whole stage. A fun and enjoyable performance.

Ellie Ferguson – Great song choice, it really suited your vocal. Good emotion shown in your performance, just be careful of your pitch on the trills.

Jeannie Bentham – Nice routine, but be careful with your diction, we need to hear every word. Try not to worry about what movements you need to make so you can enjoy being on stage more.

Niamh Henderson – You have such a great voice, but you just need to get over the nervous. More performances will help you develop your confidence. Show your audience how much you enjoy the stage by smiling too.

Sophie Bulmer – Great eye contact and connection with the audience. Work on developing your lower register, which a good vocal coach can help you with. Overall a good, confident performance though.

Twinkle Toes – A great piece and a lovely story, followed by a great energetic part. Loved the tempo change it added so much variety to your performance which was great.

Phoebe Dalton – Simple but beautiful! Great dress and fabulous eye contact with your audience. Just work on your mic technique to help your projection.

Yorkshire Dance Competition

Katie Louise – Always warm up your vocals before you perform, as you unfortunately struggled in some parts. Good hand movements to show the emotion of the song in your performance.

Excel Juniors – Great energy and smiles, however it’s very distracting when some of you are lip syncing and some are not, so try not to do this. Loved your audition and loved this performance too, well done.

Grace Carol – Smile and relax, don’t let the nerves get the better of you. Try and use the stage more and practice at home in the mirror. Just learn to relax and enjoy yourself.

Grace Rogers – Such a powerful voice from someone so small! Great use of the stage and fabulous outro. You have lots of potential, well done.

Claudia Bennett – Wow, wow, wow! Such a professional performance all the way through. You didn’t miss a beat, and were so on point, it was so enjoyable to watch. Definitely one to watch in the future!

Martha Brice – Good use of the stage, and nice eye contact with your audience. You looked to be enjoying yourself on stage which was great to see, well done.

Sean Bentham – Good energy on stage. You picked a very difficult song to cover, but you performed it well. You looked to be enjoying yourself on stage, which was great to see and we weren’t expecting the Irish dancing at the end, so that was a good surprise!

Rebecca Atkinson – Wonderful connection when you stepped away from mic stand. Great eye contact with your audience. A very confident performance well done.

Evie Burt – Such strong mature vocals for your age. Good use of stage. A very confident performance well done.

S. O. Reps – Powerful performance! There are so many stars in this group. Try not to lip sync except the spots where highlighted, as this is quite distracting. The little boy with curly hair was fantastic to watch!

Cassis Wells – Be careful with your mic technique as this if affecting your projection. Practice your low notes more, and look to perfect your stage look to match the song choice. Well done on such a difficult song to sing.

Sweet Harmony – Great image and enjoyable stage presence. Great smiles and interaction with each other, however you need to work on your mic technique.

WYSPA – A well thought out performance. A very dramatic and entertaining piece. We liked the costumes a lot.

Scandalous Didi Pro – A really fun performance, with such great energy. Even though you are in the pre-teens category you have set the benchmark really high over all the age groups.

Mid-Teen Yorkshire Dance Competition Feedback 

Zoe Clark – Wasn’t set on your image, but you have a great smile and connection with the audience. Keep practicing on your breathing technique as you struggled in some areas.

Hurt – Beautiful entrance, fabulous extensions and precision. A very controlled and fluid performance with great strength and beautiful facial expressions.

Caitlin Bratby – A very nervous start, but it was nice to see you relax into your performance half way through. Try not to play with your clothes as it distracts from your performance.

Charlotte & Ciara – A very talented performance. Loved the costumes, and great use of the stage. At times you were slightly out of sync with each other, but there were some challenging moves so that is understandable. Keeping working hard together.

Conor Goldby – There’s something really likeable about you. You may not be the best singer in the competition but you are so enjoyable to watch and listen to. Could definitely see you in a boy band.

Kate – Very fidgety on stage playing with your dress which is quite distracting, however you have great eye contact and use of the stage. To combat the nerves try bringing in a guitarist to bounce off rather than a backing track.

Jay Casey – A very natural performer and entertainer. You have a very strong stage presence and would love to see you do an up beat track with possibly some dance moves. You remind us of a young Mark Owen from Take That, definitely boy band material.

Mia Pearson – Beautifully choreographed and a very emotive performance. Great facial expressions, and a wonderful connection with the audience. Would like to have seen more!

Josh – Your guitar was slightly out of tune, so always check that before you perform. Work on your mic technique as you are moving away from the mic to look at your guitar chords which affects the sound. You were a little nervous which showed in your vocals at times, however it was nice to see how much you enjoy singing and performing.

Albert Stott – Great smile and great connection with the audience. A smooth performance with lots of confidence. Be careful of your breaths in the middle of phrases, try and work on that and learn where the best place to breath is. It was a little rigid with movements but vocally very strong.

Eve Taylor – Ellis Beautiful voice, however would be nice to see you relax on stage a bit more. Try not to close your eyes for long periods of time as this looses your connection with the audience.

Dance Competition Feedback 

Claudia & Ellis – Amazing! Great timing and a wonderful emotive and contemporary piece. We really felt it, rather than if you were just going through the motions. Definitely stars!

Amber Ince – Love your quirky vocal tone, however it was pitchy and shouty in places, a good vocal coach can help you with. Great expression and emotion and good eye connection with audience. Liked how you changed the low notes to suit your voice more. Overall a good performance.

Aliessia Prandini – Try and work on your mic technique more as you need to sing into your mic and not over it. It was pitchy in places, however you gave good eye contact with the audience and had a nice head voice.

Rhiannon Prideaux – An enjoyable performance. A well thought out and pieced together, however mouthing words can be distracting from the performance, so try not to do this.

Charlie Slater – A very calm and cool performance whilst playing the keyboard. You have such lovely warm vocals, but we would like to see more facial expressions to express the emotion more.

Maddie Ogle – A short but sweet performance and well executed. You showed great work and commitment to the routine, well done.

Alexandra Sorley – Confident delivery of the song, you made it your own which was great! There was a slight slip on the guitar but you saved it, so well done for that. You have so much character on stage, lovely to see a singer enjoying herself.

Excel Teens – Just as good as your first audition, great energy and synchronisation. Great choice of music, the audience loved it!

Shay Byrne – Try not to fiddle with your hair whilst performing, as it’s distracting visually. You have a great voice, and we can tell you love to perform and so you are a pleasure to listen to.

DUPLEX – Amazing! You were on fire! You both can definitely dance. It was a very cool and slick routine from start to finish, hats off to the the choreographer. Definitely a future act to watch out for!

Victoria & Trisha – Unfortunately the guitar was out of tune which let the performance down. However the vocals were strong but the song choice didn’t show off the full vocal ability.

Lauren Kacis – A very well executed performance, and such an improvement from your audition. Great hand and body movements whilst performing and good eye contact with your audience.

WYSPA (Alzheimers Lost Memories) – A very meaningful message behind your dance routine. Loved the costumes and great teamwork shown on stage. Excellent choreography and conviction, well done.

Brooke – Beautiful performance, definite an improvement throughout the song. You have a lovely tone to your voice, but hesitant and didn’t commit to the big notes, have confidence in yourself to really go for them.

Scandalous Pro – A very dynamic performance, all exceptionally strong performers and amazing choreography. A very powerful performance, Diversity have some serious competition, watch out for these guys!

Yorkshire Dance Competition – Late-Teen Feedback

Slay3rZ – Great start to show 3. A vibrant and strong performance, excellent timing and great synchronisation. Fab energy and overall you SLAYED it!

Jake – When hearing you are doing an Adele cover expectations are high. You gave a great, warm performance which you made your own. You have a great presence on stage, and a wonderful smile.

Issy – Try to incorporate some performance techniques so you are not just standing whilst singing. You have a nice voice but the nerves held you back.

Ria Davies – Nice to hear an original song. You have a lovely voice, but remember to smile to help make a connection with the audience before you start your performance. More performances will help you develop your stage presence.

Hollie – A strong performance. You have a very soulful tone to your voice, and you had some well held notes. It would be good to see you do an up beat song next time.

Ellie Boan – Very brave to sing a cappella but would have liked a backing track to kick in after the first few bars. Beautiful smile and great eye contact with your audience.

Roxy – Try to incorporate some performance skills to build your stage presence, use the stage more. You have lots of potential with your voice. It was a nice song but it could do with a bit more feeling putting into it. Try and work on your mic technique as you have a habit of pulling the mic in and out whilst singing.

Zara – Good stage presence with great emotion. A nice quirky vocal tone, but make sure you warm up before you perform as you sounded strained in places.

Harrison Hartley – Excellent performer, you sang with a lot of emotion which came across well. We still feel you could have given even more and you maybe played it safe.

Pink Americano – Good performance, we enjoyed the dance moves too. Work on your image going forward. It felt there wasn’t much interaction within the group and you need to use the stage more. We would like to see some harmonies and not just the melodies.

Douglas Anderson – Don’t look so scared as you are a very good guitarist and have a lovely vocal tone. More performances will help to build your confidence which is needed.

Fierce – Very fierce! Absolutely smashed it, all amazing dancers, so synchronised, fab energy and fantastic choreography, 10 out of 10!

Lydia Milburn – Nice to see someone bringing something different to the table. Would look at your image to reflect your singing style, but there was such passion in your voice, well done!

Abigail McEwan – A confident performance, which was well executed. Be careful of your low notes at the end of trills, and try and work on your breathing technique.

Katy Smith – Such a beautiful message performed with style. it was a well presented performance, but always follow through on the leg extensions.

Jessica Nash – You have a very soulful tone, and we can see you enjoy yourself on stage, which is great. You looked and sounded the part, and it was wonderful that you added character to the song.

Livvy Kathryn – Strong performance, and good use of the stage. Nice eye contact with the audience, very well done.

Ebony-May – Loved that you dressed to match your song choice. Good movement and use of the stage. You have great lungs and solid key changes.

Lucy & Molly – A well danced performance with a relevant and nice message. Perhaps it needed a little more energy in some parts, and be careful not to mouth the words as this can be distracting, otherwise a great performance.

Kyle Rawson – Refreshing to have an original song. You have a very good tone and control of your voice, however we would like to have heard your falsetto more. Good emotional use of your hands and had lots of passion on stage.

Jimi Mistry – Nice warm vocals, and you showed good expression. We could see how much you enjoyed the song, overall a very solid delivery of the song.

Megan Blackburn – Great voice and lovely smile. Try and enjoy being on the stage and show us that you are having fun. The interaction with the audience is what was missing.

Alfie – Great presence on stage, it was a very confident performance. Be careful of your pitch on the long notes, you have a gritty texture to your voice. Well played and performed.

Jenna Darrell – Brilliant mic technique, however it was not the best of song choices to show your vocal range and ability. Great use of stage and wonderful connection with the audience, a very confident performance.

Excel Dance – Strong intro and great routine. Love the fact that you all appeared to have fun on the stage. Even when mistakes are made, you carried on like true professionals, well done!


All successful acts from the TeenStar Yorkshire Regional Finals will be performing in the North East Area Final on Saturday 27th May at Dewsbury Town Hall, Wakefield Old Road, Dewsbury, WF12 8DG. For more information and to buy tickets click here.

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