UK Independent Record Labels

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Are you ready to get signed to UK independent record labels?

Independent recording labels are record labels that are funded independently and aren’t connected to one of the big majors (Sony, Warner and Universal). Although they’re smaller companies they still have the ability to help musicians become big names in the industry. Often UK independent record labels are subsidiaries of the major record labels but independently run.

Independent record labels UK

Before you consider approaching UK independent record labels, you have to be realistic in whether or not you’re ready. Remember that the music industry is a tough industry. You’re not going to be considered by labels if you haven’t built up a big enough fan base, figured out your image or gained enough performing experience.

In most cases, you are going to need as a minimum three potential hit singles you have written or collaborated on and a fan base.

Building a fan base as a singer

You will need a fan base, without them you’ll struggle to go far and it will be very unlikely that any UK independent record labels will consider signing you. After all, they will be the people to support your gigs and releases. The key to building a fan base as a singer is gigs, events and social media.

If you have the fan base, then make sure you have everything else lined up and got everything sorted before you start approaching UK independent record labels. You wouldn’t go to a job interview with half a CV so why approach a label when you haven’t got everything a label would expect you to provide. Most labels will expect the basics such as the following if asked:

  • A press pack
  • A background to the act
  • Demo CDs
  • Merchandise
  • Social Media fan base
  • Website
  • An income stream

Independent record labels UK

If you’ve got of all these things sorted and they’re successful then the next move would be to send your demos to UK independent record labels. There are loads of UK independent record labels that are specific to certain genres or work with certain acts such as tributes or lookalikes. This will help you to narrow down which label you’re most suited to.

Some great examples of independent record labels include:

  • XL Recordings
  • Rough Trade
  • Fool’s Good

Adele is a brilliant example of this, signing with XL Recordings in 2006 and is now one of the biggest selling artists.

Remember that being signed to a record label may not be the quick path to fame, but it’s a great step in the right direction and could end up being the best career decision you make.