Backing Tracks for Singers | Using Quality Backing Tracks Online

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The importance of good quality backing tracks for singers

Buying music backing tracks can be an effective way to get good quality music backing tracks to help a singer to give the best performance they can. The quality of the music backing tracks can have devastating effects on a singer’s performance.

Music backing tracks

Having good quality music backing tracks is essential for a singer’s performance as it needs to compliment the vocals well. If any music backing tracks are of poor quality and or the backing vocals or instruments are poorly mixed it can distract from the vocals and the overall performance, this can be avoided if buying backing music online via a trusted website.

What makes a good backing track?

The most effective way to get good quality music backing tracks is to download it from a backing music online website. Websites such as allow you to search the song you want and download it from there and are relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, if you want bespoke music backing tracks then you can into a recording studio although this could take a day or two.

To ensure quality music backing tracks you can pay a small fee to download them from official websites.

Things to consider

Avoid YouTube!

Although it seems like the easiest way to get music backing tracks, the quality YouTube can provide for music backing tracks is often distorted. When downloaded from a 2nd party, the quality is affected and means, when played out, can sound muffled. It may sound good quality when practising, but you have to remember that the backing track will be played at a louder volume in a larger space.

Singers using instruments and backing tracks

Often singers choose to have music backing tracks and play an instrument also. This is often a problem as unless you are perfectly on time the instruments will clash with the notes on the music backing tracks. It’s difficult to work with a backing track whilst playing an instrument. If you feel like doing both will help your performance, make sure you practise a lot so you know when the instrument fits well with the music backing tracks you choose.

The main problem with poor quality music backing tracks is that it distracts from the performance given. Even if the singer is giving the best performance of their life, it’s difficult to ignore the poor quality backing music most common mistakes include the backing vocals or instruments being poorly mixed so either too loud or too quiet. So bear in mind when you’re sorting out your backing music, that it may sound good in a smaller venue but it’s going to be played in a larger venue and risks sounding tinny or muffled.