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How to Sing With Confidence

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Here are some ways to sing with confidence. Being confident in your voice is essential for singers to become professional and successful.


It may sound obvious, but practising is an easy way to build confidence in your voice. By going over your song over and over again you become more comfortable singing it. The more comfortable you are with the song, the more confident you’ll be with it as a result. It’s also a good idea to practise in different settings so you become confident singing in more than one surrounding.

Singing lessons

Working with a singing teacher or other professional coach can help you to build vocal confidence as they’ll be able to find the areas of your voice that need developing and which areas are your strongest. By identifying weaknesses they can find ways in which those areas of your voice can be improved. Once you’ve learnt how to control the areas that aren’t your strongest, you’ll become more confident with your voice. Don’t be put off by mistakes; don’t let a mistake knock your confidence. Everyone makes mistakes, the best way to see a mistake is as a learning curve. If you use every mistake as a lesson you’ll begin to learn what not to do with your voice. It’s important to remember even professionals make mistakes from time to time; you just have to recover from them and move on.


The easiest way to build confidence with your vocals is to just enjoy the experience. When you’re performing and it’s clear you’re enjoying the performance, it rubs off on the audience, giving you a better reception from them. Having a responsive audience is confidence-boosting in itself, so if it’s easy to enjoy your performance, then apply it to every performance.


Practice so that your performance is rehearsed to the full and becomes ingrained so you can’t forget the words. Filming it and/or performing a few dry runs in front of trusted friends or family will hopefully make what you will be doing and exactly when on stage second nature. Amateurs practise until they get it right, professionals practise until they can’t get it wrong!