Using A Tumblr Account As A Singer

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Ways to maximise fan interaction on your Tumblr account

Now that your Tumblr account is up and running and your fan base has been targeted, maximizing your interaction with your fans is essential.

Using a Tumblr Account

Here are a few ways to achieve this:

  • Allow users to ask you open questions. Try and check your Tumblr account every day to respond to these. A handy way to make having access to Tumblr more convenient is to get the app on your smart phone. This will notify you whenever you are contacted so you can always be on hand to answer your fans questions.
  • Each time you post on your Tumblr account, tag relevant key words in it. Your name, your genre and your location are good examples of key words.
  • Favourite and reblog other singers posts. As you are following singers of similar artistic style, making connections with them will be handy for future gig opportunities or recommendations.
  • Be open and revealing. Your fans will want to know about you as well as your music. Use your Tumblr account to try mixing serious music related posts with a few light hearted ones about something that has happened to you personally. It makes fans relate to you on a personal level and makes them loyal to your music.
  • A Tumblr account isn’t like Twitter. Twitter is for quick-look, instant updates. Tumblr is more in depth posts that fans can read thoroughly. You can schedule directly on Tumblr by post-dating your updates.
  • Post on hot topics or something that people are passionate about. Make sure that your post is objective and open to comments and not discriminative or insulting.
  • Tumblr is more personal than other social media platforms, but it is still open to the public and could be viewed by a record label considering signing you in the future. Whatever it is you want to say just remember that and make sure it’s objective, backed up with facts and relevant to your fans and followers.

Tumblr Account – More Tips

  • If posting updates will be problematic, try using a scheduled social media service like
  • To mix up your posts, phone in an audio post. This adds a personal touch if you’re on the move. The ability of the human voice to add emotion, such as humour, seriousness, sarcasm etc, to your posts is something text cannot convey as well.
  • You can also send text, a photo or video to a designated email address to automatically post in your Tumblr account. Go to the settings page of your blog and look for the ‘post by email’ section and add the email you should use.
  • Something becoming more popular is ‘Bookmarklet’. Google ‘Tumblr bookmarklet’ and drag it to your bookmark bar. Whenever you are browsing and want to blog what you’re reading, click the bookmarklet and it instantly blogs it on your Tumblr account.