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Before hiring music PR companies

Music PR companies (public relations) are often important tools for acts to use to help promote themselves. Music PR companies are there to help promote releases as part of their job. Gaining promotion for news, releases and tour dates of an act to the media but be clear to your objectives and timing.

Music PR companies

Choosing the right music PR companies is essential. By following some of the advice below and you can find it hugely beneficial in getting your music career to the next level, however, get it wrong and you could just land yourself a large bill and nothing to show from it.

Research the company

Before you consider hiring any music PR companies, it’s important to find out more about them as a company. Make sure you know what experience they have and what they can offer you as an act. If you can’t find any information about them, it’s not wise to hire them. Look for credentials and testimonials; these are reviews past customers have used, so you can see who else they’ve worked with and if they’re appropriate for you. All credible music PR companies should have websites they act as a CV, with past clients and current clients.

Music PR companies can do a lot for singers but it’s important to take time in choosing the right music PR companies for you. Rushing into the decision could result in you choosing the wrong company.

Don’t pay upfront

If a company is asking for money upfront, before they’ve done anything for or with you, then don’t sign up for them. As an act needing help, some companies may take advantage of you, be smart and don’t pay anyone until they’ve completed their part of the deal. In an ideal world, you want to find music PR companies that you pay as per results for each successful piece of media coverage, however, admittedly they are much harder to find.

Know what you want

You’re looking into hiring music PR companies so it’s important you know what you want them to do for you. If you don’t know what you want, then how are they going to be able to do that for you?

Be realistic

Have you built your act’s presence enough to benefit from music PR companies? There are hundreds of releases each week so you need to have built up your fan base locally or nationally to merit it otherwise you will be just wasting your money.

What’s different?

Nothing is going to be better than if you have tried to get music PR companies secured yourself, you will then know what is possible and achievable. If you can’t even get local press and media interested then how can you expect to get anything wider? As with all media coverage, the press will need to see it as newsworthy otherwise they won’t publicise it.

Don’t expect fame

So you’ve hired music PR companies to do your press and set up radio interviews and local media exposure, this doesn’t mean you’re about to hit the big time. You’ve got to be realistic about the situation; there are hundreds of other people trying to make it big at the same time as you. You’re unlikely to be hit stardom quickly, so let the music PR companies do their job and give them time to create a buzz around you.

Be available

Make sure you have few commitments as your PR person could be setting up interviews for you if you’re unavailable or hard to contact it’s a waste of both your music PR company’s time and the company willing to give you time.