How to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

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YouTube is undoubtedly a great place for musicians to grow their fanbase. In fact, it is the relatability and ordinariness of YouTubers that draws in fans more than the likes of mainstream musicians like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars. 

Create an automatic subscription link 

How do you maximise YouTube’s potential? 

Luckily there is one simple tip that holds the key to this. By creating an automatic a subscription link for your channel, you can give everyone who visits it the option of subscribing. 

Why is YouTube important? 

YouTube boasts some startling statistics

80% of 18-49-year-olds watch YouTube monthly and 83% of those are paying attention — fully or at least “mostly” — compared to about half the people on other platforms. Why? Because people deliberately choose to watch the videos they watch on YouTube. 

Year on year, the time spent watching YouTube on television sets has doubled, and 60% of people now prefer to watch online video platforms rather than live TV

Furthermore, in 2017, almost 50% of all streaming music was streamed from YouTube. 

Here’s how it’s done: 

Edit your YouTube URL 

Simply add: ?sub_confirmation=1 to the end of the URL for your Youtube channel. 


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This little add-on will create a pop-up inviting anyone who clicks to subscribe to your channel. 

Shorten the URL 

Use a URL shortener, like, or TinyURL to create a more manageable link.


Once your automatic subscription link is up and running, all that’s left is to share it. So, where should you put it? 

In your email signature 

You will undoubtedly send numerous emails every day. 

Your email signature will be seen by each and every one of those recipients, as well as everyone on your mailing list. Therefore, including your YouTube subscription link in your email signature is a no-brainer. 

In your Instagram bio 

how to get subscribers on youtube fast

Instagram is a great way to keep people clicking. Your YouTube channel will no doubt be optimised to showcase your latest releases or endeavours and this should be reflected in your Instagram feed. 

Update your bio regularly to give people reasons to visit your YouTube channel. 

On your Facebook profiles 

Your YouTube link should be visible on both your personal and professional Facebook pages. 

Professionally, it goes without saying that you should share your YouTube uploads, but personally too. Post-gig networking — whether it’s your own event or someone else’s — is vital. 

Making the link to your YouTube channel accessible makes it easy for new friends to become subscribers too. 

In your newsletters

Use the link in your newsletters when you are promoting any new videos too. 

In conclusion 

A simple tip that could help grow your fanbase through YouTube and takes minutes of your time. 

However, the success of this strategy is proportional to the upload frequency of your YouTube channel: make sure to optimise it for new releases to keep all your new subscribers happy!