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2014 TeenStar Birmingham Area Final Pre-Teen feedback

Birmingham music contest: The 2014 TeenStar Area Finals took place this weekend in Birmingham at The NEC in Birmingham and saw the best teen and pre-teen singers, songwriters and solo artists from Birmingham and its surrounding areas take to the stage in an effort to gain a place in the 2014 TeenStar Grand Final!

The contestants performed in front of a music industry judging panel who have provided each of the acts with feedback on their performance to help them improve future performances.

If you’re interested in getting feedback from a music industry judging panel, Open Mic UK have just released their 2014 audition dates with the Birmingham audition details shown below, so click here to enter Birmingham music contest Open Mic UK!

Birmingham music contest


The NEC, Birmingham

Pendigo Way, Marston Green,
B40 1NT


Saturday 23rd August 2014

Click here to enter the Open Mic UK Birmingham singing competition!


Judging the Birmingham music contest were:

•    Chris Grayston – Future Music
•    Dutch Van Spall – Big Help Management & Brit Award Judge
•    Roger Greasby – Born in a Barn studios
•    Paul Masters – Big City Radio
•    Tanya Anderson – from Fierce Productions, choreographer for the JLS farewell tour & The Music Video Awards

Please be aware that the views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of TeenStar, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.


Bonita Belles – Nice start to the show! A very well-rehearsed routine, good choreography and nice use of the stage. The singing was tight with great harmonies. Nice addition of the rap too, just take care with your mic control as your projection dropped out at times when you took the mic too far from your mouth. Liked the image and coordination, well done!

Coco – Coco has a very mature voice, the vocals are strong but a good vocal coach could develop them to have even greater projection and range.  Good movement on stage and nice eye contact you showed off your personality well on stage.

Steed Bennett – Great personality! A very different performance and it was performed with great conviction and focus throughout. Continue to develop what you believe in and make it work. Work with a good vocal coach to help with your pitch and to teach you to sing from your diaphragm and not from your throat to be even better.

Mazie – Wow! You put a lot of pressure on yourself to perform acapella and it was very risky, but you pulled it off. Vocally you have a rich tone but just watch your timing in places. More performances will help develop your stage craft.

Naomi Homerston – A sensitive performance. Lovely tone and great vocal control. Good interaction with the crowd, you looked natural and sang with conviction. To get to the next level work with a good singing coach who can help with projection and mic control to make you even better.

2 Guvnors – Lovely to see you enjoying the performance and smiling, it makes it engaging. You guys have a very cheeky personality which shone through. Guitar work needs to be a bit tidier especially at the start. Your harmonies were good but again then need to be tighter to get to the next level. Liked the audience participation at the end, well worked finish!

Abz – You used the stage well from the start and the performance moves were well rehearsed. Nice image and you portrayed the emotion of the song well. There were a few nerves in the vocal, but it did improve as the performance went on. More performances will help develop your confidence.

Ellie Grace – Lovely vocal, you have a stunning voice! Push your performance that little bit more to really take it to the next level.  Perhaps work on the dynamics of a song more to make it more interesting. Better mic control will assist with your projection too.

Saloni Boyina – Amazing vocals but watch your diction, it was often hard to hear what you were singing clearly. Potential is there but have a bit more confidence on stage and work on the performance. Working on your mic control will help with your projection too.

Lillianne Ward – Lillianne has great potential. Great tone and there is a lovely richness to the vocals. Just try not to force it the vocals too hard as it starts to affect your pitch. You expressed the emotion of the song well but going forward look to perform more and use the stage; take the mic off the stand and add some movement on stage.

Iona – A very pure performance. You have lovely control of vocals and it was a very smiley and engaging performance. Going forward you need to work that stage and perform much more especially in the instrumental section. Performing as much as you can will help develop your confidence on stage.

Esmeralda – Performance for the large part was very natural and you sang the song well, but you just need to work on the dynamics. The performance routine tended to loop and you need to bring more dynamic to keep the interest going till the end. Try and let go and have fun rather than use all the hand gestures and actions to the words.

Erin Whitaker – Erin has a sweet voice and she used the stage well with a good connection to the song. Try and work on your breathing technique to improve further. More performances will help develop your confidence and will help make the performance a little more natural.


Ellie Grace Foxon – Strong vocally with a nice tone, control and good diction. A good performance, with good use of the stage, but it needed a bit more attitude. It would have nice to have seen you take a chance and pushed the song to make it your own.

Emily Williams – Emily has a very natural ability and stage presence. Good eye contact with your audience made you connect the performance to the listener. A comfortable performer on stage and you highlighted your personality well, well done.

Freya – Sweet voice, however it’s such a fun song choice you need to bring the fun of the song out in the performance. You left the performance behind by concentrating too much on getting the singing spot on. Try and relax and let go and have some fun.

Lauren – Nice voice and the potential is there but you need to work that stage more and play around with the song to give greater dynamic depth, especially between verses and chorus where there wasn’t much distinction at times. Working with a good vocal coach will help you develop and strengthen your pitch.

Canary Girls – Nice job girls. Make sure you stay together with your performance moves though. Try and work on your harmonies, as singing the same lines isn’t as effective as harmonising which would really bring much more vocal depth to the performance. Work on this and your mic control and the girls will definitely be going places.

Kayleigh Gibbs – Good vocals, it was a little pitchy in places but overall a good performance. Take care with your timing as you’re not always coming in on time, try and spend less focus on getting the audience interacting rather than focussing on coming in on time.

Bethany Carmel Bacasnot – Perfect voice for musical theatre! You have a beautiful voice and great control. One of the best singers in the show you just need to work on the performance now and try and connect with your audience more.

Henry Gallagher – Great personality on stage and the guitar skills are strong. The mash up worked well, you look great and sound fab. You stood out amongst your peers today, well done!

Molly Farmer – Good projection of vocals and you worked the performance well. Take care not to make the performance too mechanical though. You have a really strong vocal but not sure whether the song choice fully really suited the nicer tones to your vocal range.

Matilda May – Unfortunately you started in the wrong key and this effected the enjoyment of the performance. You worked the stage well though and overall it was a good performance. More stage performances will help you develop and working with a good vocal coach will assist you with strengthening your tuning.

Precious – A big song choice to choose but fortune favours the brave. The backing dancers were great there wasn’t too much focus away from the singer but enough to be engaging and a good entertaining visual backdrop to round off a very entertaining performance. Loved the soulful and powerful voice, well done!

Naomi Jean – You are clearly a very comfortable singer, effortless at times but can come across you aren’t committing fully to the performance. Try and bring a bit more attitude to the performance. Good use of the stage.

Mini Mix – A really committed performance with great energy that was really engaging and fun! Good coordination of the image and performance was great and it was a well-choreographed routine. A great performance, well done girls!