Making Use of Instrumentals

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Ideas of things to do during instrumentals in a performance

Often songs will have them instrumentals within them, so singers need to have something to do during them. Instrumentals are an opportunity to express your personality rather than do nothing, which can make instrumentals feel everlasting. Below are a few pointers to help you fill those precious seconds during any instrumentals throughout your performance.

Making use of instrumentals

Making use of instrumentals is a little easier if you are aware of how to perform on stage. It’s very off-putting to watch a static performance by a singer, especially during the instrumentals when there’s no singing and can leave the singer very exposed. Those few seconds during instrumentals can come across longer due to the lack of performance.

As a singer, it’s likely you’ll hear how important it is to not only sing but to perform whilst you’re singing. There’s a big difference between a singer and a performer. Instrumentals are an excellent opportunity to make use of this advice and give something visually. As instrumentals often last for a few seconds, these are seconds that can be used to perform. Examples of this can be simply moving around the stage, taking the mic off the stand or simply using your arms.

Getting the audience involved

Instrumentals can be awkward, yes, but making the most of that time they can be invaluable. Audience participation is potentially a great way to fill those moments during music instrumentals. Simply gesturing to the audience to clap or sway depending on the tempo of the song can help you fill the time of instrumentals plus it also helps connect and engage with the audience.

Singers can use instrumentals to make their performance more dynamic. For example, ad-libbing parts of the song can help to fill those gaps. Ad libbing helps the performance become more dynamic as it adds sections to the song that the audience doesn’t expect to hear. Many well-known singers, especially hip hop artists, adlib in every one of their songs, most commonly used words and phrases such as yeah, okay or come on!

Remember that there are huge resources at your fingertips, study other performers live performance on YouTube or your favourite artist at a concert. Start to pick up what works and what doesn’t within the instrumentals of various performances.