Networking Tips for Musicians

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Making contacts by networking in the music industry

Networking tips for musicians: Networking is an opportunity to speak and connect with people who you may have never had the chance to before. For musicians it’s an important skill to have as there are so many useful people in the music industry that can help you get to where you want to go.

Know your purpose

Remember why you’re there and why you want to speak to be people. At a networking event don’t waste time talking to people who won’t be able to help you, instead target the people who are in the industry or have contacts that are.  It’s best to know exactly what you want these people to know, be prepared to answer any questions thrown your way.

Networking tips for musicians

Ask questions

When speaking or e-mailing these network contacts it’s best to ask questions as it keeps the conversation flowing and also allows you to learn more about the contacts. The more you understand about the person the better the relationship you build.

No spamming

This term refers to when you see people that are influential in the music industry and try to shove your CD or demo in their faces. If someone wants to listen to your demo they will, a networking event is an appropriate setting to ask anyone to listen to it.

Networking tips for musicians

Think outside the box

When you’re trying to maintain contacts don’t just keep and contact those people in your industry. Remember there are people and businesses as a musician you’ll forever need. For example, you’re going to need artwork and business cards so why not network with printers!

Follow up contacts

So you’ve been to the networking event or you’ve made a few new contacts from gigs, now is the time to make sure they remember you. Don’t waste the time you spent talking to them by not contacting them afterwards, even if it’s a simple e-mail expressing how nice it was to meet them. The best way to ensure their response is to do it soon after they gave you their contact details and to ensure your grammar and spelling is correct.