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14 Easy Songs for Beginners to Sing & Singing Lessons  

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The key to finding easy songs to sing for beginners and for singing lessons is to understand what your vocal needs are. Search for catchy ones that suit you, in the right range, that hone and emphasise your strong points as an aspiring vocalist.  

How do you choose numbers that will show off your voice in the best possible way and help you sound amazing? To help you choose and point you in the right direction, we’ve compiled some tracks ideal for both your practice and performance time when starting out. 

Easy songs to sing for beginners and singing lessons 

When you’re seeking songs for singing lessons and learning how to improve your voice, you should choose songs that have a great deal of variety. This allows you to develop range by hitting higher and lower notes and brings light and shade to your performance. You should also choose songs that you enjoy singing. This will increase your confidence as a performer and enhance your love of music.  

Good songs to practice singing 

Easy pop songs to sing  

Lots of aspiring singers take professional lessons. What you hear when you sing isn’t always what other people hear. Take note of all their tips and make sure that you take them on board. Having someone else listen to you and feedback will help you improve. Singing lessons will increase your chances of becoming a professional singer 

Easy pop songs to sing  

The first step you need to take before you can think about what songs best suit your voice, is to decide what genre of music you’ll sing. Some of the main genres are: 

  • Musical theatre 
  • Folk 
  • Indie 
  • Pop 
  • Rock 
  • Opera 
  • Classical 
  • Grime 
  • Rap 
  • Hip hop 

Pop songs are a great place to start – many have memorable melodies and are fairly easy to sing. And if they’re well-known songs, you are likely to find different versions of them, as well as a range of backing tracks in suitable keys. It will also be easy to get hold of the sheet music for them.  

Good practice songs for beginners 

When you are choosing songs to practice with, pick songs that have an element of a challenge too. This can be in terms of rhythm, pitch or range and it may be that you have to practice one part of a particular song over and over to help you to improve.  

Best songs for vocal training: 14 beginner songs to sing 

The following songs are straightforward but have some more difficult aspects to stretch your vocals. 

Good solos songs for girls  

#1 Let it Go by Idina Menzel 

One that works well for female singers with a good range and a love of dramatic ballads. It’s a fantastic, uplifting number that’ll make you want to keep on practising. It’s not great as an audition song, as it’s a bit overdone. But perfect for lessons.  

#2 Wings by Birdy 

This modern classic is hauntingly beautiful and was the (then) teenage star’s first big hit. If you play the piano, Birdy has songs that are especially ideal for your practice time.  


#3 Shake It Off by Taylor Swift 

For those wanting to work on breathing and faster singing, this fun feelgood number is just the ticket. Taylor has a great line in simple, enjoyable melodies, so it’s worth looking at some of her other songs too. If you’re a dancer you can add in a routine to this one too – moving and singing at the same time can be quite a challenge! 

#4 Beautiful by Christina Aguilera  

Another popular ballad that is easy for people to understand and connect with and is good for lower and mid-range voices. It allows great variety with singers able to perform runs on the bridge and belt out the chorus with power. Anything by Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston will provide lots of range.  

#5 2002 by Anne-Marie 

This mid-range catchy pop song is gentle as up-tempo numbers go, offering a bit of movement up and down your register without being too taxing.  

#6 The Climb by Miley Cyrus 

Another super ballad option. It’s a powerful number about overcoming hard times and great for working on your vocal belt, as well as bringing power to the voice.  

#7 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper  

This is an old school anthem – it’s fun, catchy and upbeat. It’s a great song to practice singing as you will really enjoy the performance side as well as the singing, and it can be updated to give it your own stamp. 

Good solo songs for males to sing  

#8 Stay With Me by Sam Smith 

If you’re looking for a power ballad for a guy with a high voice, this is a superb place to start.  

#9 Shotgun by George Ezra 

This song works well for both men and women and has a good variety but without too many high notes. Like Shake it Off, it’s a super happy number and will help motivate you to practice.  

#10 Can’t Stop the Feeling  by Justin Timberlake  

If you’re wanting to practice your falsetto, this is a great song choice for a male singer. Justin Timberlake is known for having a wide range and this song is the perfect example and is great for you to practice and perfect.  

#11 Sign of the Times by Harry Styles 

This is quite a sad song, so a perfect contrast to some of the more up-tempo pop numbers.  

#12 Blinded by your Grace by Stormzy 

If you fancy trying grime meets gospel number, this is something a little different. The melody is super simple, and you can throw in some rapping.  

#13 Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran  

This is a good song if you are looking for something fairly current. It’s popular (who doesn’t love Ed Sheeran?!) and has a lot of opportunities for you to experiment with falsettos and runs if your voice can carry it.  

#14 Somebody by Lewis Capaldi 

This is a great one for working on your intervals (the jumps between high and low). It’s slightly harder than it sounds but is still easier to sing.  


Best songs to sing for a competition  

If you’re entering a competition like TeenStar, it’s essential that you choose the right song and this will not necessarily be the same as the songs you practice.  Lighthearted pop numbers and gentle ballads are ideal. Pick something that suits your voice but also your age.

Aim to impress the judges with something that’s not overdone or inappropriate for your stage in life. Anything that is doing well in the charts at the moment will be sung by lots of people. The judges will easily get bored with hearing the same songs over and over again. 

And to give your best performance, you need to be able to relate to and understand the lyrics. The judges need to see the passion in your performance and appreciate your talents as a singer. You can do this by making sure the cover is special to you and is sung in a unique style. This will come across to the audience. 

Now you’re ready to choose the best songs to sing  

Don’t be afraid to experiment with songs to make them different. What is your personal style and vibe? If you’re unsure, take a look at your social media accounts. Who do you follow and what do you post? This can help inform your performance style too so that your songs stand out as being unique to you and reflective of your own style.  

By now you should have lots of different ideas about how to identify the best songs to sing for your singing lessons as a beginner. But this list is by no means exhaustive. Hopefully, it has inspired you to think of numbers that will enhance your own vocal training experience. 

Related Questions 

  • How can I improve my voice?   

There are a lot of different aspects to consider including pitch, rhythm, vocal techniques, lyrics, breathing and posture. You should work on these once a week (more if possible) with a teacher, or with YouTube tutorials.  

  • Why are singing lessons important?   

Singing coaches can help you to improve your vocal ability and help you to discover the range your voice has and how powerful it can be. You may not realise how far your ability will go. Taking singing lessons will help you to improve your tone, technique, power and volume.  

  • What singing voice do I have?   

Understanding what kind of singing voice you have will go a long way to helping you establish the best songs to practice singing. It could be a soprano, a mezzo-soprano, alto, baritone, bass or a tenor. You could also use falsetto or whistle register.   

 Let us know what you enjoy singing in your lessons and why those songs work so well in the comments below!