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Tips on how to be successful in the music industry

There is no definite way to make it in the music industry, but there are a few ways to increase your chances of making it happen. Following some of the tips below may help you get a few steps closer to making it in the music industry. Just remember you don’t have to be a known artist worldwide to have made it!

Music industry advice

Having talent

Yes, it’s obvious that you need to have the talent to do well in the music industry, but being talented may not be enough. Being able to sing is, of course, is the main part of making it as a singer in the music industry, but there is always room for improvement. Many singers make the mistake of thinking they don’t need singing lessons because they can sing. Singing lessons can help a singer to develop their voice and teach them tricks on how to use it effectively. Even established singers will continue to have lessons to maintain their vocals and ensure bad techniques don’t creep in.

Motivation and ambition

You aren’t going to get very far in the music industry if you don’t have any motivation or ambition. Assuming you’re going to make it isn’t going to be enough to be successful in the music industry. It’d be foolish to believe everyone is going to want to sign you, but for everyone that rejects you, there are hundreds of others who might want to give you opportunities.

Tips for the music industry

Tips on how to be successful in the music industry

Music synergy and image

As an act you have to have the whole package, right down to your style choices and social media artwork, it needs to be uniform and consistent. Your image and music is core to you being successful as an actor and they must, therefore, reflect your personality. Your image should compliment your music and hopefully make you stand out too.

Marketing knowledge

Understanding how to market your act is one of the most important aspects of making it in the music industry. You want people to know who you are, and marketing is the best way of achieving this. A common mistake made by singers is that they rely on social media as the basis for all of their marketing. This isn’t enough. You need more than social media as not everyone is going to connect to you on there, get out and spread the word yourself. Perform as much live as you can, sell merchandise, get on the radio etc.

Play anywhere 

When you start out and want to get noticed, you can’t be too picky about where you want to play your music. If someone gives you a chance to perform, take it. Any experience is good, so try to get a regular spot at a venue as it will help increase your visibility locally. 

Playing at a variety of different places also helps you to realise the type of audience you attract to a venue and can help you develop as a performer.

If you’re starting off, try and find some smaller gigs such as open mic nights before taking on on bigger shows. 

Meeting new people and networking 

Gigging allows you to meet new people as well. Building relationships with people can sometimes lead to them putting in a good word about you. This means that someone in an influential position in the industry could help you get noticed by the right people. 

Convey maturity 

Being talented isn’t enough if you can’t be professional. This is especially true at gigs and events when you’ll need to rely on good social skills.

Always come across as mature as you can when you’re looking to build relationships with people and get noticed in the music industry. 

Turn up on time to events, be respectful and be well-rehearsed if it’s a gig. Shake someone’s hand because it’ll convey that you’re confident and well-mannered. Being rude to people to convey ‘coolness’ rarely ever makes people respond well to you.

Practice well 

When it comes to practice, you definitely need to put the hours in if you want to get noticed. Even the best singers, for example, do warm-ups regularly to help with breath control and pitching. 

Don’t just think about how much you practice, but also how you practice. Always make sure you’re focused and productive during your practice sessions. If you’re a singer do vocal exercises regularly and if you’re an instrumentalist then keep practising those scales! 

Getting a qualified teacher who can help you get better will also help you develop an amazing technique, which will really help you stand out. 

How do I break into the music industry? 

the music industry - how to make it

Get yourself motivated 

You aren’t going to get very far in the music industry if you don’t have any real ambition. Never expect that someone else is going to get you noticed for you. 

There are hundreds of people who might want to give you opportunities. Start off small by promoting your music online and then start thinking about taking it to the next level to get noticed. 

It’s easy to get de-motivated, especially when you’re trying to break into the music industry. Always try to have a positive mental outlook, keep learning and don’t give up on your goals!

Get lucky

This isn’t really a tip but it’s one way of making it. Being in the right place at the right time has worked for some singers. For example, Justin Bieber uploaded his videos to YouTube and was found by Usher. You can’t rely on this as a way of making it, but putting yourself out there more will increase your chances of getting lucky in the music industry. One thing is for sure though; the harder you work the luckier you will become, but of course, work hard but work smart!