Find Musicians to Work With

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Why and how to find musicians to work with

Looking to find musicians to work with can be beneficial for singers on a number of levels. It can open up new ideas, give you an insight into how others write music or even get your name spread throughout other musicians’ fan bases.

How to find musicians

A reason to find musicians is that it can help singers to work well in a team. As an act gets more successful in their career they’re going to need to build a team around them, so it’s wise to know how to work with other people. The benefit of collaborating and working as a team is that you can bounce ideas off of each other.  Some artists have collaborated to get more exposure to a wider audience and to rejuvenate a flagging career. Whichever reason you start to find musicians, remember to enjoy what you’re doing!

Often singers that are just starting to write songs often will need help; perhaps they will only have the lyrics but not the melody. Finding a guitarist or pianist to give music to your lyrics will be a real help to get you started. It can be invaluable to find musicians, so keep searching.

If you’re struggling to find musicians that are like-minded or local to you then advertise on free sites such as Gumtree or other music-related websites. Another good idea is to use postcards at local music suppliers. Ideally, if you get a few apply to see how you work together for an evening and if goes well continue to build your relationship. Always try and think about who you could work with more broadly i.e. to add to your stage act and if someone is reliable and punctual.

It can be time-consuming to find musicians, but it’s worth the time to find musicians who are suited to you.

Have similar goals

The most effective way to find musicians you like is to make sure you have the same or similar goals. Avoiding different goals can help you both to work well together; otherwise, you’ll end up working towards different objectives and not succeeding. Having a mutual understanding of where you want to end up in the industry makes it easier to work together. You’ll be able to use these goals as your drive to become a better singer all round.

Global opportunities

Don’t limit yourself to just looking to find musicians in your local area, using the resources available to you; there is no reason that collaborating can’t be achieved on a global scale. Using websites such as Skype, Facebook Messenger and E-mail, you can instantly communicate with other singers. To find musicians across the world can help you to find opportunities in other countries that you may not have where you are. You never know the person you’re collaborating with in another country could become successful and want you to record that song with them.

Whatever way you choose to work what is essential is to start writing your own material and the sooner the better!