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Music industry feedback for the Late Teen TeenStar Grand Finalists!

Music competitions feedback: This weekend at The NEC the 2014 TeenStar Grand Final took place and saw the best teen and pre-teen singers, songwriters and solo artists across the country take to the stage in their bids to win the title of ‘TeenStar Champion 2014’.

The Grand Finalists performed in front of a music industry judging panel who have provided each of the acts with feedback on their performance to help them improve future performances.

If you’re interested in getting feedback from a music industry judging panel, Open Mic UK have just released their 2014 audition dates – click here to see their 2014 music competitions audition dates!

Music competitions music industry judging panel

Judging the Late-Teen acts at the music competition were:

  • Four time Ivor Novello award winner and one half of the successful garage duo Artful Dodger Mark Hill.
  • CeCe Sammy – a TV personality and celebrity vocal coach who has worked with the likes of Diana Ross, Will Young, Simon Cowell and Leona Lewis.
  • Sony Music talent scout James Dillamore.
  • A&R for Universal Music James Meadows.
  • Jayne Collins an A&R consultant for major record companies, who has put together and managed The Saturdays and The Wanted.
  • Director of River Studios and producer of Open Mic UK winner’s Birdy’s platinum album Gareth Henderson.
  • Journalist of TeenStar partner Shout Magazine Claire McDonald
  • Head of Future Music Chris Grayston.

Please be aware that the views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of TeenStar, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

Music competitions – Late Teen feedback

Abi Garrido – Lovely tone and projection of your vocal in what was a safe song choice. Good connection to the song emotionally. Not sure it told us too much about ‘Abi’ as a singer, whereas if you had picked a different song and put a spin on it perhaps we could have seen more about you as an artist. Click here for more advice on how to perform a creative cover. Great vocal agility but you lost the fragility at the heart of the song. Click here to find out more on how to sing with emotion.

Amber Wilson – Great vocal control. Glad you took the mic off the stand but try and be more intense with the engagement, ie having better eye contact would help. Click here for tips on how to perform visually. Sincere and believable. Would love to hear something original – click here for tips on how to start writing songs.

Annie Bloss – Elegant look and beautiful voice. Cool version of the song. Good emotional song but it looked a little painful. Try and inject some dynamics with your facial expressions. Click here for advice on how to sing with facial expressions. Try and engage on stage with the guitarist as there wasn’t a connection between you.

Areatha Anderson – Great song – feels like it’s an old classic. Now it just needs a hook in the chorus to really stick in everyone’s heads and be a massive hit song. Click here for information on how to write songs. Great voice – would be great to see something that showed your own style.

Bethany Jade – Great commitment and passion to the performance of the song. I wonder whether you are being too expansive with the mic control and losing volume off your vocal projection. click here for tips on having good microphone technique. To enhance your performance even further, try working on your image – find something more unique. Click here for advice on finding an image.

Charlotte Edmunds – Strong performance, but wasn’t mad on the song choice and you didn’t change or add anything to an old classic. Click here for advice on performing a more creative cover. You really need to start performing your own songs as you have the ability. Click here for some advice on how to start writing your own songs.

Chutz – Song choice wasn’t great as you struggled to hit the top notes comfortably. Click here to find information on the importance of song choice. The bold image worked well with your performance. The next step for you is to find your own style; you have a strong voice so make sure it resonates throughout the performance. Click here for tips on how to perform visually as well as vocally.

Callum Thomas – It’s always a difficult transition from keys to standing and working the crowd but you did a good job. This transition may become more difficult if you don’t have some killer songs to back it up. Click here for advice on songwriting. Your vocals would benefit from being warmed up before your performance, click here to advice on how to warm up your vocal. Work on getting the resonance out of your nose.

Harmony Twist – It was nice to see you do something different for the final, especially by stripping it down and making it your own. There were great harmonies throughout the song, perhaps now it’s time to start writing some original material. Click here for advice on songwriting. Your image was stunning as always.

Garry Caprani – You’ve written a good song but in order to stand out more you need to have a strong hook that makes your song memorable. Click here for advice on songwriting. The twist at the end was interesting. You need something image-wise that will allow you to be noticed and get you to the next level. Click here to see how image can help you as a musician.

Music competitions – Late Teen feedback

Indigo – The saxophone helped you make it your own interpretation of the song, which came across well during your performance. Perhaps could have played around a bit more with the dynamics to keep us hooked that little bit more to the end. Click here to find out more on how to sing with emotion. Your image didn’t quite fit with the song; this is something to work on for the future. Click here for advice on your image.

Jaina Brock – You have a powerful vocal, which was shown well with your energy on stage. Perhaps you could have been more committed with the image – big hair and lots of colours to give greater synergy with the music. It was just a bit safe; you have the confidence to pull something bolder off. Click here for tips on how to make your image work for you. The performance felt a little stagey, to improve it needs to be more sincere. Click here for advice on how to sing with emotion.

Kyle Rossi – Great control and technique. Very clean-cut lad, perhaps it’s time to either look at collaborating with a boy band or writing your own material. Click here for advice on performing a more creative cover and click here for advice on songwriting. If you are motivated enough you’ll be able to succeed. There might be a place for you in musical theatre.

Lauren Anderton – Gorgeous voice. Great performer – you made good use of the stage which really helped you engage with your audience. Watch your mic control – click here to learn how to have good mic control. Please start working on some original songs! Click here for advice to get you started on songwriting.

Lucy Stanton – Song choice wasn’t strong – you are always going to struggle to do it better than Adele! Click here for tips on song choice. Use the stage more and bring emotion to your performances – you lacked connection to the song. Click here for how best to bring more emotion to the performance. With more performance experience you can nail this. To be a more memorable act you need to take the song and make it your own – click here for advice on how to perform a creative cover.

Megan Kelleher –Powerful and capable voice. With an original dance song there was potential to make use of the stage and enhance the performance, but be careful not to look bored or scared – click here for advice on how to use emotion when singing. Consider creating a routine and getting backing dances to change the performance – click here to learn how to perform visually.  The image didn’t fit the song well – this is something to work on for future performances – click here to get tips on image.

Nathaniel Leacock – Nice tone and it was good to see you do your own song. Improving the dynamics would have kept interest throughout the song – let it chill then attack it when you need to – click here for tips on songwriting. You have strong potential, you just need to try and test your songs on different audiences at gigs and open mic nights. Click here for advice on getting gigs.

Pia Harmony – You’ve got a catchy song there with some great lyrics. To take it to the next level you need to add a few lyrics to make it something really special – you have a talent for songwriting you just need to refine the lyrics. Click here for some advice on writing lyrics. Make sure you’re fully prepared to perform, the guitar sounded out of tune.

Raw Kadence – Love the t-shirts, but make sure everyone is wearing one, click here for tips on image. You got a really good sound from the cajon. You’ve got an engaging song there – just watch the pitching with each other at times. You’ve got buckets of potential, there’s just a little tightening left to do now.

Shea Doolin – Took a while for the song to start, but it soon came to life. You were slightly let down by some poor mic control and shouty vocals – click here for tips on mic control and controlling the vocal. Be careful to avoid delivering shouty vocals – click here for advice on how to use emotion when singing.

Toni Boyle – You’ve got a good song with good lyrics but you need a strong hook to make it more memorable, click here for tips on songwriting. Your vocal styling sounds slightly too familiar, perhaps work on finding a unique style, click here for tips on image. Getting your delivery and timing spot on will make the song far more engaging.

Victoria Bass – You gave a really enjoyable performance. Vocally you were one of the best performances of the day with a voice smooth like melted chocolate. Your scats and runs are excellent. You act out the music with real conviction. If you’d come up with this concept first, you’d be on your way to success.

Victoria Chloe – You held the notes with strength and conviction and have fantastic vocal control. You’ve got a gorgeous voice, but it was a straight musical theatre cover. Find something unique and you’ll be on your way to success! Click here for tips on how to make your cover more creative.

We Are – Strong performance, but not so strong on the low notes where you lost your projection. You’ve got a great song! Try to avoid looking too scared on the stage as you are very talented and have no reason to be – click here for tips on how to build up confidence as a singer.