Frequently asked questions

Teenstar Online 2021

What is TeenStar Online?

This year we will be hosting TeenStar 2020 online!

The competition is open to singers across the world 19 and under. Auditions and shows will be streamed live from the Teenstar Facebook and Youtube channels.

What will I need?

To enter the competition you will need: internet access, a computer with a camera and microphone or a smart phone. View our guide on streaming from home.

How do the auditions work?

Those who are successful in submitting their video will have their audition streamed across our Facebook and YouTube channels, with a panel of music industry judges. Each artist will have up to 2 minutes to audition. We will allocate all successful artists that have entered a date and time for their audition video. (Please check our Facebook pages for updates)

Do the judges give feedback?

Yes, you can enter as priority act to receive live feedback from the judges on your performance. Our aim is to help young artists develop their performance and singing.

Can my friends and Family watch?

Yes, your friends and family to tune into the shows. These will be streamed via the TeenStar website. More details to be announced.

How many rounds are there?

Just like our live shows there will be 4 rounds in total for the competition.

Auditions – Regional Finals – Area Finals – Grand Final

What are the prizes?

There are lots of prizes to be won including a split £5000 in cash!

FAQs About the Auditions

How do I sign up to TeenStar?

To enter the TeenStar auditions you have to fill out a simple online application form. Click here to enter the TeenStar auditions. To enter, fill out your act details, contact details and state where you would like to audition.

Is there a fee to enter the auditions?

Yes, the entry fee is just £10. This covers administration and audition costs. This is the only fee you will be asked for during your entire time in the competition.

Why is there a charge for having an audition?

The fee covers costs such as administration, venue hire and staff costs to run the audition events. Running a singing competition as large as TeenStar costs a considerable amount of money and the competition wouldn’t run without this small charge.

How long should I allow for the auditions?

We advise you give yourself plenty of time to arrive. Once you have arrived at the auditions, you should ideally aim to register in with the TeenStar team 15-30 minutes before your allocated time. In most cases you will audition in your allocated time, but if it is extremely busy this may over-run. Results at the auditions are generally given within 30 minutes of auditioning. Please be patient – the whole process for most cases normally takes around 2 hours.

Who can enter?

Any one who is an UK resident and is under 19 years old on or before the 1st January.

Is there an age limit for the auditions?

The upper age limit for the auditions is 19 years old. To determine your age category for the auditions, please enter for the age category you fall into on or before the 1st January. Acts under 16 years old must inform their parents or guardian before entering the singing competition.If you’re a group, then take an average age of the group as of 1st January.

What kind of music can I perform to in the singing competition?

We are open to all genres! Solo singers, duos, vocal groups. Whether you’re into Pop, Classical, R’n’B, Rock, Acoustic,  anyone 19 or under may enter the TeenStar singing competition.

Singers only; Can I sing a cover?

Covers are perfectly acceptable at this stage, however original songs can be performed as well. We do encourage, if singing a cover, that you make it as original and creative as you can to set yourself apart from everyone else.

Is there a deadline for entries for the auditions?

Over 8,000 acts are expected to enter the auditions so we advise that you enter the competition as early as possible. Auditions will begin in January so we strongly advise that you enter as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Click here to enter the TeenStar auditions.

What’s the audition format?

After you complete and send us your registration form for the auditions, you will be sent an email confirming your audition details, so please ensure this is firmly in your diaries! All acts are auditioned live in front of an industry judging panel, therefore you will be required to perform live. Results are given out after you have auditioned on the day of your audition.

What is expected of you if you enter the TeenStar auditions?

The TeenStar singing competition provide a platform to help singers progress professionally and get noticed. You are expected to make the most of this by working hard to get press and publicity to support your participation in the competition, galvanise fans and friends to support you, practice hard and take on-board feedback from the judges where applicable. If you are a singer that just wants to turn up and see what happens then this competition isn’t for you. We are looking for serious singers with talent and a strong work ethic, both of which are essential for being successful in the entertainment industry.

How long should my audition piece be?

Prepare a song or performance of your choice up to 2 minutes in length and no longer. We recommend you keep your intro to a minimum and perform the best part of your song or performance at the start. It’s all about first impressions at the auditions, so ensure you pay attention to your image and always put the best part of your song or performance in the intro for maximum impact and get the chorus in early! The auditions are closed to the public and will be in front of a professional judging panel. If you are stopped during your voice audition this simply means the judges have seen enough of the performance to make a decision.

What do I need to bring to the audition?

Singers ideally we ask that you sing your audition piece accapella or with live backing instruments (up 2 two instruments maximum, you may play or have someone else accompany you). If you feel you need to bring a backing track please ensure you bring it in CD or mp3 players/phone format only or backing instruments as above.

Who judges the auditions?

For the auditions judges are most likely to be made up from local press, studios, music tutors, record labels. Judges throughout the singing contest will be made up from DJs who work for BBC Radio, Kiss FM and Choice FM, regional press and record labels, major casting companies, with judges getting more prestigious as the competition progresses. View our music industry judges here.

Which singing competition venues are you using?

We use the best venues in the UK such as the Birmingham NEC, Sheffield City Hall. Click here for the opportunity to perform at the singing contest. In addition to this we also offer the opportunity to perform at one of the best music venues in the world for the Grand Final, with previous Grand Finals being held within The O2 in London and Birmingham’s NEC.

What happens if I am successful at the auditions?

If you are successful at the auditions you will go on to perform at the live Regional Final Showcases. The Regional Final Showcases will be held at the best venue in your region and you will be performing in front of a live audience and an industry judging panel.

How many acts get through at the auditions?

This amount varies as each audition has differing number of acts attending. Judges will select the best acts to go through to the Regional Final Showcases on the day. The general rule is – if you’re talented enough to make it, you’ll go through. We NEVER turn away talent.

I have applied to enter the auditions but haven’t heard back?

Please check your junk folder and spam emails before contacting us. Audition for TeenStar by clicking here.

Illness or unforeseen circumstances:

In the event you are ill or unable to make your audition you can audition at one of the remaining auditions taking place. Please advise us by email at your earliest. Then, if you are successful and make it to the next round we will try to place you in your nearest live show.

After the auditions – The live shows

Why do I need to leave a deposit for Regional Final shows?

TeenStar want to ensure that the acts who take part in the competition are as dedicated to their music as we are. The £30 deposit ensures that acts turn up to play for their live show and try their best. Experience has shown that if we do not charge a deposit some singers and acts will drop out on the day of their showcase, leaving us with an empty slot, which could have been given to another act. The deposit also pays for the judges feedback which is provided at each stage throughout the competition.

Do I have to sell tickets?

All acts that make it successfully past the music auditions will be given tickets to sell for their Regional Final Showcase. TeenStar has been designed to help acts progress and provide a platform to gain as much exposure as possible. This means that you are expected to demonstrate a fan base. Acts are asked to try their best to sell tickets to family, friends and fans.

How much are tickets to the live shows?

Tickets to Regional Finals are £10 and Area Finals are £10. The showcase will last approximately 90 minutes and will also include a special guest performance, plus all the best singers in your area. Alongside this will be a line-up of music industry competition judges, which at previous Future Production events have included DJs who work for BBC Radio, Kiss FM and Choice FM, regional press and record labels, with judges getting more prestigious as the competition progresses. Want to play in front of these judges? Get your performance seen or heard by the right people, and what better way than to perform in front of them LIVE? Audition for the competition TeenStar by clicking here

Is there an age restriction on fans coming to watch my show?

There are no audience age restrictions. Under 18s may need to be accompanied by an adult. Children under 3 are free of charge and may share a seat with an adult, although proof of age will be required. We would like to advise that the shows are not a suitable environment for any persons under 3. All venues have seating on a first-come, first-served basis and have disabled access. For further information on venue information and access please go to the venues page.

How does the voting system work?

In order to progress in a live show you must be in the top judges’ scores. Only the winner and best runners-up in each show will progress to the next round. Those acts not in the highest section of the judges’ scores will be eliminated before the counting of the audience vote begins for the remaining acts. The acts who make it into the judges’ top scores will have their scores ranked and added to the audience voting, (the audience get to use their tickets to cast two votes for who they think should progress) which will also be ranked. The acts with the combined highest ranking from audience and judges’ votes will progress towards the Grand Final.

Is there text voting?

There is no text voting at the Regional and Area Final Showcases. The only time text voting comes into play is for the Wildcard (which is completely optional), and for the Grand Final where it is simply not practical to receive and count votes in any other way.

What is a ‘wildcard’?

If you are unsuccessful at the Regional Finals, there is still an opportunity for one or two acts in each region to progress in the competition, as you will be thrown a wildcard in the form of a public vote. Each act is handed an individual wildcard number so fans can vote for the act of their choice via a text vote or sharing on Facebook. The person with the highest combined total of votes after the voting period has ended will progress through to the next round of the competition.

How many rounds are there?

If you are successful at the auditions you will play at the Regional Final Showcases. If successful you will make the Area Final Showcases and compete for a place at the Grand Final.

What prizes are in store?

TeenStar is a singing contest like no other – we provide thousands of pounds worth of prizes along the entire course of the competition. At the Regional Finals we award acts with studio recording time with some of the country’s top producers, as well as development courses at some of the UK’s finest facilities and free filming and photos of your performance.

Overall Winner

The overall winner is selected by TeenStar. The overall winner is selected from any act that achieves a position in the judges’ top three scores on the day of the Grand Final from any age category. The management team will look at the overall performances throughout the competition and consider who has the most potential as an act before deciding the overall winner.The overall winner is announced on the Tuesday after the Grand Final and will receive a comprehensive winner’s package!

You can win the opportunity to perform at the best venues in the country, in front of industry judges, win some fantastic prizes and of course perform at the competition’s Grand Final, which in the past has been held within The O2 in London and at The NEC in Birmingham! There are so many reasons to enter the singing competition! For more information visit the talent contest prizes page of the website.