7 Tips to Choose a Custom Music Email Account and Artist Email Address 

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Considering the way you brand yourself as a musician is essential. But how do you treat yourself or your band, as a professional business? 

Digital marketing is the primary means of engaging and contacting prospective fans. Follow our 7 tips to choose a custom music email account and artist email address. This will help you reach more people, directly and effectively, via their inbox.  

Read on to find out the simple steps you can take to raise your profile and communicate with followers.  

Tips to create a custom music email account and artist email address 

Whether you’re updating fans, approaching A&R or booking a gig, your email address will be the first thing people will see when you contact them. So it must look and sound good. Setting up a custom musician or band email address doesn’t have to be complicated and having a large mailing list could even help you get a record deal.  

Here are 7 tips to choose a custom music email account and artist email address. 

Music email address 

singers email address 

If you are going to be sending emails to a significant amount of people – or to a few significant people – you will want your own domain to make your correspondence look professional. You will also want to make sure you’re using the best service for managing and contacting your mailing list.  

How to make an email for music 

Let’s get started with the simple steps required to create an email address.  

Tip 1: Create an email address with your own custom domain

A domain is a name given to your website and the second part of your email address (the bit that comes after the @ symbol). This gives you more authority when contacting industry professionals. Having an email address ending with @hotmail, @yahoo or @gmail doesn’t give you a slick appearance when compared to [email protected]  

How to create an email account 

Start with deciding on what to call your domain. Using [email protected] is one of the most common ways to create your custom email address. This is simple and looks professional so is a great choice for artists or bands starting out.  

Tip 2: Choose a domain that identifies you and your brand

This means you’ll also need to make sure you’re certain about what that is going to be. You are going to have to pay to get it as well, so you don’t want to be wasting your money by changing your mind later. Your artist or band name is the best option.   

You can register your own domain and email address through website builders and web service sites but, seeing that many artists will set up Gmail accounts for YouTube, G Suite is probably your easiest option.   

Here’s how to register a domain name.  

Your musician email address 

Domain names are issued on a first-come, first-served basis. So there’s a chance that yours will already be taken.  

Tip 3: If your artist/band name is already taken, add a word, not a number

You don’t want to be seen as the second, third or fourth anything. And using your year of birth not only reveals too much personal info, but it also makes it look like a persona account, not a professional one. Make it clear who you are by adding something like ‘the real…’ or ‘…singer’.  

Tip 4: Ask fans for their opinion

Followers love to feel involved in decisions. If you’re undecided and have a few options, why not create a poll on social media? This will enable your audience to vote on what they think is the best one. Problem solved! 

It is very simple to get it sorted, you just need to make sure your domain is available. You will be asked if your business has a domain and if you haven’t already purchased one through another site, then get your domain now.  

Musicians’ email

singers’ emails 

Tip 5: Save money on your domain

Once you’ve found your domain name, decide how long you want to have it for. If you’re serious about your career, this should be long term. It’s usually at a cheaper rate the longer you purchase it for, so pay a little more for longer and you’ll save over time. You should also be able to buy your email alongside your domain and if you’re doing this with Google, you will be purchasing full access to G Suite.    

You don’t want to constantly be sending mass emails to your mailing list for everything little development that happens. Before thinking about what to include in your newsletter, consider how often you’ll be updating your fans.  

Sending too often can cause fans to simply ignore your emails as they come through. However, sending too little can cause fans to lose interest. It is a hard balance to find but try and be consistent with whatever you decide to do. 

Create a custom email address for free  

Tip 6: Link your email account to a mass email sending platform

One of the most popular services for creating a mailing list is MailChimp. MailChimp is free to start out with and has music-specific templates that you can use as a singer or musician. It’s simple and easy to use so you also won’t have to worry about any technical programming for storing the contacts in a database.  

You only have to start paying for MailChimp when you have over 2000 fans and are sending out over 12,000 emails a month. This means that you have plenty of opportunities to build a core following through MailChimp for free.  

What is the best email for musicians? 

When creating an [email protected] musician email address, Gmail is an excellent choice to create your own custom domain. You can easily link this to YouTube, and G-Suite a widely used set of tools for managing shared documents. Further down the line, you can link it to website search stats too. If you don’t use a Gmail account as your main one, chances are you’ll need to create one as a secondary account at some stage in any case. 

You will be able to get access to your custom Gmail account much more quickly than if you had done it through another web service. This is why it is probably better to get your domain from Google or a website builder connected with G Suite in the first place. 

How do I create a band email? 

You create a band email in exactly the same way as you would create a solo artist email address. But you’ll have to agree as a group, what your domain name will be. Create a main email address such as [email protected] – and then your band/domain name. By using your own domain, each of you can have your own email within the band email.  

Music artist email addresses 

Tip 7: Create individual addresses for each musician

Now you have your band email setup, make sure one of you monitors your inbox. But you can also have your own individual identifying emails within that email. This follows the format: [email protected] Which looks super professional.  

It is a good idea to ask your mailing list how often they would want to be contacted and what they want to see. It can really depend on how much you are doing and the amount of worthy news you feel you can share. This could be once or twice a month or even weekly. This way, you can get a better understanding of how often your fans want updates. You can always send extra emails for bigger news such as tickets and merch going on sale.  

Related Questions 

  • What is email marketing for musicians? 

An email marketing plan can be a huge advantage. It’s all about getting the most important news straight to your fans’ inbox through a mailing list database. This will allow you to send direct updates, run competitions and plug gigs or new releases. This is how you build a more engaged following.  

  • How do I make a music email list of music lovers? 

Building strong relationships with your superfans is essential for launching your career. You could do this by adding a link to sign up to your newsletter on social media. Get more subscribers by running a free download or merch giveaway, with entry dependent on signing up to your list.  

Have you created a custom music email account and artists email address? What did you pick and how did you build your email list? Let us know in the comments below.