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YouTube Tips for Singers

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YouTube tips for singers to help build a platform for your music

YouTube Tips for Singers: YouTube is one of the most interactive ways of promoting yourself through social media; therefore YouTube tips for singers are essential. Find our YouTube tips for singers below for ways that will help you to bring more traffic to your channel and to gain a wider fan base.

The first of our YouTube tips is to make sure your channel type is set to ‘musician’. It’s a vital setting for your channel as it allows you to add upcoming dates and performance information. Being able to promote your events through your YouTube channel is free so go for it; it only takes one random person to show up to your gig to widen your audience.

YouTube Tips for Singers

YouTube is open to anyone with or without an account so the next YouTube tips for singers are to add links to your website and other social media websites. If people have spent time looking for our video and watching your video, what’s to stop them stalking you a little bit more? Adding those links to your channel allows viewers to find out more about you.

YouTube Tips for Singers – Custom YouTube Channel Background Photo

It’s another way of marketing yourself through your channel. So if you’ve had a photo shoot and you want to show those photos off, here’s your chance. The background photo can be seen throughout a visit to the channel so the photo has to be high quality and relevant to you as a musician. As always keep themes and display pictures the same across all of your social media or as closely as possible on your social media to keep uniformity.

This comes down to image but you don’t want a potential fan to question whether that is you they saw the night before so making sure image is the same across the board. This is one of our favourite YouTube tips for singers as it can show how professional you are.

YouTube Tips for Singers – Engaging with your Audience

Our number one YouTube tips for singers are to engage with your audience. Try to respond to every comment written on your channel or your video links. Everyone likes people with manners, so putting a simple ‘thank you’ in response to their comment can be a way of improving reputation on your channel. Plus who knows, replying to all the comments, might make a few more people add a comment to see if they get a reply too!

YouTube Tips

YouTube Tips for Singers – Add tags

Being able to find your videos on YouTube is the whole idea of making a channel as a musician; therefore making adding tags to your videos my next YouTube tips for singers. Adding tags link directly to the search function, so not using them would be a complete waste of your time. If you’re writing uploading a rock cover of ‘That’s What Makes Your Beautiful’, tag everything that can relate to that, the more tags, the easier you are to find! For example you could add ‘rock’, ‘cover’, and ‘one direction’ and so on.

These tags are priceless for a musician on YouTube so make sure you make the most of them. Our hot YouTube tips for singers for adding tags are to add as many relevant tags you can!

YouTube Tips for Singers – Adding Annotations to your Videos

These are the little boxes of text that come up when watching a YouTube clip. Although they seem to be irritating, for your channel that can be beneficial, especially as you can hyperlink them to redirect them to subscribe to your channel or even visit your website. Annotations can be put on your video for set periods of time, so they shouldn’t put people off viewing your videos.

The last of our YouTube tips for singers are to upload your videos to other YouTube channels. I know this sounds strange, but when you think about it logically you can potentially upload your new videos onto a pre-established channel that already has a built up fan base. So as long as the channel accepts your video, there is already a fan base waiting to see your video.