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How Many Calories Does Dancing Burn?

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Dancing is a great way to burn calories. No matter what style you choose, it is a fun way to exercise and also lose weight. From Zumba to ballet, we’ll cover how many calories you can burn dancing.

The number of calories that you burn can vary from 15 for a song to over 500 for an intense hour of dance. More intense forms of dancing, such as ballet, Zumba and hip-hop will naturally burn more. 

Dancing can be much more satisfying if you can calculate how many calories you burn from it. This can also help you make better choices with your diet as a dancer. Have a look at how we’ve calculated the calories burned for different types of dancing.

Dance calories calculator

It’s quite difficult to calculate the calories burned dancing because there are so many factors that can affect it. For example, your weight, style of dance, duration and even factors such as room temperature and clothes you’re wearing could influence the amount you burn. For this article, we’ve used Harvard Medical School’s chart for calories burned during different activities over 30 minutes. We’ve only used it as a guide so this is by no means exact.

The chart breaks down three different weight categories and three different dance intensities. The weight categories are 125 pounds, 155 pounds and 188 pounds. The dance categories are broken down into slow (waltz, foxtrot), medium (disco, ballroom, square) and fast (ballet, twist).

We’ve attributed styles that aren’t covered here to respective categories. For example, a Kpop dance will involve periods of singing and dancing, which will typically be slow. However, choruses tend to be up-tempo and fast so we’ve broken the songs down appropriately. We’ve also put a lower and higher range for each dance based on the weight categories.

How many calories do you burn dancing for 10-15 minutes?

Calories burned dancing for 1 hour

Dancing for 30 minutes can burn between 90 calories to over 260 calories. It varies so much because it depends on your current weight and the intensity of your dancing.

Calories burned dancing for 1 hour

Dancing for an hour will burn slightly more than double the above. The longer you dance for, the more energy you have to exert to sustain it. So dancing for an hour could burn between 200 calories and 525 calories.

Calories burned dancing Zumba

Zumba classes typically last for around an hour and can be quite intense. We estimate that you can burn between 300-550 calories in a single Zumba class, depending on your weight.

How many calories does Kpop dancing burn?

Again, this depends on the intensity of the dancing. However, Kpop dancing can be quite upbeat so we are going to use Boy With Luv by BTS as an example.

The chorus is around 35 seconds long and has the most intense dance routines. We hear the chorus three times so we this is 1 minute and 45 seconds of intense dancing. The rest of the song has just over 2 minutes of low-intensity dancing. Overall, Kpop dancing, like dancing to Boy With Luv by BTS, could burn between 15 calories to 25 calories per Kpop song.

Calories burned dancing around your room

The calories burned dancing around your room will vary a lot depending on the size of your room and the music you’re dancing to. It will be harder to dance as hard as you would in a proper studio so don’t expect as much as a Zumba class. IT’s more realistic to use the Kpop number as a reference. Therefore, dancing around your room for 30 minutes could burn between 150 to 250 calories.

How many calories do you burn dancing for 10-15 minutes?

A good way to burn calories is to dance as hard as possible for a ten to fifteen-minute period. For ten to fifteen minutes of intense dancing, you could burn up to 130 calories.

Calories burned hip-hop dancing

Hip-hop dancing tends to be quite fast and upbeat so you can expect to burn more than you would for a Kpop song. We believe you may end up burning between 20 and 30 calories for a hip-hop song over 3 minutes long.

How many calories does ballet burn?

Calories burned pole dancing

Ballet may seem very elegant and graceful but it requires exceptional technique and foot strength. This may not appear as intensive as fast dancing like Zumba but it still burns plenty of calories. Expect to burn between 360 calories to 450 calories per hour.

Calories burned pole dancing

Pole dancing can be a blend of resistance and cardio training. As a result, the calories you burn will vary depending on the type of class you take. Regardless, you’re going to get a great core workout and burn some calories. You’re going to burn fewer calories for an hour of pole dancing than you would for an hour of Zumba. Overall, we expect you to burn around 250 calories to 450, depending on whether your class is more resistance or cardio orientated.

Calories burned belly dancing

Belly dancing might not be as energetic as other forms of dance, such as hip-hop or Zumba. However, it is very focused around your core and legs so it can be great for those looking to lose weight around their stomach. Expect around 275 calories to 400 calories.

Let us know in the comments what style of dancing to you do to burn calories.