How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free | How Do Musicians Get Verified? 

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The digital platform has policies in place to ensure account authenticity. Find out how to get verified on Instagram for free and you can raise your profile, appear more professional, attract increased views and provide your fans with peace of mind.   

As an artist, social media is an invaluable tool for marketing and promotion. But how do musicians get verified? In this article we’ll outline the criteria you’ll need to meet and explain how to go about getting your very own badge.  

How to get verified on Instagram for free  

Aspiring artists don’t just want to be famous; they want to be Instagram famous. The photo-sharing platform is a musician’s secret weapon for promotion and fan engagement. Your followers and fan engagement will soar if you verify your account so that it has an Instagram verified badge. However, Instagram has very strict policies on verification. It’s easy to sign in to your Instagram account and request a verified badge. But the process gets a lot more complex after that. 


Having verified accounts on other social media platforms won’t secure you an automatic verification badge on Instagram. You’ll need to understand the eligibility criteria and fine-tune your Instagram account to get official verification.   

Instagram states that it will verify accounts belonging to well-known, highly-searched for individuals, brands, public figures, celebrities or entities. This can include musicians and singers, but you have to be able to prove you are a ‘notable artist’ to qualify. This doesn’t mean you have to become a famous singer, although doing so will almost guarantee your verification.  

How do musicians get verified?  

Verification is shown in the form of a blue tick, known as a badge, that appears on your profile. It confirms that you are who you say you are and prevents copycat accounts. If you meet the criteria, you can request a badge in a few simple steps.   

  1. Sign in to your account on the mobile app and go to your profile.   
  2. Tap the three-line icon in the top right (also known as the hamburger icon) and click on “Settings” on the drop-down menu.  
  3. From there, select “Request Verification.”   
  4. You will then be asked a couple of questions to confirm your identity – provide your Instagram username, your full name, and a form of ID.  
  5. You can now press send and Instagram will review your verification application.   

How to get verified on Instagram as a musician 

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Once you’ve submitted your application, Instagram will review it. They will only approve your account if they feel it’s appropriate. And we have the inside track on what it is they’re looking for.  

1. Authenticity   

Your Instagram account must represent a real person, artist, or registered business.  

2. Uniqueness 

Instagram doesn’t verify interest accounts. Your account must be your unique presence, and you can only verify one account in your name/ artist name.   

3. Activity 

You’re required to have a bio, profile photo, and at least one post. Your account must also be set to “public” and can’t contain any “add me” links to your other social media accounts. You’ll also need to prove you’re an active user on Instagram and that you have a good following (there aren’t set criteria on the number of followers, this is taken on a case by case basis).  

4. Notability 

This is probably the hardest criteria to meet. Instagram only verifies accounts that represent well-known, frequently-searched-for individuals, businesses or brands. They’ll want to see proof that you feature in multiple news sources, and these can’t be paid-for or any form of promotional content. This means you’ll need to provide evidence to support your music career. You should have access to multiple news sources that reference you and your work.  

Don’t buy Instagram verification! 

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It’s not easy to get an Instagram verified badge. The request form is simple, but the eligibility criteria aren’t. You have to work on your notability as a singer to get your Instagram account verified. It might take time, but the credibility is worth it. Don’t be tempted to pay for a badge. Not only is this against Instagram’s rules, but it’s also fraudulent. Doing so can tarnish your reputation and your verification will almost certainly be removed.  

How to get verified on Instagram – tricks and tips 

The best way to get your Instagram verified is to make your profile as strong as possible, and ensure it meets Instagram’s four-point verification criteria. Work on your notability by appearing in as many reliable news sources as you can and by accumulating awards and achievements for your music.  

You can boost your notability by inviting journalists to attend your concert and ask them to write and publish a review afterwards. You can also contact local radio stations to try and get an interview, or have your music played on official channels.  

How long does it take to get verified on Instagram? 

It can take a long time to get an Instagram verified badge if you’re not famous and you’re still growing your fanbase.  So it may take a long time to get there. But Instagram allows you to re-apply for a verified badge every 30 days. So your persistence will pay off if you take the time to build your reputation and market yourself effectively.   


In the meantime, there are other ways you can prove your Instagram account is authentic without a verification badge. Link it to your website o reassure your fans it’s your genuine account. Don’t link to other social media platforms though, as Instagram doesn’t like that. The caveat to this is that having verification on other platforms will help.  

Related Questions 

  • Can a normal person get verified on Instagram? 

To apply for an Instagram verified badge, you have to be a public figure, celebrity or brand. Not everyone is eligible for a verified badge on their account; in fact, it’s quite hard to get the Instagram badge.  

  • How do you get verified on TikTok? 

Tik Tok have a bunch of criteria that they take into account when deciding whether to give you a blue tick of verification. This includes your following, account growth, whether you’ve gone viral and your media exposure. Having verification on Instagram and other platforms will help your case too.  

  • Can Instagram remove verification? 

Yes. Your badge is given at the platform’s discretion and you are strictly not allowed to sell or transfer it to anyone else. If you do, it will be taken away. You should also never attempt to buy a badge for yourself.  

Have you managed to get verified on Instagram for free? How did you get verified as a musician? Let us know in the comments below.