Free Music Websites For Singers

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Free websites to promote your music

Promoting your music for free using free music websites for singers is useful for those who are just starting out or haven’t got any income to help them market themselves in the music industry. Here are some ways to freely promote your act and music!

Free music websites for singers

Upload your music to SoundCloud

SoundCloud is one of the most popular free music websites for singers simply because it’s free! You can upload your music on to it and the popularity of the site means anyone can listen to your music. All singers should have a SoundCloud account simply due to how easy it is to create and keep updated. After uploading your tracks, you can then embed your links into your social media sites so that your music is always available to all your fans. A&R scouts also often search SoundCloud looking for new music, so make sure your music is on it!


All singers should USE social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, so why not have a service which can schedule your posts for you?  Hootsuite is very easy to use and is a free music website for singers, all you have to do is take some time to write up social media posts and then decide when you want them to be post them to your profile for you. Hootsuite allows you to schedule these so you’re interacting with your fan base regularly especially if you are too busy or unable to put posts up.

Posting on the internet

Contact or post on free music websites for singers or forums. There are lots of listings sites that you can add your events to. The best thng about posting on the internet is that it has the potential to reach a wider audience that you’d ever imagined.


BandWagon is a website where singers can search for gigs in their local area and apply for them online. Gigging is a great way to promote your music and to get experience in the industry. There are also opportunities to make money through this website as some of the gigs are paid. Bonus!

Set up Google Alerts

Google alerts send you a notification when someone searches your act name on their search engine. This is a useful free music website for singers to have because it shows you where your fans are going from there and what websites are getting you the most attention, helping you to adjust promotion accordingly!

Local media and press

Contact your local newspapers and radios, as they may be able to offer you space if you present a press release in the right manner and it is newsworthy.

Word of mouth

Probably the most important form of free music promotion is by word of mouth. Engaging with potential fans and getting them to spread the word about your music or gigs can be the easiest way to get your name around. Using free music websites, your music can be shared globally.

Give music away for free

Although you will want to make money from your music, giving some demo CDs away for free after you gig can actually be beneficial. You never know, the guy who got dragged along to see you and got given a CD might just become your biggest fan.