Music Performance Tips For Singers

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Tips to improve your music performance

Being able to deliver a good music performance can often be something that sets your performance out from the rest. It’s not only about how to sing the song; it’s also about how you perform the song!


The key to giving good music performances starts with confidence. Playing live can be a daunting task. There are lots of things happening such as:

  • Feeling a mixture of emotions, including nervousness and excitement
  • Having to remember lyrics and chords
  • Being un-phased by technical glitches
  • Bright lights making it hard to see

Remember, practice makes perfect so give a music performance as many times as possible!

Watch as many live music performances (or second to that recorded music performances) as possible. Look out for the impression you get from the artists, how the musicians interact with each other and the audience and how appropriate their music performance is with the genre of music.

Learn your song 

It helps to know your songs inside and out when giving a music performance. If you are not 100% in knowing the words, phrasing and the way you wish to sing your song, under pressure this may come under strain and you are concentrating on those aspects rather than others. If you manage to get through a song with only minor mistakes it will make your confidence grow. Try performing the song at home in the following ways:

  • With your eyes open
  • With your eyes closed
  • Moving around
  • Laying down

This helps so that when you’re performing, creating a good stage presence comes more naturally. Doing this will help you with quick recovery if something goes wrong and that’s an invaluable skill.


If you can master the act of grooving to your tunes, you will go down a lot better with the audience. Make sure it is appropriate though. The whole idea of being a good stage performer is for it to be fitting and come across natural. Don’t go head banging to an acoustic ballad or stand completely still on a metal number.


Being a good stage performer is also about communicating well with other act members and the audience.

  • Look random audience members in the eyes
  • Sing along with your other act members
  • Eye contact and facial impression

This will help you forget about the nerves beforehand and people will recognise that you’re creating a good music performance. Believe in your songs and the audience will too. You’ll make them feel special if you communicate strongly.

Find a spot above the audience, if you can’t look directly at them, such as on the lighting desk to create somewhere for you to look rather than at your feet. The audience will think you’re looking at them.

Record your own music performance

You may think that you are being a good stage performer but the only way to tell is to watch yourself. You can then see it from the audience’s point of view which may be uncomfortable to begin with but is also critical in seeing how to improve.

Relax and enjoy yourself

Being a good stage performer is possible by following the above hints and tips but it is really about having fun. The audience can tell if you’re having a good time and it will pay off. Be confident in your abilities, laugh off the glitches, move around but above all, have fun!