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Huddersfield Singing Contest - TeenStar

Huddersfield Singing Contest

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2014 TeenStar Huddersfield Area Final Late-Teen feedback

Huddersfield singing contest: The 2014 TeenStar Area Finals took place this weekend in Huddersfield at Huddersfield Town Hall and saw the best teen and pre-teen singers, songwriters and solo artists from Huddersfield and its surrounding areas take to the stage in an effort to gain a place in the 2014 TeenStar Grand Final!

The contestants performed in front of a music industry judging panel who have provided each of the acts with feedback on their performance to help them improve future performances.

If you’re interested in getting feedback from a music industry judging panel, Open Mic UK have just released their 2014 audition dates with the Huddersfield audition details shown below, so click here to enter Huddersfield singing contest Open Mic UK!

Huddersfield singing contest

Next Audition Venue:

Sheffield City Hall

Barker’s Pool, Sheffield,
South Yorkshire,
S1 2JA


Sunday 14th September 2014

Click here to enter the Open Mic UK Huddersfield singing competition!

TeenStar music industry judging panel

Judging the Huddersfield singing contest were:
•    Megan Snell – Future Music Tour Manager
•    Asher Halle – Green Pepper Junction Records
•    Jamie Lee Harrison – X Factor contestant
•    Jason Kelly – JK Management
•    Nick Earnshaw – Booking Agent – Sound Consultancy

Please be aware that the views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of TeenStar, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.

TeenStar music industry feedback – Late-teen

Elliesha White – Lovely sultry vocals. Really felt you connected with the lyrics. Beyonce’s always difficult to sing but you took the song and made it your own. You looked great too. Great use of stage and you looked like you were really enjoying it! Clearer diction would help you.

Sam Clark – Great image, you look like a star. Lovely chilled version of the track. The guitar playing was very good and really complimented your performance. Very good song choice for you. Body language needs to be worked on, hands out of pockets and eye contact with audience is needed.

Olivia Lawson – Unique tone and voice. Great look and image. Very confident and polished performer. Well done for writing your own songs, keep writing!

Lydia Dunn – Lovely vocal tone, really rich and soulful. The track seem to slow down a little as you went on so watch out for that. Great sustained long notes. The song was a bit safe, be brave!

George Burkill – Great original song! Really liked the Mumford feel it had to the guitar part. Watch your pitching in places though. More live experience would benefit your performances.

Sophie Leigh – Amazing vocals! You sang the song with such passion. I’d love to see you do a more current song now. Uses voice to full potential.

Lauren Lowes – Lovely original song. You had the audience in the palm of your hand! Great vocals. Work on your guitar playing. Has potential to be a very good recording artist.

Bethany – Amazing vocals. So powerful and you performed the vocal runs with ease. Love your outfit. Best performance of the whole day.

Kieron Winter – It was a very long intro, and when you’ve only got a few minutes on stage you need to make the most of it! Great song choice! The acoustic rendition was great and you gave a strong stage presence. Good audience involvement.

Oli Patto – Good song choice! Liked the image. Impressive range – you handled those high notes perfectly. You could benefit strongly from voice coaching and performance mentoring.

Cat Fraser – Great performance! The image as an act felt a little confused – the instrumentalists looked good together but you didn’t match. Well done for writing your own song, although it felt like it needed a catchier hook to make it more marketable.

Rebecca Ampleford – Excellent performance. Great image, you looked stunning! Good vocals. Brilliant stage presence. Work on your mic technique to improve your performance and make sure the audience hears those vocals!

TeenStar 2014 Huddersfield singing contest feedback – Late-teen

Kelly Ann Bolland – Great song choice, made you stand out from the crowd! Unique image. Performance was strong but you could’ve given it more ‘oomph!’ Make sure your guitar is tuned before you go on stage.

Amber Wilson – Great song choice. Good vocals. Good use of stage, and body language and facial expressions to convey the emotional content of the song. Well performed.

Phase 4 – Fantastic song choice, great harmonies that worked well as a group. Well thought out image, you looked great together. Would be cool to see some choreography from you now!

Abi Garrido – Amazing vocals – you made it look so effortless. Very rich tone. Good use of stage. Born star! Great song choice, suits your voice. One of the best solo acts on so far!

Jess Kenton – Good song choice. Lovely guitar playing – it really complimented your performance. Looked and sounded very good.

Shelbi – Very interesting vocal tone – very different from anything out there. You know who you are as an act. Your vocals are intriguing.

House Medicine – Brimming with confidence! Great performance, nice to see someone smile! Why not try a bigger song?

Victoria Chloe – Your vocals are amazing. You sound and look like a star. Goosebumps. Next time perhaps try something more current or even original.

Jess Boyes – Good guitar skills. Very light and soft voice. I’d be keen to hear some original material from you. Give your image some attention to enhance your performance even further.

Emily Cooper – Very confident lady with a strong voice. Lovely chilled version of titanium. You connected well with the song. Work on your voice as you missed a couple of notes.

Raw Kadence – Fantastic band. You guys look awesome together as a group. Flawless performance and a great way to end the show. Amazing as always, 10/10!