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Singing Feedback Bristol Dance Competitions

Singing Feedback Bristol Dance Competitions

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Feedback is provided to acts who took part in the TeenStar Bristol dance competitions.

Bristol Dance Competitions: Industry judges have provided feedback to the Late-Teen category of the TeenStar Bristol dance competitions. The industry judges have provided singing and dance feedback on how acts can be successful in developing their performances.

Bristol Dance Competitions – Late-Teen Feedback

The judges providing feedback at the Bristol dance competition were:

  • Mariette Moseley – Vocal Coach
  • Jal Galbraith – Pauline Quirke Academy
  • Chris Grayston – Head of Future Productions and Music Consultant for Sony, Thames TV and Syco Entertainment

Bristol Dance Competitions: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Dance Competitions Bristol Feedback 

A-game – A beautiful performance, very emotion and moving. We liked the team work involved in your performance, you were all extremely focused. However, your transitions between the moves need to be a little smoother, but this will come with practise.

Kimberley Bethan – You have such a soulful voice but the performance needs to be brought alive! Look to develop your eye contact and expression to be more engaging for your audience. Look to give us more movement in the performance.

Nicole Finch – You have good presence and a lot of confidence which is great! Song choice wise it was a little dated, so look to pick a song choice that shows you off as a potential artist. Try and reach out with your eyes more to connect with your audience.You have excellent control of your voice and breathing, don’t be afraid to push yourself a little.

Charlotte Draper – You have a lovely tone but you started off very quiet so look to make a good first impression. Improving your vocal projection will help do this. You seemed slightly nervous on stage, look to minimise these as much as possible as these can hinder a performance. Try to work your vocal dynamics, this will be more engaging for your audience.

Lois Harris – You have all the potential but need to look at presenting it as best as you can! Also as an acoustic guitarist you need to write your own songs – the audience will be able to engage with your lyrics. You seemed at home on stage! You enjoyed yourself, which was great to witness.

Jess Sheppard – A very sensitive performance to an emotional song. With a song like this you need to really drive the dynamics and commit to the high notes. Performance wise could have looked to use the stage more and reached out more to your audience with your eyes.

Feedback – Bristol Dance Competitions

Saskia Robbins – Great idea to do a mash up but you must ensure they aren’t just put together, their needs to be a distinctive transition between the songs. Vocally you have a super tone but look to vary this to be more engaging,.

Kieran Marsh – Lots of potential here just try and add a bit more sensitivity in the song – let it breathe and let the emotion of the song sit with the performance. Varying the dynamics would really help the performance and for the chorus to stand out even more.

Lara Goodwin –The song suited your vocal nicely and you were comfortable with the song but you also didn’t really climb into the song and show us its real potential. It would have been good to have seen a bit more commitment and passion.

Laurie Yarde – Not sure this song suited your vocal as your vocals felt under strain throughout. You need to look to select songs that bring out the sweeter tone in your vocal. Watch your mic control, get that microphone as close to your mouth as possible for maximum volume and so you don’t lose projection. Your vocals are very pure and sincere.

Olivia Press – You have a lovely tone! Look to make a good first impression and look to develop your projection to show your vocal off at it’s very best. Look to perform as much as you can to build your confidence, as you seemed nervous on stage. Vocally watch you pitch, especially when you go through the gears to get power at the top notes. Your passion is admirable!

Dion Sheppard – You have a polished vocal to a massive theatre number. Commit even more to the expression in the song. The backing vocals in the song did detract from your vocal as they were too loud in the mix. Try not to let your nerves affect your vocals and breathing technique. Try to minimise your nerves as much as possible, this will better your performance.


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