Social Media Networks for Singers

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Increase your presence

As social media becomes a more significant platform for promotion, it’s important that you, as a singer, use them to the best of your ability. Below we’ve listed some social media networks for singers to help you with this.  It gives you the ability to spread the word about you as a musician – whether that be good or bad feedback!

Singers need to get involved

Social media for singers is far more important than you may realise. In a world in which everything is now promoted, discussed and advertised on social media, singers must get in on the action too! If you have a large number of followers, you’ll far increase your chances of getting noticed.   

You can cover a lot of ground just by using your phone, tablet or computer. This gets music videos, vlogs, tracks and reviews to a wider audience faster than ever before. Not only that, but those looking can access many more artists and bands, at the click of a button.  

The opportunities are fantastic and the potential is unlimited with social media for singers. And how do you get lots of followers? Accessible, click-worthy, interesting and popular content, in all the right places.  

Social media marketing for singers  

Social media marketing for singers is everything you do online to build a presence, create content and attract people to your music. This includes websites, advertising and forums, but mainly it’s promoted via your social media campaigns and social media management. Not only is social media for singers a great way to build up your fan base, but it’s also a way in which you might be spotted by talent scouts, managers and record labels.

Unless you have large amounts of money to spend, social media won’t come without a lot of hard work. There are ways to maximise your input. We’ll talk about some of the tricks of the digital marketing trade shortly. You must be prepared to put the hours – but you’ll have a lot of fun in the process. It’s immensely satisfying to create posts and content and to receive responses to music you’ve shared. Engage with your fans and you’ll also get valuable constructive feedback and hopefully lots of positive compliments too.

Social media for singing 

There are so many social media platforms and they’re by no means duplicates of one another. Their differences may be subtle, but knowing about the tools and techniques each offer, will help you decide where to invest the majority of your time and effort in your social media for singing.  

Don’t assume that the work is done once you’ve got to grips with them either. This is a world – much like the music industry itself that is continually involving and changing. To stay ahead, you must do the same. Keep up to date with the social media singer’s trends, if you too want to be on-trend. Follow inspirational musicians and see which posts get their biggest figures for likes and shares. 

Social media management for musicians

By now you may well be wondering how you’re going to find enough hours in the day to post content to all these sites, as well as writing, practising, gigging and recording. This is the time to get smart, not just with what you’re posting, but how you’re posting it.

Fortunately, there are a few nifty shortcuts we can share to help give you a wide reach, but at your convenience. There are plenty of accessible sites like Buffer and Hootsuite that help you create and schedule posts across your networks. It acts as a dashboard, enabling you to keep track of your activity and cross share content without having to navigate between the various platforms. As it’s completely free to use, it’s particularly popular with anyone starting out and ideal for social media management for musicians.

There are several other good social media management tools. If you have a budget, you could opt for a more sophisticated subscription service dashboard. Do think about when your posts are going out.  

Social media networks for singers


If Facebook were a country in terms of population it’d be the 3rd more populated country in the world, so you’d be silly not to use this platform for your promotion. You can use Facebook to build a strong fan base and promote events and gigs you’ll be playing at. Creating an event on Facebook allows you to give all your fans details of where you’ll be playing and is a quick way to spread the word instantly, this is one of the best social media networks for singers as events can reach your friends but also other’s friends too.


Twitter is a social media networks for singers as it makes it easy to find like-minded people through suggestions and retweets. The most unique thing about Twitter is its use of the hash tag (#). This allows people to search that specific word or phrase and every other tweet within it in pops up. It’s useful for promotion as you can use the same hash tag handle throughout your campaign.

Social media networks


Another social media network is the most popular video-sharing platform, YouTube, with 70 hours of video being uploaded every minute, YouTube is something all singers should take advantage of. As a free service it’s expected all singers will have a YouTube account, so make sure you have a channel on it where people can subscribe to everything you post.


LiveStream is a relevantly new platform; it connects people and live events. You have the opportunity to have live video chats with your fans or even have a stream of your gig playing live to fans that aren’t present. Many musicians use LiveStream as a way to interact through question and answer sessions, another useful social media network.

Last FM

Possibly the most useful platform for singers as it allows you to have all of your music in one place and is available for everyone with Last FM accounts. The best feature of Last FM is that it shows everyone you are connected with what you’re listening to and then makes suggestions of other bands you might like. Think of it as a fan, getting a suggestion of your act because they like someone similar, and works very strongly to your advantage. This is one of our favourite social media networks for singers as it allows you to target potential fans of their taste in music.