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Singing Feedback Manchester Dance Competition - TeenStar

Singing Feedback Manchester Dance Competition

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Industry judges provide feedback for the TeenStar Manchester dance competition.

Manchester Dance Competition: Industry judges have provided feedback for the acts competiting in the TeenStar Manchester dance competition. The industry judges have provided singing and dance feedback on how acts can be successful in developing their performances.

Manchester Dance Competition – Feedback

The judges providing feedback at the Manchester dance competition were:

  • Jason Kelly – JK Management
  • Kate Hollands – Pro Voice Studios
  • Jo Edwards – Stage Pro Academy
  • Dave Payne – Entertainment Consultant, Talent Scout and TeenStar producer

Manchester Dance Competition: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Dance Competition Manchester Feedback – Pre-Teens

Lily Draper – Great song choice for you, image worked well. Don’t be afraid to use the stage width. Smile more, especially when walking on. Good mic control. Perform to the audience rather than just singing at them, they are there to see you! Very enjoyable performance. Looked great, pretty voice, just need to work on performing visually and movement.

Katie Cassidy – Great music, image worked for the piece. Good energy, however it felt a little rushed in places, take your time and relax. Good use of stage and great technique.

Just George – Smile! When you walk on be confident, even if you’re nervous. Refreshing song choice, but be careful not to nervously play with the mic stand or mic/ Image worked and stood out. You could tell you love singing, but let your face show it more! Good attempt to get the audience involved! Nice to see you take mic off stand.

Tiny Stars – Good emotion in your performance, you complimented each other well. Good use of stage, costume idea at the end worked well but try to make the section smoother for full effect. Good story telling.

Caty – Beautiful tone and vocal  control. Good image, it suited your age. Don’t stand too far back from the mic. We would have liked to have seen you take mic off stand and use stage (especially during the instrumental section). Adele is always tricky to sing and compete with her, but you did a god job.

Missy – Image worked, great energy, great song choices. Be careful not to be too repetitive, add more dynamics to keep it interesting. Would like to see a little more structure to choreography.

Charlotte Ryan – Refreshing song choice, and image worked for your age. You moved around the stage a little, but if it’s a big stage use the width – during instrumentals especially. Good eye contact, just be careful not to pull away from mic too much. The more experience you get on stage the more confidence you will have.

Penny – Vocally very capable and good control. Smile, especially when you walk on. Perform visually to your audience, work on facial expressions. You need to tell the story of the song visually, not just vocally. Perform to the audience and not just over their heads at the back.

Sophie Taylor – Image worked for your age, but would like to hear you sing something more age appropriate. You have a sweet voice, so it would lend it self to a sweet song more. Performed with hands with occasional eye contact, but would like to see you perform to audience more. Take the mic off stand too at some point. Lovely soft tone to voice.

Destiny Andrew – Loved the costume and prop, great energy and 100% commitment to what you were doing. Great control, but you went from serious face to smiley face a little too much. Would like to have heard some shouts at certain points. Great mix of music. You put your heart and soul into the dance. Very gifted, well done!

Mahnoor – Image kind of worked, but black coat and jeans on a black stage doesn’t always stand out enough. Perform visually not just vocally, use facial expressions more and use the stage width more. End confidently, be sure of yourself. You can definitely sing well but you need to think about the other elements of your performance.

Phoebe Billingham – Enchanting music choice, costume added to performance. Great ability and great flexibility, more of a contortionist, good use of stage. Work on facial expressions, don’t let us see that you’re thinking about what you’re doing. Great performance.

Ellie Stewart – Nice to see you playing the ukulele, it was a good song choice for you. Image can be improved, and try and perform visually more, use facial expressions and perform to the audience – not over their heads. Smile more, not sure you smiled at all. Great vocal, loved the song.

Manchester Dance Competition Feedback 

Mia & Ella – Enjoyed the theme of the piece, (perhaps use a trophy on the stand as that’s what’s mentioned in the music). Also maybe use a red hat and a blue hat to keep in sync but be a little different as you’re not supposed to be together in the story. Ensure your spacing is right on the stage, keep the table between you visually.

Livia Luckson – Nice dress and nice to see you performing visually, but work on facial expressions too. Don’t be rooted to the spot – use the stage width. Nice vocal and control

Nicole Saunders – Great conviction. The music needed the vocal on it rather than the backing track version. Good use of stage, however it got a little repetitive at points so work on dynamics to keep it interesting. Strong start and finish, a confident performer.

Darcey Barker – You really moved me, you delivered such an emotional performance. Nice soft tones to your voice. Don’t nervously play with hands. Good that you performed visually, but would have been nice to see you take mic off stand and use stage. A vocal coach should be able to help you engage your full voice. Have confidence at the end!

Ruby – Image worked well for age, but try not to over perform with hands (but nice to perform visually). Good to see you take mic off stand and perform to audience. Good use of stage. Vocally struggled in some places but ticked other boxes. Did not seem nervous at all, great confidence.

Honey and Sugar – Good energy! Brought enjoyment to the stage. Don’t just perform to your fans though, perform to everyone in the audience. In parts you weren’t as committed and looked like you were making it through. Don’t let us see you’re thinking about what you’re doing, disguise that with facial expressions.

Jamin – Started out of key and time with music but pulled it back quickly. You clearly have a good voice, and the image worked for you. Would have been nice to see you take mic off and use stage. Be careful not to rush the vocal. You have a brilliant voice, but perhaps nerves got the best of you.

Ellie Rose – Great costume and makeup. Good use of levels and stage. Great facial expressions and good structure to choreography. Told the story very well.

Jessie Wright – Terrible backing track! You had one of the strongest voices but your music didn’t help you. Image was good, but avoid black on a black stage with black back drop. Performed visually but could use stage width more. Got a little shouty in places. You really went for it on the chorus but didn’t seem as committed to the verses.

Dancing Princess – Great costume, energy and music. Test your costume works before the day, but when the head piece came off you carried on superbly, well done. A little slow in places which seemed like you were a little lost or waiting. Infectious passion, brought lots of fun to the stage!

Amelia Rose – Lovely dress, perfect for you. Don’t stand too far back from mic. Perform to the audience, not over their heads. Work on your facial expressions, learn what the words mean that you’re singing and express that emotion. Good pronunciation and diction. Good voice and I think more can come from it with a little help.

Ethan Cross – Good song choice for you, but make sure you don’t nervously walk around the stage, make your movements for a reason. You performed visually, but make sure it’s to the audience. Nice image, but maybe not all black on a black stage and black back drop. You had fun and brought energy to the room!

Alexandra Durham Parker – Image worked for you, maybe not all black though. Felt like you struggled with guitar a few times and perhaps put you off vocally occasionally. Maybe too many songs performed so we never really got into any of them for long enough. You have a nice voice but the performance lacked a little energy.

Alliyah Bindura – Use a backing track, it will help! Love your energy and personality. Visually looked great. Prefered your 1st song, it didn’t work for me when you went into the other song and then back again.

Bollywood Dance – Great costume, lots of energy and great facial expression. Used the stage well. Would have liked more structure, as it became a little repetitive at times.

Hannah – Good use of stage and levels. Great smile! Try to ensure all sections flow into each other. A floaty dress would have added to the performance.

Mid-Teen Manchester Dance Competition Feedback 

Alicia Pollard – Nice dress, but sometimes black on a black stage/backdrop can get a little lost. Good composure and control. Moving performance, beautiful voice. Can work on chest voice more and not just head voice. Try to perform visually a little more, work on facial expressions as you looked a little bored at times. Enjoy yourself! Nice smile at the end though.

Paul Mathias – Great ability, a passionate performance. Work on your facial expressions. Image can be improved, it didn’t add anything to your performance.

Mollie Aitken – You have a sweet voice, but we could see you were nervous, try to disguise that. If you enjoy performing let us see it, smile. Image was ok, but try to avoid black on a black stage. Use the stage more, don’t stand still and work on facial expressions. Be confident at the end, say ‘thank you’ and walk off if it ends early.

Mystic – There were a few moments when you weren’t sure what came next, be confident, even if you make a mistake, the audience might not even realise! Image worked well as a duo. Some sections did look like you were trying to make it through rather than perform. Perform to the audience, not the stage.

Fabienne Clarke – Confident walk on, and a very confident performance. You performed to audience well with good eye contact. Image worked well, but not sure the song really showed your voice to it’s maximum.

Harrison Langham – Good control in most places. Confident stride onto the stage! Image stood out. Don’t perform to the back of the room, perform to the audience in front of you and use the stage width more.

Ella Stevenson – Nice dress! Good use of stage width. Your facial expressions were great. A very passionate performance, but try not to let us see you concentrating on your performance too hard, relax and enjoy it more.

Emeli – Great to see some original music. Image worked for age, and you performed to audience with good eye contact. A passionate performance you connected with your own song well. Great to see you taking the mic off the stand and use the stage. Vocally some parts need work, perhaps a vocal coach could help with getting the best out of your voice for your own song.

Alice Amber – Big potential, great vocal ability, but perform to your audience, not over their heads. Need to work on the higher register of your voice. Take the mic off the stand at some point and use the stage, it will add more visually and relax you. Brave song choice, which for the most you did well but you did struggle in places, but don’t back away from the mic so much. Ensure your end of performance is confident, if it needs to fade, just say thank you and walk off.

Jake Bloem – Good passion in your song, we could tell you enjoy singing. Struggled vocally in place. Image can be improved – think stage and not ‘meal out’. Take the mic off the stand at some point. Perform to your audience rather than just looking at them.

Lilli Bretana – Good use of the stage space, and great image. Work on your facial expressions to develop the performance further.

Coco – Loved the image, it was stage presentable but also age appropriate. Performed visually, good to see the mic coming off the stand. Not sure the song suited your vocal completely though.

Evan Reynolds – Try to hide those nerves at the start! Performed to audience well and image worked well, but avoid black on a black stage. Timing issues with backing track, seemed to be fighting against the track at times and had some pitching issues. Perhaps a vocal coach could help with getting the best out of your voice.

Ava Bielderman – You gave a believable performance, and you connected to your song well. Good story telling, the facial expressions matched the song. Image can be improved a little. Use the stage more, don’t stand too far back.

Dance Competition Feedback

Mia Monteverde – Great costume, good facial expressions and great character. Nice use of stage and levels. Great flexibility but it needs more contrast in the story.

Abby Langley – Image was ok, but don’t wear black on a black stage as it is easy for you to get lost in the shadows. Performed to the audience well, but you could look to add more emotion into your performance.

Iffan Roberts – Fantastic ability, great variety of tricks, levels and speed. So captivating! Image can be improved to make you stand out more, but a great performance.

Lucy and Max – Tie your image in together and perform in sync, show us you’re enjoying yourself. You have good potential, but you need to lose the nerves visually and enjoy yourselves! Great tone.

‘13’ – Great that image was in sync, but lets avoid black! Loved the cap, lets have more individualism like that but still in sync. Nice to see some choreography. Try to make facial expressions natural. Great harmonies.

Master of the House – Great costume and good commitment to the act, nice use of the stage and props. Timing went off a little towards end (dance) though which was a shame.

Freya Kelly – Smile when you walk on, show us that you are excited to perform! Great control, lovely version of the song. Great image and great energy, but remember to perform to the audience, not over their heads. Eye contact is key. Work on your mic technique.

Dan Sheriston – Great image for you, and good energy. Open eyes more to connect to your audience. Great tone but add more vocal dynamics.

Sam Wise – Amazing ability and such a unique performance, but your image didn’t make you stand out, so work on that. Try to use the stage width more.

Jessica Barlow – Image worked for you and good song choice. Would have liked you to take the mic off the stand at some point and use the stage. Be careful not to sing over the mic too.

Molly – Nice song for you, and the image worked. Unfortunately there were issues with your guitar tuning, so always make sure that is in une before you perform. Good eye contact, it was great to see you were getting into the music.

Izzy – Loved the song choice! Image was ok but with that song it could be improved. Watch mic control when traveling across the stage. Great vocal ability, but perform to the audience rather than over their heads.

Beth Berry – Image was ok, but perhaps not right for your song choice (also avoid black on a black stage). Don’t perform over people’s heads and use the stage width a little more. It was a bit shouty in places, you have lots of potential but you just need to work on control which a good vocal coach can help you with.

Yna – Great tone to your voice and good image. You sold the song well, but just watch your head movements, watch back on video if possible to see what you were doing. Don’t be afraid to use the stage width and don’t pull away from the mic too much.

Paiden Ball – Image matched the ukulele performance, but be careful not to just sway from side to side nervously. At times you looked uncomfortable due to nerves. You have a lovely tone to your voice, so be confident in yourself!

Jaiden Sayer – Great music choice. A very passionate performance, but your image can be improved, don’t wear black on a black stage. Great performance, well done!

Jodie and Amber – Image tied together nicely. Good eye contact, you came across very confident. Work on your harmonies a little more and it felt that the guitar wasn’t in tune, so always check that before performing.

Macy Page – Lots of character, a very solid performance! Nice old school song choice, and it was good to see you take the mic off the stand and use the stage. Performed visually. Would like to hear more of your vocal range as you didn’t show off to be one of the strongest vocalists in the show, but you performed well had confidence and used the stage, as well as good eye contact too!

Emelia Mason –  You performed visually well, with a good use of facial expressions. Don’t be afraid to use the stage width and move around. Controlled vocal, but not so keen on song choice.

India M – Nice quirky performance. Image could be improved to add to that quirky performance. Loved your tone. A little shouty in places, but I think you knew that, so just pull that back in future.

April Lee – Image great. You performed visually well, it was nice to see you take the mic off the stand use the stage. Not sure the song showed your voice as well as it could. A little slow for my liking in a competition. Be careful with your diction too.

Megan – Nice tone to your voice, the song suited your vocal well. Don’t look so nervous, even if you are, you have to cover those nerves. Relax, have fun, remember why you’re doing this. Perform visually, don’t nervously hold your hands and don’t pull back from the mic so much. Work on image, as it was a little too casual for a show. Great tone to voice, lovely and unique, be confident in yourself!

Holly Feeney – Good quirky song choice but not sure it showed your voice to it’s fullest. Performed visually with a good use of the stage. Image can be improved (avoid black on black stage). Make sure you give eye contact and perform to the audience not over their heads.

Grace – Song choice really suited your voice, but make sure you use your facial expressions, to express the emotion of the song to your audience. Unfortunately you had some tuning issues at one point, a good vocal coach can help you with this, click here for for tips on.

Manchester Dance Competition – Late-Teen Feedback 

Alex Herriman – Nice to see a mix of dance styles. Good mix of music, but work on your facial expressions as you perform. Your image also needs improving to stand out more. Loved the tap, but need to work on timing slightly.

John Churton – A very passionate performance, and nice original song. Performed to the audience well, but would prefer to see you standing. Don’t spend too long looking at your guitar, make eye contact wth your audience. Tone down the facial expressions a little, but great storytelling, well done!

Charlotte Gant – Nice voice and good eye contact, but would have liked to see you take the mic off the stand. Don’t think your outfit needed the jacket.

Nicola Mckay – Nice smiley entrance to the stage, that makes such a difference! Nice tone to your voice, and great control. Image can be upped for a show though and don’t stand too far back on the stage. Not sure the song allowed us to hear your voice at it’s best, I’m sure there’s more in there!

Jasmine Basi – Image was fantastic. Good song choice, and nice tone to your voice. Look up from your keyboard more and connect with your audience through eye contact! Perform to the audience otherwise we may as well not be here. Occasionally the keys seemed to distract you from the vocal. Good to perform with instruments, but make sure you’re ready to do so.

Zahra Huq – Great tone to your voice, and nice dress. Song choice is a little overdone these days and you had some timing issues at the start. Use the stage more, and perform to the audience.

Mhairi Henderson – Nice song choice for your vocal, you committed to the song well, but don’t be afraid to use the stage width and move around. Have more confidence in yourself!

Angel Nkomo – Nice vulnerability to your vocal, but it didn’t work for me jumping from one song to another so quickly. Would like to see you standing up. Like the idea, but it needs work.

Emily Ray – Lovely tone to voice, great strength. Very mature voice for your age. Performed to everyone with good eye contact. Image can be improved though, think stage/show and use the stage width just a little more.

Anna Rose – Nice song choice for you, but we really wanted to hear a bit more power and energy. Try to avoid black on a black stage (which most are).

Nu-Vybe – Great staging and great lines, loved the image. Excellent energy! There were some issues with timing, but overall great performance.

Tyler Westwood – Strong voice. You really got into your performance and clearly love singing. Work on your facial expressions and open your eyes a little more. Try to use the stage width more and avoid black clothes on black stage.


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