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Singing Feedback Manchester Talent Show

Singing Feedback Manchester Talent Show

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Pre-Teen singers performed at the Manchester Talent Show.

Manchester Talent Show: Pre-Teen singers took part in the TeenStar North West England and Scotland Area Final in Manchester this weekend to showcase their talent at the Manchester talent show. The Manchester talent show gave acts the chance to impress industry judges and a capacity crowd for the opportunity to make it to the national TeenStar Grand Final. The industry judges have provided feedback to the Pre-Teen acts who took part in the Manchester talent show.

Manchester Talent Show – Pre-Teen Feedback

The Manchester talent show judges included:

  • Asher Halle from Green Pepper Junction Records and the Brit Awards.
  • Music Manager Edward Smith.
  • Peter Ross from Astar Studios.
  • Stacey Coleman from Casby Studios.
  • Jill Bowyer from Salford City Radio.
  • Chris Grayston, Head of Future Music.

The Manchester talent show was rounded off with a special guest performance from Jack Walton who took part in The X Factor last year.

Manchester Talent Show: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Manchester Talent Show Feedback

Fleur – A well thought out performance and you adapted the emotion of the song appropriately with your expression. Vocal wise you need a to develop your projection more, and look to be a little more crisp and punctual. Good image and good use of the stage, well done.

Harley Coote – Great to see you playing and accompanying yourself. Although you are static due to the mic stand and guitar you need to look to develop to give more movement in the performance. Good image but work on your breathing during note change. Try and be more confident as you are a good performer, this will come with more performances too.

LOXIE – A well rehearsed routine both vocally and as a routine. With the routine try and give it a little bit more of a snap to be even slicker. Great to see you smiling and enjoying it. Great harmonises and some well worked dynamics to bring it to a climax at the end. A very confident performance and well-choreographed, well done.

Miss Brodie Leigh – Lots of ability just take care not to push that vocal too hard as you have lovely tone. More performances will develop the performance to be more natural. Try and work on your nerves though as at times these did show.

Aisha – Good movement and use of the stage, look to work on giving the performance a bit more snap to be even crisper. A great image and fantastic effort on a good song.

Yna – You have a good tone and to impress even more try giving more expression and emotion in your eyes and facial expression. Liked the change up in the song, that would have been a good time to take the mic off the stand and work the stage. Lovely transition between each bridge.

Macy Page – You have a good vocal range and power to your vocal. To impress even more try giving more expression and emotion in your eyes and facial expression. The performance was quite static and needed more movement. Vocally you are sustaining on the note quite a bit on occasions, so try work on that.

Sam Horton – You sung with lovely control and vocally you were very impressive. The song choice however meant it wasn’t necessarily an original performance. Performance wise you can give us more emotion as the song has a deep soul.

Pre-Teen Manchester Talent Show Feedback

Caitlin – Vocally you impressed well and you used the stage well, just try and commit even more to the performance moves. The performance was a little over rehearsed so it didn’t seem that natural; more performances will iron this out in time. You could also look to vary the moves rather than loop them.

Millie Mae – You have a very controlled and comfortable vocal ability which is way beyond your years. Smooth through the notes and nectar on the ears. Really liked that you made the song your own with a modern twist on an old classic. Lovely image and style and a great overall performance, well done!

Ashleigh – You give lovely expression and your diction is very clear. Good use of props – poor ted! Great use of the stage too. Just need to work on your vocals at times especially on the high notes, working with a good vocal coach can help you develop this.

Camila Disano – The cajon was a nice idea but it did mean there was quite a bit in the backing to compete with. Nice twist to change the language, really liked that. As a performer try and reach out to your fellow performers to show connection, however it was a lovely sound.

Alicia Pollard – You have nice clear diction to your vocal, but get closer to that mic to maximise your projection. Performance wise try and use the stage more and use your hands and face to express the emotion in the song as you touched on it at times.

Chiara Smith – You have good power to your vocals. To connect even more to the audience come closer to the end of the stage. Good mic control but to be even better look to work the dynamics of the song even more. A very confident overall strong sound.

Eliza Mai – You have great expression and a lovely smile. Keywork and backing was a bit clunky when really it should be driving the song along. Great harmonies as well as individual sounds though, so well done on the vocals.

Kiera Swift – You picked a very big song and it is always difficult to impress doing such an iconic song by such an iconic singer but you did it justice, so well done! Also going forward click here for tips on good audition songs and what song selection to choose.

Feedback for the Manchester Talent Show

Ellie – Great to see a contemporary song choice which you performed well! It was a fun and engaging performance.  You used the stage well and your vocals were very good with nice projection. A great performance, well done.

Beau – Lovely tone, but look to develop more dynamic changes so the phrasing and projection are varied slightly throughout. Also look to perform throughout especially in the instrumental sections in particular. Make sure you don’t overuse your vibrato, use it sparingly. Fantastic performance though so well done.

Hollie Robinson – Glad to see you take the mic off the stand and work the stage more, commit to working the stage even more. Nice song choice and great delivery.

Freya Kelly – Lots of power in the vocal and a good song choice to make your own. It’s difficult to time the acapella and instrument but you just about got in synch. Performance wise it needed a bit more and visually towards the end was a little tired. A nice acapella start though so well done for that.

Harry Hodgson – Good commitment to the song but it screamed of adding your own originality either with the performance moves or adding or changing the lyrics. Good projection and great control throughout the performance though.

Amy Chester – Loved that you thought about image and someone was creative with your hair. Take care vocally not to be too shouty and lose the control at times. Also watch your breathing, working with a good vocal coach can help you develop this.

Adalaide – It’s a mini Gaga! Very talented but if you listen to Gaga tracks in particular they focus and centre completely on the hook and chorus to become the hits they are. Try and structure your songs and delivery of the songs with that structure in mind.

Amy-Rose Skelton – It’s great that you are adding the performance moves but try and commit even more to them to be even more impressive. Use the stage more. Unfortunately the nerves got the better of you at times.

Paris Brown – Good mash up. You looked great and gave a well worked routine. Just take care with your timing and tuning with the vocals on occasions. Lovely image and you had great presence so well done!


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