Self-Publishing Companies for Singers

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How to self-publish your music

Self-publishing allows you to make a name for your music and hopefully make some money from it. The idea of creating a self-publishing company is to record your music and distribute it without working with a music publisher.

Self-publishing companies for singers

Register with a performer rights organisation

The idea of these organisations such as self-publishing companies for singers is to protect you from missing out on any music that is owed to you. By registering each of your finished works with an organisation you, as a singer, will receive all money made from your single. This registration is something that should be top of your to-do list, forgetting to do this could lose you a lot of money.

Produce good quality material

It sounds obvious, but as you’re doing the production of your songs, if the quality isn’t good enough, the fault lands on your shoulders. This is the material you’ll be sending out to fans and industry people, so the quality has to be high. Work with self-publishing companies for singers to self-publish your work will help to avoid poor quality material.

Spread the word

Self-publishing companies for singers can help you to spread the word about your music. Competition in the music industry makes it harder to stand out. Networking is a good way of spreading the word, about you as a singer or a band. The benefits of networking are priceless, simply due to the power of word of mouth. If you’re talking to the right person, you don’t know who that person could contact on your behalf. It’s important to be friendly, but still professional.

Self-publishing companies

Record your songs onto a CD: You’re going to need material to hand out almost all the time, especially after performing at gigs or any other functions you might be performing at.

Make your songs downloadable: So many people use the internet now, save your fans needing to go out and buy it in a shop.

Upload your songs to music distributors: This way you have a fan base of people who are already using that platform and may stumble across your new material.