Get You Music Heard In The UK

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Ways to get your music heard across the UK

Trying to get your music heard can be easier than you think. However, planning and timing is everything. Make sure you give your release every chance to succeed by reading these tips about how to get your music heard below.

Register your music

As a singer you want to make money out of your music, so make sure you register your songs to PRS (Performing Right Society). Registering with them makes sure the songwriter and publisher receive their royalties for every play it gets.

Warning to releasing your music

Make sure the timing is right, it’s pointless trying to get your music heard until you have some sort of fan base built up, with a fan base interest and backing to give it an initial push and momentum. Otherwise, your investment may struggle to bear any fruit by selling very little copies of your music or get any sort after promotion.

Get your artwork sorted

You want your fans to recognise your artwork when they’re looking through music, as this artwork is likely to be the thumbnail people click on to purchase your music, make sure it’s something you’re confident with. It’s also important that your artwork is consistent with your act’s image on stage and across all your social media platforms.

Put your music available online

It sounds obvious, but making your music available online is essential as iTunes and Amazon are becoming the most used platforms for fans buying music. You could lose out on sales and opportunities to get your music heard if you fail to distribute your music on these websites. An aggregator like Ditto is also a great way to ensure your release is available across a multitude of platforms.

Get on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular place for people to search for videos, so it makes sense that your music can be found on there. If people are considering buying your album or your songs then they’re likely to want to get a sample of what you sound like. YouTube is the perfect basis for this. Again involve your fan base to gain initial interest.

Decide on a release date

To build up the excitement of your music release it’s best to set a date a couple of months before. Setting a date for release also allows you to create a buzz within your fan base that can be maintained throughout the countdown to your release.

Build up media attention

As your release date gets closer it’s important you start building up the media attention your music has got. This is when you need to approach radio and local media to see they are willing to give you a slot to promote your music release! As an act you’re a small business trying to get more attention, so make sure you have set budgets and targets to reach so you know you’ve achieved what you wanted to. It’s also wise to link with merchandise companies as they can provide you with a wide range of products that appeal to more of your fans. If budget dictates you could look to employ the services of a PR company.