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Singing Feedback Bristol Talent Competition

Singing Feedback Bristol Talent Competition

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Pre-Teen feedback was provided for singers at the Bristol Talent Competition

Bristol Talent Competition: The Regional Final for the Bristol talent competition at The Anson Rooms in Bristol saw the best pre-teen singers in the area come to perform at a live showcase.

Bristol Talent Competition – Pre-Teen Feedback

The Bristol talent competition judging panel included:

The Bristol talent competition was rounded off with a special guest performance Open Mic UK’s 2014 winner, Richi Jones.

Bristol Talent Competition: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Amy Wilson-Young – Lovely tone but you are a long way from the mic and this altered your vocal projection. Also watch your timing as you were a bit eager at times. Glad you took the mic off the stand and used the stage. A big song choosing Whitney and came across slightly nervous. A very nice look/image.

Bristol Talent Competition – Industry Judges Feedback

Eva McKenzie – Mic control let you down. This meant the levels were very inconsistent. A great guitar technique! A few minor issues with the vocals, but nothing a good vocal coach can’t help you with.

Celyn – Great to see you take the mic off the stand for a very committed performance.  Always keep going even if you forget the words! Otherwise you just highlight the mistake and we wouldn’t have noticed. Just take care not to get too shouty and keep vocal control. A strong vocal with extra coaching you could be very good.

Daisy Mae – Good projection and vocal control. Your guitar work was solid, but keeps practising to refine it even more. You’ve got a lovely voice! Good song, it just needed a little more structure.

Paige Mullin – Performing a character does mean we don’t see you being original. Watch your mic control as that would have meant better projection. Lovely vocals and going forward you need to add more emotion and expression. You are a star in the making, so keep going within the musical theatre world.

Bristol Talent Competition – TeenStar Feedback

Oakley Orchard – It’s a song that is performed a lot but it was nice to see a boy tackle it for a change. Very risky performing a song more commonly known for females but it paid off. Liked the expression you gave the track, don’t be frightened to commit even more to the performance. You seemed at home on the stage and it came across well.

Annalise – Potential is there but need to consider song choice. Control is so important to a performance, whether it be microphone control or breath control. It’s a dance number so you need to give the movement the track dictates. If you forget the words always continue with the performance, otherwise you just highlight the error.

Hannah – Nice tone to your vocals, consider adding more vocal dynamics to the performance. Going forward commit more to the emotion within the song. Great stage presence, so well done. Make sure there’s a synergy between the song and your image!

Carmen Marie – Good song choice, modern and current. Performance wise, you used the stage well but give the performance more purpose. Performance could also develop if you worked on facial expression to convey the emotion in the song. Giving your breathing more attention would help your performance.


Midlands & South West England Area Final – Saturday 23rd May Concourse suites 1 & 2, National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, B40 1NT.

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