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Can You Sing With Braces? Tips For Singing With Braces

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Are you a singer who is considering getting braces? You might be worried about how they will change your singing ability. Even though braces require some getting used to, the question we’re sure you’re wondering is, does fixing your teeth change your voice?

The best thing about braces is that they can give you a great smile and almost every singer has had some form of work done to their teeth. So, it’s reasonable to assume they are a great step towards looking and sounding amazing but is it hard to sing with braces?

Read below to find out how can you sing with braces and can braces change your singing voice.

Can You Sing With Braces On?

There are various types of braces available with a popular one being Invisalign. They are a popular type of brace as they are clear and can be easily removed for cleaning.  Can you still sing with braces? With Invisalign, you can sing while you are wearing them however they may impact the fullness of your vocal tone. The great thing about braces and singing with Invisalign is that you can remove them when you need to sing then put them back in once you have finished your performance. With regards to tooth correction, both traditional orthodontic braces and Invisalign do the same task meaning you can sing with braces but it will take some adjustment for you to get used to them. So, it is a good idea to consider some tips for singing with braces.

Plenty of singers wear orthodontic braces and find they can sing with braces and are still able to carry a tune or even belt out a high note or two. Braces and singing don’t mean your vocal cords will be impacted. They basically correct issues with your teeth, meaning you gain a beautiful smile which you will want for posing for pictures with fans and smiling when on stage.

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Is It Hard To Sing With Braces?

Can you still sing with braces? Even though your mouth may need to get new to your new braces this should come easily and your singing should not be affected. Some suggest by having braces it can help you to become a better singer, but in truth, the best way to sing better is through lots of practices whether you can sing with braces or not. Having said that wearing braces doesn’t hurt your voice and some may even feel more confident once they have had work done on their teeth.

As mentioned braces and singing require some adjustment, and for sure, when contemplating can braces change your singing voice, the answer is they will not. After adapting your teeth, your voice may even get better but singing is typically affected by the vocal cords, so when your vocal cords are healthy, then you should be fine.

Can Braces Change Your Singing Voice?

Does fixing your teeth change your voice? Braces alone won’t have much of an effect on your singing voice however the rest of the dental work required to fit them may have more of an impact. When changing the cavity space and shape in your mouth, your voice may sound differently. By shifting a few teeth marginally, it shouldn’t make a huge difference, however, long-term braces which completely realign your jaw shape could produce a tad different tone. 

Braces and singing will only change your singing voice and tone, when you are modifying the space in your mouth. As you sing, the sound resonates around. When you sing, the sounds boom round your mouth, through to your hard palate and then the soft palate. When the length, or arch of your hard palate, is changed it may alter the quality of the sound. Although, this doesn’t mean your vocal won’t be as good it was before.

If treatment is suggested and you aren’t entirely sure how it might impact your singing, do speak to your dentist or orthodontist. Ask them about braces and singing and they will be able to offer their guidance. They will have a better idea of how your voice may or may not be affected after braces.

You May Notice Small Changes

Even though we know braces and singing in traditional metal ones won’t change your voice, some modifications may be needed when you first put them in. Your mouth, tongue and cheeks will need to be altered to the brace. Understanding, is it hard to sing with braces is important as you may have difficulty articulating for some days, but you will quickly get used to the braces and singing.

Orthodontics May Improve Your Voice

Braces and singing are relatively easy and some do say it may improve your voice. The space between teeth may impact your singing and can produce whistling or some unpleasant sounds.

So, is it hard to sing with braces? Brace work bridges the space in teeth and straighten teeth to produce a fuller tone and sound. Braces and singing are usually unaffected as it is your vocal cords which makes a great singer, so if they are healthy you will be fine. You won’t be disadvantaged singing with a brace but you may need to adjust the function of your mouth this meaning you can you still sing with braces.

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Does Fixing Your Teeth Change Your Voice?

Can braces change your singing voice? Orthodontic braces are more likely to impact your voice but still not drastically. The way it might change your voice is through your diction and resonance. This is dependent on the shape of your mouth, what is being changed and how much your teeth will move.

Every orthodontic plan is specific to the individual; therefore, your treating will be different from that of your friend’s. You may only be required to have braces for a short period, or you may need jaw realignment work. When it comes to braces and singing the more work needed the more likely it will affect your voice, though it should be for the better.

Tips For Singing With Braces

The best tips for singing with braces is that you do no need to adjust the way in which you sing. You also don’t need to take in air or position your tongue differently as you hold certain notes. Your mouth will get used to the braces and singing easily and your voice will not be altered.

Even though your vocal may not sound great at first due to braces and singing, it will not change how well you can train your vocal muscles and breath control. It is therefore important to keep pushing forward and try not to develop bad vocal habits while developing tips for singing with braces. You don’t want to carry those bad habits on as they can stick with you for a long time.

Practice is ultimately the only way you can progress to be a better singer and wearing braces won’t hurt your vocal. The straighter your teeth the better the tone and timbre of your voice may be. The gaps in your teeth will be closed and it is these gaps that allow air to pass through to make a whistling noise while you sing. Braces seal the gaps and the hissing will disappear while you sing.

When you first have braces you are likely going to have to do some exercises to improve your speaking skills let alone your singing. A good starting point is by making sure you are able to speak normally at a slow speed. Try speeding it up bit by bit and keep increasing the speed until you reach your usual speaking speed. Braces and singing can help to adjust the brace to your mouth and make your cheek muscles stronger. When wondering can you sing with braces, you have to remember it is a good exercise to practice speaking then singing as braces need adjustment. Braces and singing will adjust making you a versatile singer. Position and space for the tongue is significant while singing and Invisalign can optimise these aspects.

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Final Thoughts

Invisalign is a common orthodontic brand as they are clear and simple to remove. Invisalign can change the fullness of your tone, but the benefit is can remove them when you need to sing, however, keep in mind it is recommended you wear them for about 22 hours a day.  

The simple answer to is it hard to sing with braces? Is no! When you wear braces and singing with them in your voice may be slightly affected while you get used to them, using Invisalign can help as you can take them out for performances. Even though braces need some adapting, they don’t alter your singing voice. After correcting your teeth, your voice might get even better as you improve in confidence. So, don’t worry about your vocals and get the work done you want. That is everything you need to know with regards to braces and singing.

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