Video Platforms for Singers

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Video hosting sites for singers are essential as they spread the word and attract an audience. Video hosting sites for singers are a great way of getting your visual content into the public eye and attracting new fans. However, one thing you may not consider is how to use video hosting sites for singers to make money.

Video hosting sites for singers


It’s one of the most popular videos hosting sites; however, there may not be as much money in it as it first seems. There are around 60 hours of video posted to YouTube every minute. Therefore, trying to make a name for yourself and getting recognised can be challenging. It seems tricky to make money on YouTube but the reality is that it’s not difficult; it just requires a big following on your challenge.

Essentially, you allow others to have their adverts surrounding your videos, in return for money from those companies. The only problem with YouTube, as a video hosting site, is that very little money can be made through your videos until you’ve made a name for yourself and had lots of views. As such time as you do may be worth considering being a YouTube partner.

Don’t upload anything to video hosting sites for singers without it being 100% completed in case someone sees it and thinks it’s the best you are capable of. Final copies only, no rough drafts!


An online community dedicated mainly to filmmaking that is often regarded as better quality and quicker. The difference between Vimeo and other video hosting sites is that they only host videos that are original and include the creative work of their users. One other benefit of Vimeo is that there is no advertisement used but this is offset by the fact you can’t make you money from their platform.

They do however have a function on their website that allows viewers to add to the ‘tip jar’. This is a feature you’ll love as it allows viewers to essentially give you money because they like your video.