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Singing Feedback Essex Talent Show

Singing Feedback Essex Talent Show

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TeenStar’s Essex talent show auditions saw singers perform to impress music industry judges in Essex.

Essex Talent Show: TeenStar’s Essex talent show came to Chelmsford, Essex this weekend to see acts try to impress TeenStar’s music industry judges in a bid to make the Regional live shows. A panel of industry experts judged the acts and have compiled feedback for the priority auditionees.

Feedback for the Pre-Teens at the Essex Talent Show

Essex Talent Show: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of TeenStar, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Chantelle Kwenda: You have a mature tone and good delivery. Make sure to use eye contact to connect with your audience.

Ellie Grace: Be careful with your diction and eye contact. You have a powerful voice with good use of dynamics. Your image also worked well for your age. You have clear tone but you need to improve diction so we can hear the words too.

Anabelle Hards: Nice vocal control and on a pitch in a difficult song to sing – well done! You did well with a broken arm too! Looking at the judges when performing would be beneficial.

Abby Murphy: Your image really worked for your age and you had good eye contact throughout with the judges. Also you showed a connection with song and emotion whilst singing. You showed off a lovely delicate voice when hitting the high notes.

Reece Emery: Great to see such songwriting potential at this age. A catchy original delivered confidently. Don’t forget to perform visually using your arms and hands. A very catchy and bouncy song!

Sarinna Proudfoot-Mathurin: You have good eye contact and a good smile! It was nice to see you dressing to impress too. You really made the judges smile with your own enjoyment of the song. Be careful with some parts of the song, don’t rush.

Gabrielle Bridle: Clear diction and a confident audition- well done! However try not to rush through the song as it can show nerves.

Mid-Teen Talent Show Feedback

Emily Child: Your image worked well for the audition with a mature performance. You have an engaging energy and expression whilst performing, good audition! Your voice suited your vocals too.

Macey Broom: Some good eye contact but you can also have more. Overall, you have a confident vocal and on pitch throughout.

Thomas Newman Clark: You have a nice deep tone with good control. Really nice to see you dressed for the song choice but perhaps a contemporary approach may have worked a little better. Also try to look at the judges more. Good audition!

Felicity Ison: Really good eye contact with the judges and your image worked for your age. It was possibly the wrong song choice for you, try something more modern.

Uncertified: You had some really nice harmonies so try to add more and play to this strength. Having a bit more eye contact and more a performance would be beneficial.

Jorgyella Thorpe: A good original and well sung- well done! Try engaging with the judges and audience more when singing would be beneficial.

Katy Forkings: You have great confidence and a nice smile – sometimes you know someone’s going to be good as soon as they walk through the door! Overall nice tone and your image worked for your song and age. Try working no your eye contact.

Hollie Heard: Your image worked for the audition but try to have more eye contact when singing. Be more aware of your arms and body movements when singing. Nice sweet tone to your voice.

Olivia Hurdle: You have a great vocal and good confidence. You maintained eye contact and overall a great audition. Also your image really worked for you!

Essex Talent Show Feedback for the Late-Teens

Emily Carter: You have a nice image but need more eye contact when signing. You performed a good overall audition but be careful with diction.

Shayla Reid: The image worked for audition but try to take it to the next level. You have nice of hand and arms but a different song could showcase your voice better.

Daynah Lorelle: Nice control and tone which you sung with control. You were original and memorable! However concentrate on your connection with audience.

Elise Keeling: Your image worked well for the audition. Nice and natural amplification and a clear tone. Comfortable to watch but could improve at keeping us engaged by using dynamics. Great that you performed your own song!

Hayley Blatcher: Nice song choice with lots of confidence and good eye contact throughout. Try to connect more to the song to show real emotion.

Pia Harmony: You are very unique – great pink hair! It is important though if you pick a new song to sing you know how it goes. Great eye contact throughout – great audition!

Hannah Hall: Your image worked well. Try to have more confidence as you have a great voice!

Suzanna Rooney: Good audition and eye contact but more needed. Try to watch the expressions on your face, record yourself and look back over it to help.

Finlay Frost: Your image really stood out. Try to use more eye contact and be careful with your facial expressions. You performed visually with your arms and hands – well done!

Essex Talent Show – Feedback for TeenStar

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