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2014 TeenStar Birmingham Area Final Mid-Teen feedback

Birmingham music competition: The 2014 TeenStar Area Finals took place this weekend in Birmingham at The NEC and saw the best teen and pre-teen singers, songwriters and solo artists from Birmingham and its surrounding areas take to the stage in an effort to gain a place in the 2014 TeenStar Grand Final!

The contestants performed in front of a music industry judging panel who have provided each of the acts with feedback on their performance to help them improve future performances.

If you’re interested in getting feedback from a music industry judging panel, Open Mic UK have just released their 2014 audition dates with the Birmingham audition details shown below, so click here to enter Birmingham music competition Open Mic UK!

Birmingham music competition


The NEC, Birmingham

Pendigo Way, Marston Green,
B40 1NT


Saturday 23rd August 2014

Click here to enter the Open Mic UK Birmingham singing competition!


Judging the Birmingham music competition were:

•    Chris Grayston – Future Music
•    Dutch Van Spall – Big Help Management & Brit Award Judge
•    Roger Greasby – Born in a Barn studios
•    Paul Masters – Big City Radio
•    Tanya Anderson – from Fierce Productions, choreographer for the JLS farewell tour & The Music Video Awards

Please be aware that the views expressed by judges are opinions and subjective to that particular judging panel. These views in no way reflect the views of TeenStar, and are published with a view to being beneficial to the performing acts.


Evie – You look fabulous and there was great emotional connection to the song. You have a really lovely voice just watch your breathing. Try to look up and engage with the audience more, but otherwise it was a lovely performance. You used the dynamics of the track beautifully, well done.

Sahana Ramlugan – Love your voice, it’s so pure, but you need to work on the performance more. Use that stage and perform as much as you can. You connected well to the song and sung it very well you just need to add more of a performance on stage.

Sistars – With a bit more dynamics the song has a lot of potential, try and develop the song so it’s not just a loop of a similar chorus and verse as that is too repetitive. Excellent harmonies and timing but just watch your mic control. Performance wise try and make it a little less mechanical and more natural on stage; more performances will help you develop this.

Clare – A nice smiley performance, with a good voice but you need to work with a good vocal coach to develop your tuning and projection to be even better. You seemed a little nervous on stage, more performances  will help develop your confidence.

Lucy Jones – Beautiful song choice and well performed. You have a really mature vocal with great power and control. Would have like to have seen a little more expression of the emotion in the performance, but overall a great performance, well done.

Georgia Farthing – Lovely vocal control, you sang the song well but you need to transfer the emotion of the song and convey it to the audience more, it seemed like you were holding back when you really need to commit to it. Try and work on your performance and energy.

Jess – Super tone and lovely richness to your vocal. Loved that you came to the front of the stage to give even more connection to the audience. You look so comfortable on stage; you are clearly a natural performer. Nice power, just remember to focus on all notes with equal care.

Cousin Combination – Liked that you started slow and ramped up the tempo through the performance, it was a very clever arrangement.  The talent is there you just need to work on polishing the routine and your mic control. Liked the rap and the image worked brilliantly, there was so much energy! Working with a good vocal coach will help strengthen your voices even more.

Eve Pitt – Good sentiment to the song and it was catchy but you probably need to develop the lyrics more as they aren’t working as well as they can and you are sticking to hard to the chords rather than letting the words pull the song to where it wants to go. Keep working at it and writing loads as the potential is there to see!


Holly – A big song but you performed it well, however you didn’t make it different enough to give us anything of yourself as an artist. You did a good job and had great commitment, but be careful not to push the vocal too hard as you lose pitch. Try and use the stage more and bring more fire and passion to your performance.

Rea – Nice bluesy version of Michael Jackson, you really made the song your own by doing a sultry take on a classic track. Good dynamic delivery of the phrasing and sharp diction made it a compelling performance. You have a lovely voice but try and work the stage more.

Savanna Caprice Lee – Lovely, rich voice and the power is there in the vocal but don’t hold back, really go for it and let it go! Sustaining mic control will really help with your power too. You have great stage presence but just watch your facial expressions at times they come across a little harsh and not on point with the emotion of the song.

Danica – Danica has so much star quality! It was a fantastic performance, you looked and sounded great. Bags of control but look to improve your mic control help your projection be even better.  Good eye contact with the audience and I liked that you took the mic of the stand to work the stage more. Great stage presence, well done!

Jennifer White – Diction and projection were excellent. You have a lovely voice and with coaching it could be even better. Take care not to push the vocal too hard especially at the higher end. You worked the stage well and connected well to the emotion in the song. A good committed performance.

Luke Gittins – Nice original song which is well written. Keep working on developing it and driving home the hook as you leave it behind after the start. Loved the vibe and you are clearly a competent guitar player, just make sure its fully in tune before you perform.

Lateisha – You have such a lovely, sultry rasp to your vocal, you’re clearly a very talented girl. Love the way you perform with your eyes. To be picky you could have worked the dynamic of the song to end on a massive projected ending, it felt like you played it a little safe, but nonetheless an amazing performance, well done!

Chessie – Loved the song choice, you have a great delivery. Love the really original and unique voice; it was a cool, laid back performance. Juts try and work that stage more and commit a little more to the performance. Strong artistic styling and a very charismatic performance.

Alesi Summer – The stool prop worked well and your vocals were exceptional. Good use of the stage but just make sure you take care not to make the performance too mechanical.

Olivia – Great to see a classical singer doing so well and that you appeared to do a fresh mash up. You are a very talented girl with lovely vocal control and excellent vibrato. It was a beautiful performance with a flawless delivery.

Celandine – Good harmonies and a good mash up.  It would have worked even better if you had worked on the dynamics of the song and performance more; it stayed too much on the same level. Try and put more energy into your performance.

Chloe & Jess – Stunning harmonies! Your voices blend so well together, they made this performance really engaging. Good connection between both performers and good eye contact throughout. You worked the audience like an act beyond their years! Well done girls!

Holly May Wright – A well-chosen song for your vocal! You have such a beautiful and powerful voice that you control so well, the notes were exceptional! An incredibly committed performance with excellent delivery, well done!

Rosel – Lovely clean playing and clear diction vocally. Great to see you playing the keys, but you need to try and connect more emotionally to the song and convey this to the audience to connect with them more. A good overall performance.