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Keep your accounts looking fresh with top content ideas for singers and musicians. Perform, release behind-the-scenes footage, album reviews, covers, competitions, vlogs and much more. Interact with fans and gain followers using clever Instagram post ideas for musicians. 

Social media is an incredible tool that means you can reach the world, without having to spend a penny on marketing or PR. But how do you feed this content-hungry machine, so you can stay ahead of the game? Read on for top tips on grabbing fans’ attention by getting your posts hot and up to date. 

Content ideas for musicians 

Social media is a great way for a performer to gain exposure. You’ll get more streams, downloads and gigs if you have exciting and appealing accounts. Potential managers and record labels may be more inclined to work with you if you have great stats and you may even make some cash from advertising on your channel. But if you’re stumped for ideas, don’t worry. 

We have plenty of classic and quirky ones to help you find your niche and get attention on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Insta and more. Keep reading to get some fresh inspiration for your content. 

Social media content for musicians 

 Instagram Post Ideas for musicians

1. Sing or play anything  

Let’s start with the basics. Whether it’s acapella, covers or just nonsense ramblings, show off your voice or instrument. So many people wish they could sing or play and love watching others doing it. Even if you sound silly, some people might find it entertaining and you’ll seem more relatable. You could do creative covers with others on social media.

You could even do one of their songs with them for their channel and they do the same but for you. This can help you reach more fan bases and build your following 

2. Share performances on social media  

Gig audiences are limited on size. But now you can increase your reach by posting them. Plan to show your gigs or jams on Facebook/ Instagram/any social media outlet that you can. You can set up cameras from the centre of the stage to keep the camera steady and not have the amateur look of your mate recording from his phone for you.

Keep it professional. Live session videos are great for social media and can help you get gigs. A really good video of yourself performing live could open up a lot of doors and show yourself off as a performer.

3. Write an article or blog post  

Sometimes articles can give the best space to express yourself. Just keep it concise and remember that people will probably be reading it on their phone. If you get good at writing, you might even be able to write content for others.   

A blog is a great way to get lots of ideas out there without having to worry about taking photos or videos. You can always use your blog to see what people are engaging with. From there, you can then make posts or videos based on expanding your most popular blog posts.   

4. Behind the scenes footage as content  

Share behind-the-scenes photos, videos or short clips on Snapchat or Instagram stories that show what it’s like being a musician. People don’t usually see it so will be interested in. However, it’s a good idea to keep an air of mystery to keep fans on their toes. You can do behind the scenes videos for all aspects of being a musician.

It could be in the studio for a recording, rehearsals for a show or mood boarding for artwork and videos. The more you have, the more your fans will want to see.

5. A day in the life video   

Whether you’re on tour or just having a normal day you can post something. People love the juicy back-stage stuff of a musician’s life but they also love being able to relate. Be authentic and real. Daily vlogs can become tedious if not done well. No one needs to see 8 hours of footage so find out more about the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’t do’s’ of vlogging or check out some YouTube vloggers with lots of hits. 


Music content ideas 

6. Do a song/album review   

Talk about your favourite and least favourite songs and why you feel the way you do. Ask your audience what they think because this gives your fans incentive to engage. This will make you more approachable and relatable.

Do be kind and try not to be critical of others’ work in these posts. The music world is large but can be a small world in terms of contacts and networking. So it’s best not to upset anybody or be mean. Treat others as you would wish to be treated on social media as well as real life.   

7. Discuss your influences  

This one is great to generate new interest because imagine if an avid fan of one of your influences is watching or reading your posts. They might then be inclined to listen to your music for this reason alone. Don’t forget to include them in your #hashtags.

This is also a great way to get to know your fans better. You might find that your fans aren’t into the people that inspired you. There is nothing wrong with this, just make sure you keep learning about the people who listen to your music.  

8. Record a rehearsal   

This is another way you could go live and give teasers of what is coming next! Keep your fans excited and on their toes for your new release. It’s important to show yourselves having fun and try not to give too much away. Only show songs that you’ve finished or released unless you feel comfortable showing unreleased or unfinished music.  

9. Be authentic in all musical or ‘normal’ content  

Who doesn’t love to hear the real-life ups and downs of other people? It’s sometimes nice to relate to another person’s realness. This helps build loyal and true fans. Write an article about the highs and lows of where you are and how you got there.

For example, it may be reassuring for a musician who gets stage fright to learn that Adele admitted to being sick before a show because she was scared. (Yes, even Adele gets stage fright).

9. Educate you fans 

Sharing your specialist knowledge can be a great way to gain more fans. Many people want to learn more about making music or being a singer. If you provide the information then they could move on to your music from there. Set up your own video tutorial, linked to a YouTube channel. Then share share share! 

10. Show what you stand for  

For example, you can support LGBTQ+ by posting related content on Pride or with a frame from Facebook. The same applies to many other causes and campaigns. This is a sure-fire way to make your social media inclusive of all groups of people you support. Be careful with political statements though. These can alienate as many groups as include.   

Instagram post ideas for musicians 

Instagram is a super popular platform, but it’s more about the visuals than the written word. So keep this in mind when creating your content. Here are some great ideas that are picture focussed: 

11. Show off new looks   

Maybe while you’re trying new outfits on, create a poll on Instagram and see which your fans like best. If you buy them based on their choices, then they will feel like they’ve had a positive effect on your life.

And it helps you make choices. Fashion gets a lot of engagement on Instagram so showing off your best outfits and looks can be a great way to get more followers.  

12. Show us your pet pics on Instagram   

This one is easy, totally off topic but who doesn’t love that cute, little puppy of yours? Pet posts get likes so if you have one then show it off to the world. Harness the sharing capability by adding relevant hashtags like:

  • #dogsofinstagram
  • #catsofinstagram

These will get you noticed ad might even lead to going viral. Find out which pop icon works this to her advantage further along in the article.   

13. New instrument  

Unpacking is exciting! Ask fans what their favourite guitar of yours is, or make some recommendations. You could even ask them what they have, you may be able to discuss your favourite parts about the instrument with them.

The more exotic the kit, the more exciting it’ll be. Although popular instruments will likely generate more hits. Then once you’ve posted some pics, add a video showing what you can do. 

14. Remember your heroes  

Post a thoughtful and unique tribute to them whether it’s celebrating a classic album or remembering the anniversary of their passing. This is bound to get love and it shows people that you’re considerate and grateful to your inspirations.  

Instagram content ideas for musicians 

Instagram content ideas for singers

15. Live Streaming on IGTV 

In addition to its main platform, Instagram has its own TV channel, that allows you to go live and stream longer videos. Have you got a legendary riff going on in a song? Get your guitarist to slow it down and tell your fans what notes to play. It’s a very interactive and fun way to get engagement. Not to mention it also gets them more familiar with your songs.

Live streaming is great to capture what is happening at the moment. Whilst videos and images can be crafted, there is an excitement to live video because anything can happen. If you really get into live streaming, then you could end up streaming your own shows.

Be creative with it and you could even do digital shows just for your fans on social media. 

16. Post funny pictures 

Keep things light-hearted. Whilst you are creating a musician’s social media, there’s nothing stopping you from sharing funny photos of band members or silly kid pictures. You could make fans laugh and it’s a great way to get them to join in with you. It is also great to have your personality shine through.   

Social media competitions  

Interactive posts gain loads of attention. Run a competition that a random person who likes and comments wins free signed album and promotional t-shirt. Fans love freebies and people will see people writing on your post. More views for you.  

You could tie competitions in with your release or show to build up the hype and gain more promotion. It is good to have a clear aim for a competition and not do it for the sake of it.  If you have an email newsletter, send out the link in it to draw readers’ attention to your social media channels.

Instagram music post ideas 

It always helps to learn from those who are top of their game. So let’s take a look at the stars with the largest followings and see what it is that they’re doing so right. Here are are some real examples of how artists have used Instagram to promote their music. We think these Instagram content ideas work really well. What do you think? 

Ariane Grande – stunning style  

This singer has clearly captured the hearts of Instagrammers with over 159000000 followers (and counting). So what’s her secret? Well, apart from being a mainstream pop icon, she has developed a beautiful online style. Her Insta posts almost always follow a vibe – ethereal, arty, soft and often black and white. Rather than just sharing moments from her life, she has created a cohesive, recognisable and stunning classic glamour style. Her tribute to ex-boyfriend rapper Mac Miller also saw over 12 million likes.   

Justin Bieber – personal heartfelt moments  

Beliebers go crazy for Justin’s content. The confirmation of his engagement was among the most liked posts ever to hit the social media platform. He gives followers a lot of insight into his personal life and shares his feelings. This won’t be the right strategy for everyone, but if you’re a heartthrob singer, letting people in a little can add to your appeal.   

Selena Gomez – talking about issues  

Another celeb with over 150 million followers, Selena doesn’t just talk about music and lifestyle. She uses social media as a means to talk about the issues that matter to her, including mental health, social justice and #timesup. By diversifying her content, she reaches more people and has more of an impact than by promoting her music alone.

Taylor Swift – keeping us guessing  

This pop princess is also the queen of the clues. She has forged her own method of piquing interest on Insta, by leaving cryptic messages like these that drive fans wild. It tuned out that the mysterious numbers (4.26) were a hint of her new music release date. This technique does need a decent following to work but is a pretty genius move.

Taylor is also known as a cat lady, posting lots of pics of moggies. Turns out this is some pretty smart marketing, given her recent release of the movie Cats.   

Fred Macpherson – quirky and funny  

If glitzy, glamour and causes aren’t the right vibe for you as a musician or band, fear not. There are other ways to create a followable presence, and humour is right up there. The Spector frontman has carved a hipster niche in amusing posts. Take this route and you can attract followers for your entertainment value alone. In an ocean of Instagram perception, quirkiness really stands out and will gather an alternative audience.  

Social media campaigns for musicians 

If you’re really stuck when it comes to forming a campaign, or you just don’t have the time but do have the cash. You always have the option to hire a specialist to do it for you. Prices for this will vary enormously according to their experience and expertise.  


There are a couple of extra considerations for your content.  

  1. Remember, if you advertise anything, this now has to be clearly stated in your post. This includes anything you’re paid to promote or review. It’s a relatively recent change brought about by the increasing number of influencers being unclear about their intention.  
  2. When posting personal stuff, do be aware that once it’s out there, you can’t take it back – even if you delete the post, it remains in the online realm. So only share anything you’d feel comfortable with friends and family being able to see. 
  3. You can always re-use your ‘best bits’ and keep attention coming in! TBT’s (Throwback Thursdays) are a way to make re-using your post totally shameless. Remember that the more you post, the more you’ll have to re-post in the future. Anniversaries of significant events are a great time for this and remind your fans where you’ve been and what you’ve done.   

Musician social media strategy 

Be strategic about how and when you post, as well as what you post. No matter how you post these ideas, be it in an article, a video, vlog or picture it helps to know at what time is best to post and gain the most engagement. You would have worked really hard to make these posts, let’s make sure they will be seen. 

This really comes down to how well you know your audience. If you’re still at school, most of your fans will be on social media after 3 pm. However, if your audience is made up of working professionals then they are more likely to check it en route to work, after 5 or 6 pm and on lunch breaks around 1 or 2 pm.   

Musician content calendar 

Try posting at different times and see how the engagement varies. Also, see when your fans are posting themselves. Bear in mind that your fans might be in different time zones so make sure you know when they’re going to be online.  You may also be able to access stats from your account and pay to promote certain posts.

Once you’ve worked out your best days and times, you can pre-plan your posts using a scheduling tool such as Hootsuite.  

Don’t forget to link your accounts to your own events. Going on tour? Got a new song coming out? Make sure you promote yourself! How else are they going to know to come and see your great show? Always keep them up to date with any important news from your own calendar.  

And remember, you don’t have to copy any of these ideas exactly. Play around and find out what works for you. Likes = popularity, so keep track of which posts are doing best. There’s really nothing to lose and no time to waste in this fast-moving industry. There are so many ways to generate social media content for musicians. Stay authentic and find fun and quirky ways to capture the attention of your fans. 

Related Questions 

  • How do musicians get more followers? 

Social media is a great way to get more people listening to your songs. If you get your fans involved in your promotions, you could generate a snowball effect. It’s a good idea to offer incentives to your fans to get as many sharing your posts as possible.  

  • How often should a musician post on Instagram? 

Whether you’re gigging, entering singing competitions or looking for a record deal, your social media is incredibly important. You need to maintain a professional presence and consistently engage with fans.  Get yourself out there and seen by the world and post your musical content on your page right now. 

What are the best content ideas for musicians you’ve seen on social media? Have you created some unique Instagram post ideas for musicians? Let us know in the comments below.