Facebook Tips for Singers

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TeenStar’s Facebook tips for singers

Facebook tips for singers: Here are our best Facebook tips for singers, including ways to promote music, build fan base and network. Facebook offers a very “real” audience and potential fan base for you and a network that allows you to share important information easily and for free in most cases – information such as upcoming gigs, new music, videos, and so much more. Learning how to use Facebook to interact with fans and fellow musicians is very important. As one of the most popular social media platforms our Facebook Tips for singers are essential to any budding singer.

Facebook Tips for Singers

Facebook Tips for Singers – Post Pictures to Engage with Fans

  • Post photos with your fans – gig pictures, meet and greets, anything showing you interacting with them!
  • Ask fans to tag themselves, as this will promote your band to your fans’ friends when the picture appears in their news feed.
  • Share pictures and videos! Fans are more likely to comment, like or share these kind of updates as opposed to normal text posts.

Facebook Tips for Singers – Create a Facebook Event for each Gig

  • Create an event for anything you will be playing/attending – any gig/radio interview/PR function.
  • Even if the organisers have already made an event, make your own. Not all your fans will be fans of the organiser/venue in question!

HOT TIP! Facebook alone won’t be enough to help build you success in the music industry but it’s a solid platform to start from.

More Facebook Tips

Facebook Tips for Singers – Make sure to use Facebook apps

Our favourite Facebook Tips for singers is to utilise new apps! They are quick and simple and allow you to have elements such as music players, event listings and mailing list tabs on your Facebook page. The good news is most are free! As Facebook becomes even more popular they continue to find ways to make it more accessible to people no matter where they are. With apps available on most phones at little to no cost, you’d be silly not to see how Facebook could help you as singers.

Facebook Tips for Singers – Make your Content engaging

  • Content is key – try to keep your posts engaging, interesting and/or funny and try not to do too many sales posts whether it’s the next gig or EP otherwise people will just switch off.
  • Analyse your shares, comments and likes to see what works best.

Facebook Tips for Singers – Networking on Facebook

Networking with, and reaching out to other acts is important when using Facebook tips for singers. An unsigned act can acquire new fans by opening for another act on stage. The same goes for Facebook – ask another act that you’ve networked with to post your new music video/track/album art to their timeline with a link back to your Facebook page and remember to return the favour.

Another way you can really connect with your followers is to ask for input from fans. Ask yes-or-no questions (e.g. “What do you think of this picture for my album cover?”) or pose multiple-choice queries (“Which song title is the most evocative?”). Gaining your fan’s input makes them feel valued and part of your journey!