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Why media exposure is important

So you’ve got an EP or single recorded and you have gigs approaching. Now you need to try and get the word out there to the public so they are aware of this. Using the local press to promote is imperative and is a great way to gain media exposure! Once you secure an interview or newspaper feature, you then need to get the most out of the opportunity.

Getting media exposure

Before you go gung-ho sending emails to all the local journalists and ringing them up every ten minutes for media exposure, take the time to perfect your pitch about what you are contacting them about.

  • ‘Hi, I’m a singer – can I go on your radio station please’ is an example of how not to word an email/phone call. The journalist will see many of these every day and most likely skim over it without giving it a second thought, decreasing your chances for media exposure.
  • Your pitch needs an angle or a story. Have you got a slot at a local festival or an EP launch night? That will grab the journalist’s attention and give you media exposure.
  • If you are applying for a radio interview, you need recorded songs to be able to play to the listeners. Being on a radio show without any material to broadcast to represent your sound won’t be any use at all.

Press release

You need something to back up your words explaining your story for your newspaper article. What you need is known as a ‘press release’. Press releases are a great way of improving the chances of media exposure. This needs to be carefully thought out so it is written in a way to grab people’s attention and make them take notice of you. Here’s what the press release should consist of:

  • Your first paragraph needs to catch the readers’ attention. Get to the point and state your reason for getting in touch. The press will receive many more press releases like yours every day. Don’t wait until the end to say ‘Joe Bloggs is supporting Lady Gaga later in the year’. That needs to be at the top otherwise the reader may miss that point. It’s not a story, they won’t have time to read every line your press release contains.

Here’s a way NOT to word that paragraph: ‘Joe Bloggs has a new EP and will launch it at The Dog and Duck next week’.

Here’s a much better way to word it and get media exposure: ‘ Norwich’s hottest talent for years, being likened to as the British Justin Timberlake, Joe Bloggs is gearing up for the launch of his new EP at what is set to be one of the events of the summer at The Duck and Dog next week!’

  • If you have had a good selection of activity recently, including any details of it! Make it interesting.
  • A brief bio, that is engaging and interesting, informative but perhaps something throws away that will tickle the reader like did you know Joe Bloggs can juggle 6 eggs in 1 hand.
  • Throw in some quotes. If people have been saying you’re a great singer, put it in there to back up your belief in yourself. Media exposure is more likely if other people know and like your sound.
  • A recent photo of yourself. Keep it professional, not you on a night out the other day.
  • Contact details: Phone number, email address and social media web links.
  • Make sure all contact details are on the last part of the press release and it is clearly stated to the journalist. How are you meant to get media exposure without any way for them to contact you? You don’t want them to put all your contact details over the internet by accident. Or do you….