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Singing Feedback Birmingham Talent Show

Singing Feedback Birmingham Talent Show

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Mid-teen feedback has been provided for singers at the Birmingham Talent Show

Birmingham Talent Show: The Regional Final for the Birmingham Talent Show at The NEC in Birmingham saw the area’s best late-teen singers showcasing their talent.

Birmingham Talent show –Mid-Teen Feedback

The Birmingham talent show judges included:

  • Claire Brett, from L’Amore Entertainment
  • Jon Moses, a theatre star from BBC’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat
  • Allan Dennis, presenter and producer from BBC Introducing
  • Dutch van Spall, from Big Help Management
  • Roger Greasby of Born in a Barn Studio
  • Darran Barker from DB Management

The Birmingham talent show was rounded off with a special guest performance Open Mic UK’s 2014 winner, Richi Jones.

Birmingham Talent Show: See industry feedback below. Please be aware views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of the TeenStar competition, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Sacha – Hard song to perform but you nailed it. Individual performance, quality control and powerful inflection. As for stage performance, keep doing what you do. It’s a difficult song to sing, so well done for being brave with your choice.

Eve Pitt – You remind me of Lucy Spraggan. Loved the original song and the story of it. Very unique! More expression would help an already great performance.

Iona – Sweet voice and tone. Try to engage with the song and it’ll show more in your performance, something that we didn’t see a lot of.

Birmingham Talent Show – TeenStar 2015

Rory Naylor – Good stage presence and confidence! Great image and vocal is very rich. You do need to work on your image a little though, there should be a synergy between your performance and your song choice. Watch your mic control as it can affect the quality of your performance. You’ve got such a pleasant personality on stage – plenty of charisma.

Florence Harvey – With a stripped back vocal, try and increase the story selling side of things. Nice voice but remember to make use of the stage more. A strong look which is nice to see. Try to connect more with the audience.

Harmonize – There was a strong chemistry between you two which was nice to see. The original song was good, had a nice topic! With some development this act could work really well together and go places. Some nice harmonies in there! Try breaking up the strumming pattern to add dynamics to your performance.

Abbey – Completed captivated in this performance, you’ve got the star quality! Lovely textured vocals. You’ve got a good stage presence; it looked like you were really into the song. Elegant styling of the performance and confident entrance. Excellent dynamics and expression. Great image, well done!

Georgina Bishop – Nice vocal tone and range, would have liked to see you work the stage a bit more. You’ve got a really powerful voice!

Katie Parkes – Lovely song choice, although be careful which songs to choose, Adele has an incredible voice so it can be difficult to make the song your own. Some tuning and pitching issues, nothing a good vocal coach can’t help you with. Lovely clear vocals but you looked bored up there, try to bring more facial expression to the performance.

Aiyana – Great image, loads of passion and great vocals. A star in the making. Strong styling but a few issues with phrasing and singing. Amazing voice and range!

Regional Final Feedback for Birmingham Talent Show

Florentia – Lovely recording vocals. Good image. Young Alicia Keys! Loved the dynamics in your performance. It’s a shame you had a music stand in the way, it distracted slightly from the performance. Looked very nervous but you warmed into the confidence.

Chloe Milward – Good image – beautiful dress! Love pure tones but your breathing is preventing you from accessing your full tonal range. You need to bring more confidence to your performance. Hard song but sung so beautifully.

Aimee Delaney – Beautiful image. Wrong song choice for your voice type and image. Lovely soft voice. Would have liked to have seen you use more of the stage.

Taylor-G – Nice guitar work and a good mashup. Need to work on your image.You’re a talented young man, but remember to keep engaging with the audience and bring in more performance.

Linda Jerate – Nice jacket! Not the best song choice, but you did it justice. It fell a little flat in some places, nothing a good vocal coach can’t help you with.

Ellie Whitehouse – The acappella start was a nice touch. Good passion in your singing! You need to develop your voice further to improve; working on your breathing and placement will help. This is nothing a good vocal coach can’t assist with you.

Maria Csoka – Great young look, good for the camera. Remain engaged with the audience as much as possible as closing your eyes closes off the connection. You made a good use of the stage! Good image, although not sure about the trainers.

Kerri O’Kane – Strong statement and lovely styling! You performed well and made good use of the stage. Unfortunately you were out of key slightly and therefore your performance was affected. The song choice wasn’t good, unfortunately with singers such as Sam Smith it’s difficult to compete.

Darshae – Great image. Nice accompaniment with those instruments! Good use of the stage! You could feel the emotion in the song! That was a nice performance. You’ve got plenty of potential here! Good look!

Birmingham Talent Show – Mid-Teen Regional Final Feedback

Brease Woolley – Nice and passionate performance – very listenable! You have a voice suitable for musical theatre. Very good vocals! Well done.

Holly May Wright – Plenty of energy – big voice! Good mash up! Great moves, good all round performer! Would love to see more! You’ve really improved since we last saw you. Your image suits your performance really nicely. Nice to see some getting the crowd going which can be very difficult to do!

Tasha Jerawan – Beautiful original song. Great image. Your song matched your vocals perfectly, amazing! Really talented young lady! That’s a really natural performance. Would love to hear more of your songs!

Lydia – Very sparkly and vibrant! Great original song. Try to use more of the stage. One to watch! Good energy in this performance!

Charlotte Hurley – Lovely performance! Very hard song to sing and you did a really nice job! Remember to support those bigger phrases! You look lovely, that dress is beautiful. Some parts of the song were a little nasally, this is something a vocal coach can help you with.

Stephanie Addison – Good styling but it was an odd choice of sing to sing in such a structured way. Beautiful girl with such a sweet voice!

Maria – Great song choice but slightly out of your range.You look fabulous! You look very comfortable on stage.

Alesi Summer – Wow! Great song and delivered with such passion. Nice audience interaction which can often be difficult to do! You’re a really good performer. What an improvement! You’ve matured so much in the last year, vocally so much stronger and brilliant stage presence!


Midlands & South West England Area Final – Saturday 23rd May Concourse suites 1 & 2, National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham, B40 1NT.

Alternatively, Open Mic UK 2015 are looking for singers and songwriters to showcase their talent at the music competition!