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Singing Feedback Reading Talent Show

Singing Feedback Reading Talent Show

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TeenStar’s Reading talent show saw singers audition in a bid to impress music industry judges

Reading Talent Show: TeenStar’s Reading talent show came to Sub89 in Reading this weekend where acts performed in the hope of impressing music industry judges and progressing to the Regional live shows. The Reading talent show auditions were judged by a panel of industry experts who have complied feedback for the priority acts.

The judges for the Reading talent show included:

Reading Talent Show: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of TeenStar, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Reading Talent Show Feedback

Amelia Hutton – You have a nice tone and a good musical theatre voice – just bear in mind being theatrical does make it hard to be individual so try to add your own unique spin on this. It was great to see you get into the character, now look to work on your breathing and opening your throat.

Lydia Ferzoli – This was a good delivery of a country song with a good vocal. You have a nice tone to your voice and kept the rhythm well. Now look to ensure you remain focussed throughout and include more expression within your performance. Perform click here for more on expression and performance.

Jasmine Nituan – This was a great song choice which was beautifully acted out – you show lots of potential at such a young age. You have good control and a strong powerful voice. Don’t be frightened to commit even more to the performance and be careful not to push the top notes.

Megan Gudgeon – You have sweet vocals and a good open tone – well done for adapting to acapella at short notice! Just be aware of what you are doing with your hands so going forward look to add in more expression and performance.

Lily Moram – You have a huge dynamic range with a lovely character and diction to your vocal. It was great you got into character very quickly; now look to relax your performance to enable more natural emotion to come out.

Feedback for the Reading Talent Show

Katy Gill – You have a super tone to your voice and this was a good song choice to show it off with. Going forward, don’t be afraid to add some extra oomph behind those vocals!

Elena Casby – You picked a very big song to sing but you sung it well and your projection was strong.  Now look to work on controlling your notes at the high end- picking a different song would potentially help you with this or ensure you warm up fully.

Shika Desai – You have a nice tone and warmth to your vocal. This was a smooth delivery with good control on the melody; going forwards now look to commit more to the projection and song.

Charley Springer – You have a strong voice with a nice rasp to your vocal. Going forward don’t be frightened to use your hands and perform more.

Sophie Elise – This was a sensitive performance with warm, well-supported vocals. Your confident body gestures suggest you are well rehearsed and this performance is hard to fault as you have clearly put in the work – well done! Now just continue to perfect your performance.

Juliano – You have smooth vocals and we liked the vibe of the song with its original composition. Now look to commit more to the performance and project as best as you can. Fully engage with the audience and make sure your diction is clear.

Amber Silva – Your vocals were good with a nice use of dynamics. Song choice is very important and singing a popular song is not generally advisable so potentially look to sing a different song or add more depth if you are singing a rendition of a timeless song.

Reading Talent Show

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