Swoosh is a professional dancer and dance coach who created the dance group FLAWLESS in 2004 and went public in 2005, bringing something fresh, new and original to the dance world.

Swoosh and Flawless found huge success in the first series of Britain’s Got Talent and have since worked with Kylie, Madonna, Jay Sean to name a few!

Professional Dancer Coach

As a result of Flawless’ immediate commercial success, Swoosh began to develop his knowledge of business and still to this day considers himself as a student encouraging many people to “chase the dream not the competition”. Currently celebrating 10 Years of success with the FLAWLESS team, he coaches a variety of dance styles including: Hip Hop/ Locking/ Popping/ House/ B Boying/ Commercial and Freestyle.

Swoosh has set up a Flawless Dance School in London, and is very passionate about dancers finding their place within the industry. The school understands how important it is for up and coming dancers to know their strength and weaknesses, so they are able to identify what needs to be worked and improved on. The Flawless Dance School not only teaches dance, but also mentors and monitors student progress by providing end of term reports. Check out the Flawless Dance School here: https://www.flawlessofficial.com/school/

CREDITS: Kylie Minouge, Madonna, Jay Sean, Streetdance 3D, Britain’s Got Talent. Follow Swoosh on Twitter: @SwooshFlawless

Swoosh – Professional Dancer and Coach

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