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19 Easy Songs to Sing for Guys

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Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then you should sing a song in which people recognise the lyrics but see and hear your take on the melody, rhythm and instrumentals.

There are lots of easy songs to sing for guys. Even though there are differences between the male and female voice, anyone can try and sing any song. It’s just about adapting the song to your vocal range and choosing something that works for your vocals.

Have you found yourself struggling to find a catchy set of songs to practice and perform? If you feel like your repertoire needs a refresh, read on for some up to date and classic suggestions, including tips on how to make a cover your own.

Easy songs to sing for guys

You may be thinking a cover song is your chance to copy how the original artist sings on the track, but the importance of making a cover your own is essential for originality and artist development. It can be a good idea to go on social media and watch what similar artists of your style are singing, as you can draw ideas from them or search for songs from the same artists they are covering.

You don’t always have to search for the current hits, sometimes it’s good to sing an older classic song and put a more modern twist on it. It’s important that you like the song you’re singing as this will be subconsciously reflected in your performance, so don’t just follow the crowd and sing a song that you don’t enjoy singing.

easy songs to sing for guys

What are the easiest songs for guys to sing?

Don’t be scared to experiment with different styles, and try not to be hung up on a specific idea if it doesn’t work. It’s all about trial and error.

While either gender can perform any song and make it their own, some songs are better suited to the male voice. Here are some easy songs that are perfect for guys to perform.

#1 Adore You – Harry Styles

Released in December 2019, this was the 3rd single on the album Fine Line. Harry Styles was 16 when One Direction was formed on the X Factor so it’s useful for teen singers to follow the progression of his vocal technique and ability over the past 11 years. With vocal coaching, his range has increased and he can climb into a falsetto when required.  It’s a simple ballad with a catchy hook and would suit a light tenor voice from mid to late teens.

#2 Castle On The Hill – Ed Sheeran

The song looks back and reminisces over the years to the age of 6. It’s a nostalgic look back to childhood so would suit late teen singers. Although Ed Sheeran makes singing look easy, he puts in a lot of hard work to achieve this. This song is relatively easy and would suit someone who can produce both gravelly tones and a clear falsetto. Working with a vocal coach will help to improve and perfect these sounds.

#3 Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight – The Beatles

A beautiful melodic song in the form of a lullaby that is fairly easy to sing, it’s one of those tunes that will leave the audience humming and wanting to sing along.  Sung by Paul McCartney,  his upper range was one of his defining features, so it would suit that sort of vocal style. Although it was originally a male voice solo it suits female voices equally well.

Easy songs to sing for guys with low voices

#4 Rhinestone Cowboy – Glen Campbell

Popular with the country and pop audiences alike, this has been covered by artists as diverse as Radiohead and Bruce Springsteen.  The lyrics flow in a way that makes them easy to learn and it’s a great tune.

#5 Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin

Originally released in 1988 in conjunction with the film Cocktail, it reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Notably covered by Levi Roots and many others, it’s an optimistic feel-good song. With easy to learn lyrics and a catchy tune, it’s suitable for all ages including young teens.

#6 Count On Me – Bruno Mars

A song about friendship, suitable for all ages, this is a nice and simple tune to learn. The lyrics convey a positive message about the importance of loyal friendship and a great song for teens.  It’s a chilled song that can be well interpreted.

#7 Happy – Pharrell Williams

A hugely popular song – one of the most downloaded of all time – with a memorable chorus, this is a great choice for all ages. With an uptempo beat, catchy and lighthearted fun vibe, it has an infectious charm that unites all generations.

Easy songs to sing for kids and teens

#8 A Whole New World – Aladdin

Although this is normally a duet, it can easily be performed as a solo. A romantic theme from the movie Aladdin, younger teenage singers should find this easy to learn. It also gives an opportunity to show emotion with facial expressions and some acting, making it a good song for musical theatre fans.

#9 Colours of the Wind – Pocahontas

A pop ballad that won many awards, the song is known as a female solo but covered by many male artists. The meaningful lyrics refer to the respect of nature and can be poignant and thought-provoking. Well suited to a soulful voice, it works well across all age groups.

#10 Circle of Life – The Lion King

A storytelling song that can be given a dramatic and moving interpretation, this well-known song by Elton John and Tim Rice is always popular with young singers. The opening verse is sung in Zulu, so a challenge for many singers, although backing tracks usually cover this section.

What is the easiest Disney song to sing?

#11 I Wanna Be Like You – The Jungle Book

A really fun song to sing, with a very catchy chorus, this is an easy tune to learn. Young singers will enjoy this, although it has been covered by more mature artists including Robbie Williams featuring Olly Murs. It will certainly be well received by any audience.

#12 Beauty and the Beast

With a moderately slow tempo and a lilting melody, this would suit a young voice. Often regarded as a male/female duet it can make a haunting expressive solo.

Easy songs to sing without music

#13 Consider Yourself – Oliver

Sung by the character Artful Dodger in the film, this is a lively easy song. It can be sung with a Cockney accent and some dance steps or choreographed movements. Or sung straight to the audience.

#14 Where Is Love? – Oliver

Oliver Twist, the leading character, sings with a heart-rending feeling. Suitable for a young voice or a boy soprano/Treble, this can be a very moving song.

#15 Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver

One of John Denver’s most popular songs, this is an easy song to learn and interpret. The chorus in particular is conducive to getting everyone to sing along. Good for lovers of country music and all ages.

Easy songs to sing that sound impressive

#16 All of Me – John Legend

A sentimental song but with a strong commercial feel, this will suit a voice with baritone range with the ability to belt and vocal agility to reach the high notes. But with coaching, it should be easy to achieve and convey the emotions through the voice.

#17 I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

Suitable for a soaring tenor with a leaning towards folk-blues and folk-pop, this is an easy listening tune with a memorable hook.

#18 Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

A memorable melody, this acoustic ballad was written by frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and sung with great empathy, it will touch many hearts.

#19 Hold Back The River – James Bay

Suitable for a variety of voices, this has elements of folk, pop, rock and indie music. With a very infectious chorus, this is one worth learning.

Easy is a relative term – some songs may be easier for one person to sing than another person, so don’t be disheartened if your friend can belt out the chorus to a song that you struggle to sing. It may also be that the best song to sing is one you’ve written yourself, as this will be tailored to your specific vocal ability. However, if you’ve not yet practised writing original material, or you’re looking to engage your audience with a set of both original songs and cover songs (to form a base of familiarity), then take inspiration from this list of top tunes.

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  • What are the easiest songs to sing on karaoke?

The vocal differences between the sexes mean that some karaoke songs are easier for the male voice, which tends to be lower. From rock anthems to crooning ballads, love songs and acoustic number, there are plenty of easy karaoke songs to pick from

  • How can a guy get a good singing voice?

A key to getting a good singing voice is to get to grips with your vocal agility, technique and understand where your strengths are as an artist. That way you can work in songs that will get the best out of your voice and make sure you don’t sound like you’re straining.

  • Can anyone sing or is it a gift?

Anyone can sing to a degree. However, to sing really well you’ll need a mixture of natural ability, hard work and solid technique, as well as plenty of practice time. Even those who are born with beautiful voices have to work at it.

How do you make covers your own and what factors do you think makes a song easy for a guy to sing? We would love to hear from you in the comments below