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Singing Feedback Newcastle Talent Show

Singing Feedback Newcastle Talent Show

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Mid-Teen singers came to perform at the Newcastle Talent Show

Newcastle Talent Show: Singers from Newcastle and its surrounding area came to Newcastle this weekend to perform at the Newcastle talent show. The Tyne Theatre and Opera House saw the mid-teen singers battle for a place at Newcastle talent show’s Area Finals.

Newcastle Talent Show – Regional Final Feedback

The music industry judges included:

  • Darran Barker, from DB Management
  • Helena Davison Webber, vocal tutor
  • Lloyd Watson, local entertainment writer
  • Julie Miles of Vocal Ovation
  • Peter Dixon, station manager from Radio Teesdale
  • Anna Graham from North East Magazine

The Newcastle talent show saw a guest performance from a previous contestant of The Voice 2015, Olivia Lawson.

Newcastle Talent Show: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Bethany – Your vocals are always beautiful. Keep working on all of the other important elements that will make you look like a confident performer. Great start and an emotional performance!

Lydia – Your voice has potential, however you hold it in too tightly. Working with a voice teacher will help you to work on this. Lovely ending note. By the second half of the song you really got into it.

Newcastle Talent Show – Late-Teen Feedback

Rebecca Smith – Very confident performance. Not sure on song choice, it didn’t bring anything unique that your voice has to offer. Nice use of the stage.

Laura Robinson – There is definitely something captivating about you. Work on your vocals as they tend to be very shrill particularly in your higher range. Lovely soft voice. Not sure this suited your vocal well.

Samantha Courtney Armstrong – A competent all round performance. Work on making yourself more unique so you stand out as more of an artist. The song choice was outdated, would have like to hear a more current song.

Emily Keeton – Huge improvement since last year in every aspect. The tone of your voice is stunning. Nice strong vocals.

Kenza – Nice quirky tone. Good image, you look like Amy Winehouse. Try not to imitate the artist, instead take the song and make it your own.

Olivia Callaghan – Effortless vocals. If you get the image and performance right you could be amazing! Starting a song acapella is brave and you did it justice.

TeenStar 2015 – Newcastle Talent Show

Harry Davidson – There’s something very likeable about you. You have a great tone to your voice! Well recovered with your cheeky comments. Remind me of John Mayer.

Caitlin – You have a beautiful tone. Gain more experience on stage and it’ll make the world of difference. Good use of legato.

Holly Bowron – Gorgeous vocals. Love the image. Best of your age category today! Very talented young lady, you’ve got star quality.

Samantha Jayne – Gets better every year. Flawless. Love the image. You’re a sophisticated performer. The most professional performance of this category. You made the song your own so well, which is impressive considering your song choice.

Tiernney – Nice image. Good use of the stage. Pitchy in places, but nothing a good vocal coach can’t help you with. Felt the nerves creepin towards the end, try to keep those under control.

Olivia Crawford – You are the complete package, vocally stunning. Be more adventurous with your image, you deserve for no one to forget you!

OLA – A very composed performance which was in keeping with the song. Would like to see more of a connection with the song.

Chloe Marie – You have a beautiful tone to your voice. Your delivery of the song was good. You gave a good performance. Well done!


North East England Area Final – Sunday 31st May Huddersfield Town Hall, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield, HD1 2TA.

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