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Singing Feedback Performing as a Singer

Singing Feedback Performing as a Singer

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Industry feedback on performing as a singer is provided to the Late-Teen singers.

Performing as a Singer: Industry feedback and advice on performing as a singer has been provided for the Late-Teen singers from TeenStar’s London and East England Area Final. Acts performed to industry judges and a capacity crowd for the opportunity to make it to the national TeenStar Grand Final.

 Performing as a Singer – Late-Teen Feedback

The judges providing feedback on performing as a singer included:

  • Andy Baker from Rocket Fuel.
  • Songwriter and producer Jonny Amos.
  • Bobby Mitchell from Talen Talks.
  • Carelle Mowatt from Pop Sccop and ex MTV presenter.
  • Chimene Mohammed who previously worked for Island Records and Warner Music.
  • Laurence Hobbs from Charthouse Music.
  • Chris Grayston, Head of Future Music.

The London and East England Area Final was rounded off by guest act Richi Jones.

Performing as a Singer: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Late-Teen Feedback on Performing as a Singer

Pearl Fish – You have a beautiful voice with a sweet melodic tone, but watch your breath control at times. You could give more eye contact to connect more to the audience and perhaps more expression. However it was a great original song, with beautiful lyrics and story. Loved the song!

Amber Silver – You had a good voice and variation of tones but the performance was not committed to or focused with any purpose. Performing more will help develop your stage experience and craft.

Hannah Hay – It’s a big song which you really needed to commit to. The chorus can potentially be big and you shy’d away from it. You have a likable and pleasant voice.

Sophia Alexa – Great song choice and arrangement, liked that you made the cover your own. You could improve your projection by getting closer to that mic. You have a beautiful tone and it was a great individual interpretation, well done.

Malik Deacon – You are losing a lot of projection by having the mic a long way from your mouth, as you need to get this consistent. Performance is your strength and your vocals are your weaker side, so work with a good vocal to develop your weaknesses into strengths. A good fun performance though.

Chiara – Nice original version of the song, liked that you tried to make the cover your own. Good committed performance but it felt a bit over the top, keep it believable and natural.

Samson & The Lion – You have a great voice, but you sounded a lot like the original artist, you need to try and show off your own voice.  Liked that you broke down the song and made it your own though. It did feel a little hurried in places rather than comfortable and under control, so relax and enjoy the performance. A very sincere performance, you gave us goosebumps.

Performing as a Singer Feedback

Melissa Martinez – Interesting song choice, which could have been even cooler if you tried to swing it more. You need to have more movement with your body and head as your hair means you cut off eye contact and connection to quite a large amount of the audience. Try and feel the song more and enhance the performance to have a bigger stage presence.

Arion – A very slick performance with strong stage presence. Eye-catching image which is great. The performers could have been more together in terms of connecting on stage and image but that’s a picky point amongst a very professional performance, well done!

Abi Hudson – Great expression and connection to the song. Wonderful vocal control and a beautiful voice. You have a strong look and were pitch perfect. A brilliant performance, well done!

Courtney Wilson – Super vocal and you have a lovely soulful tone, a bit of tweaking on the dynamics could have made it even better. Be sure to finish you phrasing. Great image. Would love to hear an one of his own songs.

Michael Hart – The song is decent but a bit repetitive lyrically although the backing is great. Watch your mic control as it’s causing you to be inconsistent with your vocal levels. Loved the energetic performance. Lots of potential here so keep working hard.

Georgia – Great image and powerful voice, a very memorable artist however performing with musical keyboards as it’s a different discipline, but as with all good actors you need to portray the story in your eyes and expression. You need to give the audience more eye contact and look down less at the keys.

Daynah Lorelle – An extremely clever song choice, with a great arrangement. An incredible well written song originally sung by an average singer allowed you to make this cover a sensitive and emotional success. Strong vocal dynamics and a great delivery.

Feedback on Performing as a Singer

Eleanor – Nice voice, with a lovely tone. It’s a nice to see you performing an original song. The song does have potential but it needs a stronger lyrical hook to make it even better. Try developing your stage presence and perform more on stage, click here for stage performance tips.

Hannah Hall – Really impressive that you managed to sing with tonsillitis. Good stage presence, but look to develop more expression in your face to convey the emotion in the message of the song. You have the potential vocally just need to develop the performance and expression.

ELI – A very original act. Loved the outfit and image! The different guitar playing style works as a novel gimmick but would advise using sparingly as in the end it seemed to stop the flow. Good song choice, but better worked dynamics would have made it even better!

Alexandria Dewsall – Powerful and dynamic voice. You are strong vocally but it felt like it needed something different with the performance. Certainly look to work that stage more.

Pia Harmony – Loved the vocals and a good connection to the song as you’d expect as you’ve written it from the heart. Love your hair, your name and your guitar it all makes you really stand out as an original artist. Try and show us a softer tone at times, add more light and shade to the dynamics. A great original song with a lovely sentiment.

Megan Earl – Lovely outfit and pretty vocals however you need to think outside the box to stand out more. We’ve heard a lot of creative covers and original songs and therefore this stood out in that it didn’t try to be anything different. You have a lovely vocal.

Seda Mertdjan – Liked the changing tones in your vocal it gave it character and richness but take care not to over use it. Also watch your expression as you are often coming across too harsh and not on point with the message in the song. Great vocal control though!

We! Are – Confident use of the stage and excellent stage presence. The female vocal is fantastic and loved the rap. However going off stage isn’t always the best idea as all the lighting to light you up is on the stage. A very entertaining performance nonetheless.


All successful acts from the TeenStar Area Finals will be performing at the Grand Final on Saturday 25th July at The NEC in Birmingham. For more information and to buy tickets click here.

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