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Singing Feedback London Talent Show

Singing Feedback London Talent Show

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Pre-Teen feedback has been provided for singers and songwriters at the London talent show

London Talent Show: The Regional Final for the London Talent Show took place this weekend at Dingwalls in Camden. The pre-teen singers came to the London Talent Show in the hopes of securing a place in TeenStar’s Area Finals.

London Talent Show – Pre-Teen Regional Final Feedback

The music industry judges included:

  • Layla Manoochehri, from Sony Records
  • Laurence Hobbs from Charthouse Music
  • Katy Seath, a vocal coach
  • Bobby Mitchell from Talent Talks
  • Carelle Howett, from Pop Scoop and an ex MTV presenter
  • Chris Grayston, Head of Future Music

The London talent show was rounded off by a guest performance from Tara Flanagan.

London Talent Show: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Check out more feedback from the Camden Singing Contest and the Camden Music Competition here.

Maya Lane – Lovely tone and comfortable guitar backing. Have confidence in your own song as it was good and didn’t need to do a cover. Lovely calm presence. Keep developing your songwriting skills, there’s lots of promise here. Look like a popstar!

Coco – It’s a very iconic song and from an iconic singer which although you did a good job does mean you are going to always be second best to the original. Your microphone control needs developing. Powerful voice!

London Talent Show – Regional Final Feedback

Maya Townley – Well done on altering your mic stand when a little high. Vocally though need to work on your projection, control and range which can easily develop with a vocal coach and performing as much as you can. Try not to let the nerves show in your performance.

Fizza Iqbal – It’s a very iconic song and from an iconic singer which although you did a good job does mean you are going to always be second best to the original. Would like to see something more relevant! Watch your mic control as you are losing a lot of projection and making the volume inconsistent.

Macie-Rose – Vocally you are strong but remember to use the stage. It’s a fun song and you need to express that. Your song choice suited your vocal nicely.

Aya – Brave to perform acappella. Always a huge risk singing acapella. Having said that you have a good vocal it’s just hard to keep the timing perfect and not to rush the performance which of course affects the breathing when you don’t have a backing track.

Freddie Hunter – Brave song choice but naturally singing a female vocal will alter enough to be different. Look to develop your projection and range by performing more and working with a vocal coach. Good sensitive expression in the face which conveyed the emotion well. You look great and you’ve got lots of potential.

London Talent Show – TeenStar 2015

Scarlett – It’s a very popular song and as a result we’re hearing this song more than once today so going forward try and select a song less popular that you can make more of an impression. Vocally you have a nice tone just remember to not force it and lose the control. Sassy Scarlett! First singer to make eye contact with the audience.

Jess Powell – Ideally you want to pick songs that demonstrate the nicer tones in your vocal range, not convinced that this song did. Slightly too high for you in places. Lovely performance. Next time pick happier songs, they suit your vocal better!

Breeze – Good projection and commitment to the vocal. Glad you took the mic off the stand to move and work the stage however take care with your timing it’s a song that is very unforgiving for that. You have great style and stand out from the crowd. Future artist! Could tell how much thought and passion you put into your performance.

Alana Keeley – Commit more to the performance it needed more performance and emotion. There’s buckets of potential here that you need to keep developing and working on!

London Talent Show – Feedback for Pre-Teens

Jessie – It’s a shame you picked this song as had a couple of acts do the same song but it is important that you pick songs that can show you off individually and impress as much as you can. Having said that it was a strong and committed performance. Great range and image! Would love to hear you sing upbeat fun songs! Great microphone technique.

Emily Jones – Cool song choice, very contemporary. Make sure you use that stage more. Lovely falsetto. Very sweet and relaxed performance. Fun, young and upbeat!

Elijah – Got to be millions of songs to choose from just pick songs that aren’t so iconic and popular, you need to stand out. Use that stage to really help us connect with you. Ensure you don’t force the vocal and lose control. Great diction. Amazing range. Brave song choice and you pulled it off.

Asha Banks – Brave start with the acappella beginning, make sure you bring more emotion to the performance which you can do with your facial expression. Really enjoyed your vibe on stage. Good confidence.

Jasmine – A strong commitment from the off to make a strong impression. You worked that stage well using it to connect well to the audience. Remember your vocal whilst moving around. Good confidence. Would like to see you bring this energy to a more contemporary song.

Danella Sloman – You have a lovely tone and expression to the emotion but commit even more to the performance it felt like you were holding back but the song has so much emotion you need to connect with that and convey it more. Great interpretation of the song, you looked great!


All successful acts from the TeenStar Camden Regional Final will be performing at the London and East England Area Final on Sunday 17th May at Beck Theatre in Hayes, London.

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