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2014 TeenStar Birmingham Area Final Late-Teen feedback

Birmingham singing contest: The 2014 TeenStar Area Finals took place this weekend in Birmingham at The NEC and saw the best teen and pre-teen singers, songwriters and solo artists from Birmingham and its surrounding areas take to the stage in an effort to gain a place in the 2014 TeenStar Grand Final!

The contestants performed in front of a music industry judging panel who have provided each of the acts with feedback on their performance to help them improve future performances.

If you’re interested in getting feedback from a music industry judging panel, Open Mic UK have just released their 2014 audition dates with the Birmingham audition details shown below, so click here to enter Birmingham singing contest Open Mic UK!

Birmingham singing contest


The NEC, Birmingham

Pendigo Way, Marston Green,
B40 1NT


Saturday 23rd August 2014

Click here to enter the Open Mic UK Birmingham singing competition!


Judging the Birmingham singing contest were:

•    Chris Grayston – Future Music
•    Dutch Van Spall – Big Help Management & Brit Award Judge
•    Roger Greasby – Born in a Barn studios
•    Paul Masters – Big City Radio
•    Tanya Anderson – from Fierce Productions, choreographer for the JLS farewell tour & The Music Video Awards

Please be aware that the views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of TeenStar, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.


Megan Lara Mae – A very enchanting song, would love to hear this song with a full production. You have a strong connection with the audience and gave a great performance. As you had to explain what the song was about wonder if people will get what the song is about if not introduced like the radio?

Bethany Alex Higgins – Lovely voice and control. Try not to mask your face with the mic as it affects your performance. You have a nice style. Good connection to the song emotionally, but you did put your own stamp on it.

Vassia – You have a lovely voice, try to bring more passion to your performance, make people believe in the lyrics. Work on your performance, you have a whole stage to make use of.

Evie – Love the 1950’s Paloma Faith vibe image and song. You have a rich voice, by relaxing more your performance would feel less performed. Vocal coaching could help you to improve your performance. Great improvement in 12 months!

Jess Havens – Nice original song, delivered with passion. Intros are risky; always keep them short and purposeful. Song has a catchy hook but needs to flow better out of the chorus but has real potential. Your performance was enticing, left the audience wanting more.

Martin Yates – A real committed performance and worked the stage nicely for that engagement of the audience. You nailed this song. You have a deep bold vocal; just watch your pitch in places. Try to make the song your own, put your stamp on it.

Clare Burton – Good connection to the song, you need to not jump into the notes make it more of a smoother attack, this maybe down to your breathing either way a good vocal coach will be able to assist you in developing along with tuning  to be improve. A different song choice may have benefited your performance.

Zak Christie – Smooth rich voice and a great version of Hendrix. An acoustic act is always going to be judged on his song writing and ability to stamp his own style on the song not sure you demonstrated this. Give your performance more energy and engage with the audience.

Lucy Stanton – You have a lovely voice but sounded like it had a little classical straight twang when it needed some grit and dirt to convey the emotion in the song. You need to work on your mic control. Working on your performance could benefit you.

Niamh Coyle Provan – Song has a nice melody, perhaps adding some though provoking lyrics could help the audience to relate to it. Be confident, you have a lovely voice make sure the audience know that. Work on your vocals and more live experience would help you.

Shannon Wedley – You have really strong vocals and gave n excellent stage performance. A brave song to choose, make sure you put your stamp on it or maybe choose a strong that highlights your strengths.

Ryan Watson – Such strong vocals and a good performance. Although slightly pitchy in places, nothing a good vocal coach couldn’t help with. The mash up was a brave move, but not sure it worked for you. You’d be brilliant for musical theatre.


Emily Carr – Great image and a beautiful voice. Bring more emotion to your performance it will help you improve. Slowing the song down made your performance stands out, maybe fill the breaks in the song with your own lyrics or adlibs to make it yours.

Liz Stewart – You have a strong pop look and a nice contemporary styling. Edgey voice and strong vocals, try not to let nerves affect your performance. Keep going and build your confidence. I liked that you put your own stamp on the cover. Good connection to the song, just take care not to force the vocal and lose your pitch.

Lauren Anderton – You look great, such a classy styling. You have a lovely vocal tone along and gave a captivating performance. Giving the song your own adaption would enhance your performance further. Use your eyes when performing to let the emotion show through.

Emily Ball – Loved it, clever lyrics, well delivered and enchanting. Take care with your mic control but for today added to a lovely live feel that you would have heard a pin drop in the audience. Work on your guitar skills, some of the chords could have been fuller.

Ab Wilde – You have a great image. Good strong voice and a lovely smiley manner, although slightly pitchy in places. Great use of the stage, your presence was strong.

Charlotte Edmunds – Charlotte has a beautiful voice and gave such a nice performance. Gentle styling was lovely. You really performed the song with a well thought through dynamic; just take care not to over push the vocal. Your guitar work was good but could benefit from some work.

Jaina Brock – Great vocals and a nice upbeat song. A good committed performance but take it to the next level, move around the stage more. Your styling could be edgier to match your performance. You have good projection but watch your breathing.

Indigo – Silky vocals and a captivating delivery. Tone, pitch, control and conviction were all great. You engage well with the audience. Classy act, the guy on the Cajon suited the performance well.