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Singing Feedback Liverpool Dance Competition

Singing Feedback Liverpool Dance Competition

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Industry judges provide feedback for the TeenStar Liverpool dance competition.

Liverpool Dance Competition: Industry judges have provided feedback for the acts competiting in the TeenStar Liverpool dance competition. The industry judges have provided singing and dance feedback on how acts can be successful in developing their performances.

Liverpool Dance Competition – Feedback

The judges providing feedback at the Liverpool dance competition were:

  • Jo Edwards – Stage Pro Academy
  • Karen Corson – Event Organiser
  • Jason Kelly – JK Management
  • Dave Payne – Entertainment Consultant, Talent Scout and TeenStar producer

Liverpool Dance Competition: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Dance Competition Liverpool Feedback – Pre-Teens

Fireflyz – Good energy and good mix of music. Every performer really enjoyed themselves and so did we. Infectious energy and great use of stage. A brilliant start to the show, well done!

Nieve Sullivan – Great energy, but try and use the stage a little more. We would like to have seen you have a little more enthusiasm.

Georgia Hattersley – Fantastic vocals and vocal tone! Don’t be afraid to take mic off stand and use stage. Smile a little more, even though song doesn’t lend itself to smiling, smile as you come on and off stage, lets us know you are enjoying what you’re doing! Try to perform visually a little more.

Leah Smith – This is a very big song, but you handled it well. Image was presentable, but try and use the stage a little more, don’t stay rooted to one spot.

Faith – Well done for coming back on, but remember even if you make a mistake the show must go on. Have confidence in what you’re doing, we would have loved to have seen more of your performance!

Adriana Tremarco – Lovely dress, well done on image! Next time, ensure you smile, at least when you walk on and off stage. If you enjoy it, we will! Let go of your hands, use your facial expressions and body to perform visually…we can see you!

Ergierona – Nice use of vocal performer and a dancer. Song choice was a little sleepy in a competition environment. Vocalist: use stage more too and don’t forget to smile!

Elle-May – Nice lively song choice but it didn’t really allow you to show off vocals enough. Liked the image. Smile more if you can, don’t think too much about what you’re doing, just enjoy it and relax! You performed visually but you could use stage width a little more.

Cody Urban Dance – Great image! Worked so well with stage lights. Loved the music choice and well handled with small a stage. Even when you’re stood still, stand still with a purpose, every move counts. Great shape and lines. Good energy too at the end.

Girl Power – Image worked well as it was appropriate to your age. Nice smile when you walked on. Always stand at front of the stage (move side to side but don’t stand too far back). You smiled when you caught the eye of your family and it was lovely to see, but make sure you do it more, so the audience can see you are enjoying the performance! Nervous to start, but you got into it.

Bethan Seddon – Great image for your age. Good use of stage, and nice to see the mic come off the stand and you use width of the stage. Performed to all the audience and judges which was great to see. Not so keen on song choice as it changed key a little too much.

Abbi Watkinson – Great vocal range! Your image was ok, but could be improved to be a little more stage appropriate. Well performed to the audience, but if possible (with your broken wrist) it would have been nice to see you move around the stage a little more. Brilliant delivery and performance, well done.

Dance Competition Feedback 

Libby – Great use of stage area, good bouncy song choice. Nice use of lower and higher levels of stage. Great confidence, well done.

Logan Thompson – Great image, it really worked well. Eye contact could be better as you started by looking at floor. We know you’re nervous, but don’t let us see it. The song is one where you can smile as you perform, so do! If you enjoy it, we will. Use stage as you perform. We didn’t really get the bit where you turned your back on audience for a little while, so perhaps avoid that.

Erin Leah – Nice song choice and great image for your age. Nice delivery, it was great to see the mic coming off stand. You performed visually well with good control, however be careful not to sing behind the stand if the mic is in your hand, we want to see you and not the stand.

Adriana Davison – Lovely voice. Big song choice, but was you were capable to perform it well. Try and take the mic off the stand at some point, use the stage. Don’t forget to perform visually.

T’mya Fyffe – Nice song choice for your style. Lovely image that complimented your act. Would like to have seen you use the stage a little without mic stand towards end of your performance. Smile when you walk on, be happy that you’re about to perform!

Mischa – Image worked for your age, but not for this song (It was a nice flowery outfit, but the song is not ‘flowery’). Try and perform visually, not just vocally. You were capable of the vocals as you have a very big voice for your age, but we need to be entertained visually too. Don’t stay rooted to the spot.

Bubblegum – LOVED THE IMAGE! It worked so well with colours. In-sync yet different. If you’re standing on the stage and not dancing, remember to stand with purpose! Good use of lines and stage. Loved the section where everyone joined in two at a time.

Adam Cusack – Nice image for your age, song choice worked well. Nice to see you moving and performing visually, but you could have used stage width more. Be careful not to ‘over-act’ your facial expressions, keep them natural. Good confidence.

Evie – Lovely little dress. Be careful with your diction, it was difficult in some parts of song to make out the lyrics. You performed visually, so well done, but if feeling brave you could take the mic off the stand and use the stage width a little.

Princess Yasmine – Dressed worked well for your song choice of a Disney medley, loved the tiara! Smile a little more, especially when walking onto stage. Some sections of the medley were stronger than other parts, but not sure the medley allowed us to see you at your best vocally. Use the stage (if you can with that dress!).

Elliejo Stobbart – Nice image, it worked well for the routine. Good eye contact with judges and audience. Nice levels and great flips!

Astrid Smith – Image worked well, however the song was a little slow for some judges. You performed visually with body but you can use the stage a little more.

Mid-Teen Liverpool Dance Competition Feedback 

Harrison Vaughan Singer – Great range and nice song choice for you. You performed visually, but use the stage width a little more. Good to see you had thought about image.

Cleo Beckett – Nice eye contact with judges and the audience, but try to perform to them rather than just look at them as you sing. Interesting image, in a good way! Nice song choice too.

Grace – Nice control. Passionate performance and great image. Good use of a small stage area.

Brodie Rodgers – We don’t recommend singing without backing music, as it is difficult to stay in time and pitch. Great image and nice vocal but music would have complimented it more. You must use music going forward!

Sophie Melville – Good movement on stage, nice to see you not rooted to the spot. Nice strong image visually but it didn’t match your song choice 100%. Good expression on your face. Song choice allowed you to show range in your voice.

Michael Aldag – Nice look, image tied in together. Nice smile, we barely wrote any feedback as we enjoyed your performance too much! Great song, well done!

Holly Marie – Nice presentation, great outfit. Passionate performance, facial expressions matched your performance. Good use of stage width.

Cat Giller – Would look to work on image, a hoodie was a little too casual for a stage performance, click here for the importance of. Good eye contact, performed well visually. Nice passionate delivery, connected with the words you were singing. Nice original song, quirky and great stage presence.

Ria McCoy – Open your eyes a little more and use facial expressions. Nice song choice and delivery.

Katie Clark – Nice smart image. Good eye contact with the audience. Good confidence, however it would have been nice to see you take mic off stand. Lovely vocal range, loved the lower tones of your voice.

Amelia – Image matched your act well. Don’t perform to the back of the room, look at your audience and perform to them, and remember to smile! Nice quirky song, however vocally you were a little flat in places but overall it was a nice delivery. Working with a vocal coach will help you to strengthen and develop your vocals further.

Libby Walker – Passionate performance, good music choice. Image could be improved, but a committed performance with beautiful lines and technique.

Elliss Halton – Great song choice for your vocal. Excellent delivery and you performed visually to audience. Be careful not to just tap your leg during the instrument bits, looked a little karaoke. Would like to see image worked on in future, think performance and not just a nice outfit. Great confidence, you had belief in your abilities which was great to see.

Lily – Great image! Even though your song is quite slow and sad, you can still smile as you come on stage! Make sure you perform to the audience and not over their heads. Your eyes barely moved from the back of the room. Nice control of your vocal.

Liverpool Dance Competition Feedback 

Grace Douglas – Loved the top, but not sure jeans matched the song choice, perhaps a little bit too casual. Smile when you walk on, if you enjoy doing this then show it a bit more. Struggled vocally in certain sections with this song, it is a tricky song to sing. Working with a vocal coach will help you to strengthen and develop your vocals further. Use the stage more to perform to the audience. You looked a little bored/nervous for most of the song. Nice smile at the end!

Eloise McCarthy – Nice image, good use of stage nice levels. Good song choice for your performance.

Daisy – You used the stage well. Strong voice, good vocal control in most places. Not sure song choice allowed us to see the best of you. There were a few times when it seemed like you didn’t know where to look, try to hide those nerves!

Emily Nevitt – Smile when you walk on, if you’re happy to be performing then show us! Song choice was a little sleepy but beautiful, don’t think it showed your voice off properly though.

Amy Fullagar – You performed to the audience well and used stage width well. Good vocal control, but be careful with mic control, don’t go too far from mic. Would be interested in hearing a big show stopping song as you have the ability, this song got a little sleepy in a competition environment.

Harry – Passionate performance. You have great ability and gave a very committed performance, well done!

Abi Cryer – Original song was nice, however always ensure your guitar is in tune before performing. Even if you have to stop at beginning and tune up, it’s better than playing slightly gout of tune the whole way through. Not sure playing the guitar helped you, you may have been better with someone accompanying you or playing stood up. Nice image, however you generally looked at the back of room, next time perform to audience.

Chloe and Callum – Nice work on image, maybe try more face make up if possible to add to the torn clothes. Passionate performance, but it’s important in a duo to be 100% tight and there were some issues with timing.

Caitlin Baxter – Your image certainly stood out, but not sure it really was in sync with the song or performance. Good use of stage width, however perform a little more with your facial expressions, especially for this song. Be careful not to just keep walking back and forth on the stage, make movements count. Song suited your vocal and it was a passionate performance, especially the chorus.

Eliza Mai – Nice original take on the song. Good confident performance and great image. Seemed like you really wanted to grab the mic and perform even more, so perhaps think of playing to a backing track and keys for next time and take the mic off at some point.

Harrison Vaughan Dancer – Great energy, but be careful not to overplay facial expressions. Nice song choice, a very passionate performance.

Liverpool Dance Competition – Late-Teen Feedback 

Kerri O Kane – Big song, but you performed it well. Striking image, but not sure it suited the song choice. Little bit shouty in places towards the end, but overall a great performance.

Layla Sylvia – You performed visually well, but don’t perform to the back wall too much, make sure you perform to the audience and make eye contact with them. Good energy and commitment to the performance. Great song choice for you.

Liv & Paige – Guitar was slightly out of tune unfortunately. Great to see you writing original music, there’s some good elements to the track but it needs a bit more light and shade otherwise it’s quite ‘samey’ through-out. Image tied in nicely together. Good performance but you need to work on harmonies more.

Eve O’Gara – Lovely tone to your voice and nice control. You looked great too. You moved around a little but don’t be scared to use the stage width a little more. Nice to see you using eye contact and looking to both sides of the audience and judges. Song didn’t really show off what your voice appears to be capable of though.

Jamie Boyd – Original song obviously came from real life experiences, which is great that you can express that in song. Look to work on your image, try to think stage outfit and not just something nice, click here for the importance of. Nice vocal and nice light and shade to the performance.

Amelia Wilkins – Big song but you held your own. Performed visually, but don’t stand too far back and use stage width a little more. Looked great with an original style, but don’t close your eyes too much as you need to connect with your audience through eye contact.

Emily-Anne – Looked presentable, but try to drift away from smart if your song is more pop-rock. Some pitching issues, working with a vocal coach will help you to strengthen and develop your vocals further. Don’t perform to the ceiling or back wall, if you have an audience perform to them. Passionate performance, you clearly like the song and love to sing!

Jake Oneill – Loved the performance! Nice song choice for you and great self-confidence which is nice to see when matched with ability. Nice vulnerability to your vocal. Image kind of worked for you, but could be tweaked. Performed to the audience and judges – well done. Wasn’t scared of eye contact! Looked like you belonged in front of an audience.

Cathryn Olivia – Quite a long instrumental start which perhaps isn’t the best use of your time. Nice dress and you performed visually well. Don’t think the song choice worked well for you, however you could tell that you connected to the song. Would like to have heard a different song.

Lydia – Outfit matched performance well and to paint the picture. Interesting tone to your voice, preferred the vocal when you got to the chorus. Don’t be afraid to perform to the audience, don’t close your eyes too much otherwise it feels like you’re just performing to yourself. Tell the story to us. Great song, catchy and well thought out.

Jordan Devine – Image is a little bit dated, if you’re singing Buble we probably want to see you a little smarter but still dressed for a show and not the office. At times, you looked a little bit bored, which was probably due to nerves or concentrating on what you were doing but try to disguise that! Use the stage width. Great tone to your voice, definitely suited to this type of music.

Bethany and Cameron – Try to tie your image together a little more. Liked the performance, nice to see a male/female duo. A passionate performance.

Alice Giller – Great song for you. Room to improve on image. Would have been nice to see you take the mic off the stand and use stage at some point.

Vanessa – Performed to the audience well, you’re very confident. Don’t think the song showed off your potential though. Really wanted to hear you unleash the voice more. Use the stage width a little more. A passionate and committed performance


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